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"so you would be the one I should ask this, do they automatically think I'm weak because other females Sayains don't fight?" he smirked

"yup, exactly" I laughed

"well then, I think I'm just gunna have to prove I'm not" I gave Trunks an innocent look and he laughed.

Chapter 4

I woke the next morning for training and rolled over looking at my bedside clock, 5:38 am.

"oh shit!" I jumped up and out of bed, "not good not good, Vegeta is going to kill me" I said panicing and trying to pull my training gear on. When I finally did I instant transmission'd myself down into the yard where it was pitch black but I could feel Vegeta and several other powers waiting.

"girl" he growled and I cringed

"I know I know I'm late, sorry" by now my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see everyone clear enough. There was the 5 other Sayains, Vegeta, Trunks; with an amused smirk, and Cassey; smiling happily like always.

"girl go train with the 2 boys" Vegeta said gruffly. I snapped a salute and Trunks laughed. Quietly I heard someone whisper something,

"the girl trains" I recognized the voice, Damon, one of them. I turned around and glared at him, he looked my body up and down again and smirked.

"in your dreams sweetie" I kissed my palm and faced my palm at a tree, blowing it to pieces. He dropped his smirk and narrowed his eyes, I turned and walked off with Trunks and Cassey.


Trunks high 5'd me and all 3 of us cracked up laughing,

"very well done Pan" I smiled innocently

"well, I do not appreciate being looked over by sum guy who I really very much dislike, and any way, I have my sweetie pie" I kissed Cassey's cheek, and we all laughed again.

After 2 hours of training I was stuffed, Trunks was stuffed, and Cassey was… well stuffed. (a/n heheh) Trunks went inside to take a shower and me and Cassey sat under a big Tree in C.C's lawn, he sat down and pulled me onto his lap,

"looks like you're probably going back to your planet" he said

"oh yay," I said unenthusiastically "not without you I'm not going anywhere" he smiled and I kissed him softly. He ran his hands over my back and pulled me closer, hugging me tightly, I smiled and hugged back just as tight.

"hey you 2" I heard Trunks call across the yard, "come in, its time for the decision" Trunks said in a mock shocking voice, Cassey floated up carrying me with him and flew me inside. I saw Damon glare at Cassey as we came in and he placed me on the ground, keeping his arms firmly around me.

"so Vegeta, what's the verdict?" I asked unusually happy that I kind of scared myself.

"I have decided that, all of us shall go back to the new Vegeta-sei." I smiled "but, if anyone shall want to return, they may do so."

"sweet!" I said happily and turned and hugged Cassey, then ran and jumped on Trunks.

"so when are we leaving father?" Trunks asked, picking me up and swinging me around.

"tomorrow" he said simply,

"shit Vegeta you could of given us some warning" Bulma said whacking him in the arm. Although he didn't flinch, I bet he hardly felt it,

"that shall be fine sire, another royal transport ship will be here tonight and will carry all of us back there, since our other ship has already gone for repairs" Damon said, obviously happy with Vegeta's decision as well. Yikes, I have to spend 2 months with that creep, I shuddered and gagged, oh good fun. At least I'll have Cassey and Trunks and Goten to keep me entertained.

"oooo I have a question" I said walking up to Vegeta with Trunks and Cassey in tow,

"yes?" he said gruffly

"every time I see you now, do I have to snap a salute and say yes sir?" I asked while doing it, I heard him laugh a little.

"no brat you don't, but you must speak respectfully or else the other guards will try and make you, but either way it does not bother me" I laughed

"good because I'd feel weird calling you king, it don't sound right" Trunks laughed behind me and I turned around "and what might be so funny mister?" I asked poking him in the chest.

"I should make you call me prince since everybody else will be now." I laughed

"what ever Trunksy I would rather go out with on of those dudes" I pointed to the other Sayains and Trunks screwed up his face,

"well thanks Panny, now I feel just great" I smiled innocently and Cassey laughed. I Turned around to see Damon walking over, I glared as he bowed in front of Trunks.

"prince Trunks, I shall be your personal guard, and shal protect you and your friends"