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Chapter One: Wools Orphanage

Desertion, neglect, betrayal, rejection or simply abandon.

One can never forget, rejection can torture the very soul. Destroy the connection between the heart and the mind. Sever it like a knife, swift but brutal. The connection between the mind and the soul is strong, it makes the specimen of life not just survive but live. It challenges every twist and turn in life; it makes us love and forgive. To strengthen such a connection, they say you need loves one touch as a child.

There are the three main rules that were made by the fates. To be one of the light, to breathe that very source, if the rules aren't followed the soul is claimed for the dark. Sometimes such claims could be for the better, but just sometimes such neglect or rejection can change history. With just one act, just one click of the finger, everything that was ever meant to be changes. Just one little mistake can cause the world to fall.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, he was claimed by the dark. Sometimes some souls are meant to be claimed by the dark. With every fall, there is a soul that is equal to them. When such a soul falls into the darkness that corrupts the mind, the hero will shine. The chosen one of the brother will save the others, but not everything goes to plan.

The three rules of love stand strong till this very day.

Affection, friendship and love.

Every child is born with pure innocence, but when the three stages of the light aren't displayed the darkness lays it claim. That poor soul will scream and shout, give me love. Sometimes the soul can be saved from the deepest and darkest pits of our own hell. Trapped forever in our mind, screaming for the freedom, but the fallen can never be saved.

There are the three signs of the fallen, once completed they can never arise. The connection between the soul and the mind severed, while the soul screams but they can never escape.

Desertion, neglect, and rejection.

Tom Riddle was fate, but Harry Potter was a mistake. That one mistake, the shook the world, which shook history. Maybe you will understand from a certain point of view. We must look back onto a certain day to understand.

November 1st of 1981. Location: Wools Orphanage.


Mrs. Dursley always had thought her life was perfect, that was of course until her son came. Dudley Dursley, to Mrs. Dursley was the most reasonable child in the whole of Britain. No child could be better, her life was completely normal. That was until Professor Dumbledore, a man from her sister's world. Her sister that she promised herself she would have nothing to do with, her sister the girl everybody loved. Since a child, Lily Evans always had everything while Petunia sat in the shadows over watching every little thing. Nobody cared, her parents were so proud of having a witch in the family. It was such an achievement but only Petunia saw what Lily was, a freak.

Of course Lily Evans had to go off and marry another freak, James Potter. Mrs. Dursley sneered at the thought of the Potters. Freaks, abominations people who didn't belong in this world. Not on this plane of existence anyway, those were Petunia Dursley's exact thoughts about the Potters. Even in the Lily and James Potters death they still intruded in one Mrs. Dursley's life, leaving Petunia with their repugnant son. The moment Harry Potter was left on their door step, Vernon and Petunia Dursley knew he had to go.

That was how Petunia Dursley found herself on the streets off London, the autumn weather brewing in the skies. She wore a quite ugly yellow coat that anyone could make out from the other end of the street. Petunia held a baby wrapped in a shabby blanket, every now and again sneering down at the child. Raged, that the Wizard population thought they could leave a freak on their door step thinking that they would raise the child.

The rain was harsh, hitting Petunia like paint balls making her stumble every now and again. The wind nipped at her skin that was visible, like clips attacking her aging skin.

It was quite cold in London, the tree's had already lost their summer clothes. The wind was horrendous, the spit of water flying and flicking Mrs. Dursley in the face. Her face tensed at the intrusion, her jaw clenching. Petunia almost fell in the gutters clutching the child, almost falling into the rat's camp.

We have all realised by now that Mrs. Dursley is a strict woman, she believed in discipline to those who dreadfully needed it. She had straight hair that was cute to her shoulders in blonde curls; her face was soul like she had swallowed a lemon. Nobody dared to make her cross; Mrs. Dursley was quite fond of black mail. If there was something Mrs. Dursley didn't like, she would make sure the problem was destroyed or in cases like there deserted.

She also with blackmail had a knack for spying on the neighbours but many of her friends knew she was one to get involved with social affairs. Petunia always had enjoyed the good amount of gossip.

When Mrs. Dursley reached her destination, she ran up the stone steps to a wooded built door. The building had scorch marks on it, showing the fires that had burnt it a long time ago.

