Hey there. Well despite all my good intentions to get work done, apply for jobs and study for classes I have gone against all my better judgement and began to write this story. I have no idea how long it is going to be, where it is going to go and whether or not it will end up near smut.

I have about three stories swirling around in my mind and I have been attempting to see if I can combine my favorite elements into one big mega story. It can either turn out great (like adding a thousand things in a stew and it being delicious) or it can turn out horrible (like adding a bunch of things to a cake and realizing vanilla doesn't go well with chicken and chili peppers).

There will NOT be any Hermione/Harry. They make good friends but not lovers. Depending on how the story goes there may be some Harry/Draco. I'm taking all opinions so if you have anything you have to say about that, go ahead and comment or message me. This story will also be on . Hopefully I will have the gumption to post regularly (I don't.)

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Harry was mad.

No, that's not right he was pissed. He was irate. He was incomprehensibly, unabashedly enraged. Not that he didn't have every right to be. He was fourteen for fucks sake. At fourteen your biggest problem should be puberty and school. Not waiting in a tent waiting to fight a fucking dragon. Not trying to avoid a rabid reporter. Not fighting with a friend because they were jealous that someone was trying to kill you. So Harry was content to sit in this tent for the rest of his soon-to-be-short life stewing in his rage.

Harry snorted when he heard Ludo Bagman's voice roaring over the crowd and the dragon. Harry silently prayed that they dragon would roast the announcer. The man was one of the reasons he was in this damn situation. He was one of the ones that pushed him into this tournament. It would have been so easy to bar him from the games, magical contract or no. He was a minor! By the laws of magic he couldn't be held by any magical contract regardless of how ancient the magic is. He checked the laws himself. Still he was here, waiting for his death. His only plan to live long enough to try and summon his broom.

No. No, Harry was done with this bullshit. Every year in this godforsaken school Harry has had to fight for his life because of something that was someone else's fault. He was done. He was going to take himself of out of the games, even if it meant that he was going to spend a lot of time in the infirmary. He was not going to play the game. Maybe seeing him injured will make the judges rethink letting a child into these games. He was going to make his feelings well fucking known.

The boom of the cannon forced Harry to step out of the tent. He suppressed the urge to sneer when a cheer went up. He glanced around the arena, stopping when he saw the dragon in the far corner. It was monstrous, shimmering black in the bright sun. Bright yellow eyes glared around as it roared angrily, sitting hunched over its eggs. Harry stepped forward until he was a little over fifty yards away, just outside the range of its fire. Still, if the dragon took a single step off of its nest he would end up a charred mark on the ground. The large head swung in his direction and the eyes fixed on him, daring him to take that extra step.

Harry didn't move from his spot. He ignored the worried chattering from the crowd as he glared at the dragon before him. Slowly he put his wand to his throat and whispered the spell he had heard Bagman use to turn his voice to a speaker. Then he waited. Harry watched as the large black wings unfolded from her scaly back. She raised her head and roared. The screech pierced the air and caused the wood in the stadium to quake in fear.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Harry bellowed into the frigid air. There was a heavy silence as the crowd and the dragon stopped to stare at him. Unknown to Harry, the reason he was being stared at was not because he was yelling, rather that he had slipped into parseltongue. The dragon sat back on its haunches, watching him balefully. Suddenly there was a jet of flame as she roared again. Harry side-stepped, barely dodging the barreling flame.

"No! You don't get to do this! Do you think I want to be here? Do you really think that I want to fight a fucking dragon?! I'm a child! I'm like the eggs you are sitting on right now. They're just too fucking stupid to realize that a child shouldn't fight a dragon!" Harry yelled, waving his arm at the judges. The dragon watched his hand, fixing her gaze on them. As if she could understand his hissing, she growled at the judges. Ludo Bagman turned an eerie white.

"I didn't want this life! I would have been happy with no one hating me! I didn't want to be a famous savoir! I don't want to be a champion! I want to go to school, get a boring job and be ALIVE! I want my parents and godparents. I want people who will fight for me, not send me off to do their battles. I want teachers who stop thinking that the sun comes out my ass and that I can solve all of their problems!" Harry was on a roll now. He was stomping his feet and waving his arms. The dragon cocked her head as she watched the little boy in front of her.

"My life fucking sucks! I almost die every year! My best friend abandons me at every whiff of popularity. My only living relatives hate me! I'm in the public eye constantly and their opinions of me change faster than the wind. I've faced homicidal megalomaniacs, basilisks, murderers, and dangerous beasts! And now I'm here facing an angry mother dragon!"

"All you want to do is protect your children! You're a better parent and adult than anyone here, and you have a brain the size of my fist! I'M DONE! I'm done with the fucking wizarding world! If I live through this, I'm done. I will go to class, I will do my homework. I will no longer take part of any adventure, get into any fight, and even participate in any other task that could put my life in danger. I'm done with Ron, I'm done with Dumbledore. I'm fucking done." Harry hissed out, shaking a finger at the dragon.