To the side it had a gate, that seemed rather new with the common words.

Wools Orphanage

Knocking on the door, while carelessly holding the baby, Petunia had to knock a few more times before someone answered. When the door did open, a flustered old woman opened the door.

She was well into her eighties, but she still wore a certain style of accuracy, she just had that air of perfection. Although her clothes wasn't what you would call perfect, it was more in the manner she held herself.

She huffed down at Petunia staring at her with a beady eye, like the woman was outrageously irritated.

"What brings such vermin to my door? At midnight? Good god woman you must be desperate! The audacity!" Declared the old withering woman, Petunia just scoffed. Not even bothering to answer the question, she looked at the woman as if she was inferior. However, Mrs. Dursley immediately wanted to get rid of her nephew. Knowing she would just have to put up with the tedious woman, sighing.

"Take the boy, we already have a son. We can't look after the brat, his parents were murdered. Spare me the disgust of raising such a child." Grimaced Mrs. Dursley, as she handed the boy in arm's length, the baby was taken from her hands.

"Good night, I don't want such people like you on my property. The child shall have a better life here than where ever you live." Grunted the Orphanage's maid.

The maid was so disgusted by this woman on her doorstep, her hand twitched in need of slamming the door in her face. Personally, she was hoping with enough force, the dratted hag would tumble to her death. Hm? Maybe that was a little harsh, the maid thought. Mrs. Dursley glared at the maid leaving, not even telling the maid the child's name.

Petunia left muttering such vile words, such slang. That even the maid of the Orphanage had the decency to cringe, and then slam the door.

That was the very first fall of Harry Potter, his very first step into darkness.

23rd September of 1987. Location: Wools Orphanage.


Harry Potter was no more, he had no name. Some of the children in the Orphanage called him weak, they call him no one. Harry was raised to think he was worthless the moment he was left in the children's home. He was under the recently deceased Mrs. Coles wing for the past seven years; she was the only woman who gave him words of wisdom. But even Mrs. Cole had no favourites, she just guided him. Harry was raised to survive, stealing was one of his ideals at the Orphanage for him, and it was the way he survived. Harry although he had no name called himself Vela Volans Vulpecula, named after the star constellations Harry liked to read about in the Orphanages library.

The library was like a second home to him, where he could escape from the other children. The teachers and the maid were the only people who called him Vela, it was even on an Orphanage made birth certificate that was given to the government stating he was abandoned and he had no name but Vela. The state of Harry's abandonment made him bitter; the hate he led towards the other children was strong. He felt like a black sheep, he had no one but himself. He was and always will be alone.

Vela walked through the gardens, the leaves falling into his combed back hair. Vela let himself have a small smile, as the orange and red eyes fell to the ground. It was beautiful, he always found the fall beautiful.

"Sssstupid human child, in my home, near my den. Sssstupid. "

Vela narrowed his eyes at the sound, clenching his fists waiting for the children who had played the prank. But was only more confused when he noticed that no one was there, taking a step forward as the chilly air swept around his body.

Looking down there was a black garden snake staring up at him, Vela drew back in shock. Surely it wasn't the snake that spoke? Scoffing at the ridiculous idea, "hello?" Hissed Vela back. This time it was the snake that drew back, letting out a few hisses that sounded very similar to shock. Well as much as a snake could sound shock.

"You ssspeak child? A ssspeaker, the last was many years ago. How… intriguing." Hissed the Snake, Vela gasped he was really speaking to a snake. He wondered if the snake could be his first friend, tilting his head to the side.

"Oh! Look who we have here boys. It's worthless trying to make friends with a snake? Is that really how pathetic you are?" scoffed Scott, the main bully in the Orphanage. His followers, Sandy and Ben just laughed with him.

Vela just looked down at his feet, trying to not let tears fall down his pasty face. Vela's emerald green eyes glistened with sadness; yes he knew he was that alone in the world. But did they have to rub it in constantly?

Scott immediately thought it would be amusing to throw a rock at the snakes head; Vela looked horrified as the snake fell down to the floor injured, or possibly unconscious. Sandy, a twelve year old girl picked up another rock and started slamming the snakes head with the rock. Tears started falling from Vela's bright green eyes. Screaming at the top of his lungs for them to stop, stop this madness. Stop every little thing they had ever done to him, but Sandy just sneered at him as the dead snake lay on the ground.

Sobbing Vela fell to the ground, his heart cold at what Sandy had just done. Ben and Scott just laughed at Vela; more words were whispered in his ear.

Vela slowly curled himself into a ball on the ground, as kicks were dug into his ribs. Whispers of neglect, whispers of hatred and whispers of how pathetic he was. Vela just lay there, feeling the icy fingers of the wind crawl down his face.

Vela curled his fists, as grass was pulled out from underneath him. Sobs shook him as he hit the ground with his tiny and feeble hands, this was his life. Was this how he was supposed to live forever? Feeling this constant pain?

Deep inside the feeling of darkness was crawling in another touch of despair, Vela deep inside he knew he was losing his mind. Yet, he was still desperately clutching onto the tiny thread of sanity he still had left. But slowly, slowly he knew he was slipping away into the depths of darkness.

Christmas, 1988 at Wools Orphanage.


Family's in the Orphanage would visit, giving certain children presents and sometimes friends of the family. But not all of the young children were lucky, like young Vela Volans watched the family's greeting each other on the top of the stairs. He stared down at the rejoicing, his shoulders slumped at the fact he couldn't rejoice. He had no one to give him presents made from love, perfect wrapped. He was Vela Volans forever alone, placing his head in his hands feeling the angst wash over him. Scott Sanders watched as the young child breathed in depression; it was almost perfect for him. The perfect opportunity to tease him, make him crumble. Sneaking up behind him, sneering as he kicked the young child's legs, making Vela collapse onto the floor. Vela, back away from Scott in fear. The young child was curled into a corner of the corridor, trying to escape the older boy.

Scott crouched down near him and sat down, looking at the shivering child in delight. So innocent, having no real idea that he had no hope in a world like this.

"Volans, I thought I would tell you the reason your pathetic. " Hinted Scott, his cruel words echoing in Vela's young mind, they were like claws digging into that little thread that linked him to sanity. They didn't rip the thread, they just latched onto it. But he could feel it; Vela could feel the pure rage boiling underneath his skin. He was like a ticking time bomb, ready but waiting to explode.

"Why? Are you really that pathetic as well?" snapped Vela sarcastically, the rage still waiting to be released. But Vela saw it clear as Scott drew back in shock, bewildered. Had Volans just stood up for himself? Is he growing a back bone, finally? Or is he just being a cheeky smartass? Scott decided to go with the last option. Scott raised his fist and back handed the child, he fell onto the ground, receiving a bloody nose from the floor and its collision with his noses bone. Don't cry, Vela whispered to himself in his mind.

He still felt the rage building up, more and more.

"Maybe it's you that's weak, thinking its fun to pick on children half your size. You disgust me! I HATE YOU!" Screamed Vela the rage barely contained, he felt his body shaking. The anger surged through him; his ice cold green eyes were blazed with fury. Scott stepped back in shock; some of the other children came and looked to see what was going on.

Some started to laugh and some snickered that the worthless child was being picked on again. Some children shouted worthless and some shouted fight, Vela started pick himself off the floor. Vela tried to mutter up all his strength, glaring at everyone who dared to look him in the eye. He felt the claws digging deeper into that tiny thread that held him together, Vela was so close to losing that one connection he had to sanity.

"Im sure your mother was a whore-"started Scott, but a loud roar from Vela interrupted him. Vela wanted him dead gone, everyone gasped as Scott screamed and fell to the floor withering in agony, coughing up blood. Then everything stopped, he lay there in a pool of his own blood. Not moving, children screamed and ran down to the adults. Till that day everyone knew it was Vela, but there was no proof. Children, teenagers and adults feared Vela leaving him alone; for once Vela lived in peace.

But that very moment when he screamed, it wasn't just any scream. It was the scream of the soul, as the soul twisted in agony as the thread that linked the soul and the mind snapped. The claws destroyed the thread, as Vela fell. Deeper and deeper into the darkness, twisting and turning. Harry Potter was no longer existent, he was gone. All that was left was a boy, cruel and dark.

Vela Volans Vulpecula was fates one mistake, and with one wrong mistake Petunia Dursley changed the fate of the world. All because of Harry Potters decent into darkness.