There was a stunned silence as the dragon finally moved. She pushed her head forward, cooing softly as if to comfort him. She nuzzled her giant head against his chest, knocking him back a few steps. Harry felt the anger drain a little. He patted her head gently.

"I'm sorry mama. I'm sorry you are here and I'm sorry I yelled at you. Listen. I know I'm asking a lot of you but will you let me live? I really don't want to die."

The dragon purred softly. She curved her head behind him and nudged him forward. He followed her gentle pushes until he was standing just next to the clutch of eggs. With a little rumble she blew a puff of smoke over him, chuckling as he coughed.

With a little smile Harry took the golden egg from the middle of the clutch. He hugged it close to his chest before stepping back. The dragon watched as he did, letting him step back that he could see her face as she laid next to the eggs.

"Thank you." Harry said softly, bowing to the dragon. He walked out of the stadium, ignoring the cheers around him. Before he made it fully through the door way he was catching Hermione as she barreled through him.

"Oh my god I was so scared!" She paused long enough to punch him harshly in the arm. "Don't you EVER do that again. No more suicidal missions. I mean it!"

"I agree Hermione. I'm done. I don't care anymore. I'm going to focus on studying and avoid anything that can endanger my life." Harry said in a placid tone, calm for the first time in months.

"That's great Harry!" Hermione beamed, hugging him tightly around the neck. "Come on. You're not injured, so they are going to give you your scores."

"No. I don't care about my scores. I don't care about this tournament at all. I told you I'm done. I'm only going to participate if it can be solved easily without risking my life. Any other time I am going to be normal. I'm going to study for exams, do my homework, read about quiditch and take naps. No more adventure. No more savoir. Normal." Harry stated, starring intensely into her eyes.

"Okay." Hermione shrugged. She turned to walk back to the school.


"Yeah, okay. Listen Harry, you're not going to get any arguments from me. You are saying that you want to be a responsible normal kid? Go for it. You deserve it. Don't let anyone tell you differently." Hermione poked him in the chest to emphasize her point. Suddenly Harry swept her into a hug.

"Thank you." He whispered into her hair.

"Of course Harry. . . So if you don't want to hear your scores do you want to go back to the common room?" Hermione asked.

"Nah. They're probably going to throw a party and I don't really feel like that."

"Well then." Hermione linked her arms with his as they wandered away from the stands. "Where would you like to go?"

"The library? If I'm going to become a model student then I guess I could start now." Harry shrugged. "I have to do a lot to catch up with you!" Hermione laughed lightly.

"You don't need to do as well as me. Just do the best you can, that's all I want." Harry smiled happily and tried to resist the urge to hug his friend again. Perhaps if there was one good thing that came out of his foray into the wizarding world it would be Hermione.

"Mr. Potter." A grumbling voice called out. The two students stopped at the call of their potions professor stalking up to them. "Surely you do not think yourself too good for the rest of the competition. I did not think you would miss the opportunity to preen in front of your adoring fans." Snape sneered lightly, folding his hands in front of him.

"Of course not Professor Snape." Harry answered back, more respect in his tone then he had ever used towards the man. "I do not think I should be celebrated for being part of a competition that I should not be part of."

"Oh?" Snape raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Then where are you going?"

"We are off to the library. Harry was just mentioning that he didn't have proper time to work on his potions essay due to the tournament. I was offering to show him a reference that I thought helped." Hermione lied smoothly after a questioning glance in Harry's direction. Professor Snape stared at them for a long moment. Not for the first time Harry felt like his soul had been laid out to dry in front of the man. This time, however, instead of the disparaging glare he only got a look of light confusion from the man.

"Very well. It seems that you are finally thinking of taking your classes seriously Mr. Potter. I will not hold my breath in thinking that pattern will continue. Never the less, I will not stand in your way. Miss Granger. Do remember that the maximum length of the essay is three feet. Any more and I will be taking off points." Snape sneered again before striding off.

"That was weird." Hermione mumbled.

"I think I like Snape better than any other teacher."


"I think he is the only one who sees me as a student." Harry sighed, picking lightly at his sleeve as they walked along. "A lazy, rude incompetent student, maybe. But he is the only one who doesn't seem to expect a lot out of me. Apparently my parents were great at everything and every time I get something wrong I'm told that. On the other hand, every time I get something right it was obviously inherited from them. I guess I'm just glad that there is someone here that obviously doesn't expect a lot out of me."

"I guess that makes sense." Hermione said in a placid tone. She stopped the both of them outside of the library's door. "Listen Harry. It's been a long day. How about we just try and forget about it for a little while. I'll help you with your potions essay, you can help me with that defensive spell and we can forget about the tournament and all those silly little people out there."

"They are quite silly. Those poor little fools." Harry smiled as he spoke in an obnoxiously posh accent.

"Just so." Hermione answered in a similar tone. She held her hand delicately in the air. After placing a joking kiss on it Harry led her into the library trying his best not to laugh