Yo it's TTJOD here with a new story that I managed to convince my students to work with me on. Say hello PPD and Lucy

PPD "Hello readers!"

Lucy "What's up people?"

TTJOD "This story is the replacement for Hail To The Queen which is up for adoption and has been abandoned. This story is in classic style as Naruto is put through a transformation but thankfully he does not become a futa as you guys seem to not like that. Instead he's a complete female with some additions and new characteristics."

Lucy "Her tail is like how the pokegirl Wasp Queen reproduces except it's separate from the actual reproductive organs and the womb is fully functional. She is also a vampire and her new look was inspired by Marcus Corvinus from Underworld Evolution and a few pokegirls."

PPD "I was the one who came up with the idea for the eyes and the honey leaking from both nipples and vagina. I also came up with the name of the Pokegirl species she is!"

TTJOD "Yeah I'm just gonna let you guys and girls know in no way is this pokegirl official, it's just that we've been playing a lot of Pokemon and Lucy has been reading a lot of Pokegirl fan fiction. All three of us have at least read the official Pokegirl pokedex and read about the rules, leagues and the primer. By the way if you want to read any of these go to the pokegirl world project on .com and there is another website but I can't remember what it's named. Anyway enjoy tell me what you think and don't forget to FOLLOW THE JACKALS!"

Chapter 1; Two Goddesses and a Change for the Better!

A blonde haired boy with angry blue eyes was standing in a clearing watching as a man with gravity defying gray hair trained a boy with black hair shaped like a duck's but. Not far from this boy was a pink haired girl who was cheering the black haired boy on. The first boy is our hero Naruto Uzumaki and he's 12. He was in training ground seven with his so called team, once again subjugated to watching Kakashi train only Sasuke, while Sakura cheered the Uchiha on. Naruto was sick and tired of this shit. It had been this way since the team came back from wave and that had been three weeks ago. Kakashi focused only on Sasuke, because he had unlocked the Sharingan. Naruto didn't give a rat's ass about the Sharingan and wanted to be trained like Sasuke, but every time he said something Kakashi told him to work on his chakra control, Sasuke called him a loser and Sakura yelled and called him an idiot. Naruto watching as Kakashi taught Sasuke another jutsu finally snapped. He with a fire burning on his eyes asked "Kakashi-sensei when are we going to learn another jutsu?"

Kakashi sighing turned to Naruto and said "Naruto go work on your chakra control and then I might teach you two something."

Naruto hearing this sneered and said "No fuck that Kakashi-sensei. Teach us a new jutsu like you've been doing teme for the past three weeks."

Kakashi looking at Naruto said "Sasuke unlocked his Sharingan Naruto, plus he nearly died. He needs to learn more jutsu, so he can be better prepared."

Naruto hearing this answer clenched his fist and said "Fine then Kakashi, train teme. I'm fucking out of here and don't expect me to come back."

He then turned around and stomped out of the training ground, actually putting out killing intent. Kakashi sighing said "Naruto you can't walk out of team training session."

Naruto ignored everything that came out of Kakashi's mouth and continued to stomp away from training ground seven. Kakashi spotting Naruto not coming back turned back to Sasuke and said "He'll be back tomorrow. Let's get back to teaching you the fire dragon jutsu."

Sasuke snorting said "Dobe."

Sakura off to the side had hearts for eyes knowing that her Sasuke-kun was getting stronger and that Naruto-baka would be back tomorrow. None of these idiots could have known that Naruto wouldn't be back tomorrow and would actually vanish from all existence for the next week.

Naruto still stomping his way out of training ground seven was extremely pissed at Kakashi, Sasuke and yes even Sakura. They were stifling him and he had put up with up for the last three weeks thinking that Kakashi would be training him and Sakura soon. He knew better now and was refusing to put up with that bullshit anymore. He hadn't even noticed that he had stomped his way deep into a forest, or that there was a very big hole in front of him. He still not paying attention walked right into the hole and was soon tumbling down the hole. He screaming as he fell down the hole, was cursing Kakashi, Sasuke and even the girl he loved Sakura out inside of his head. He blinked when suddenly he stopped falling and landed on something rather cold. He looking around could see that he was in some kind of tank or tube. Getting up off of his sore ass he wondered where the hell he had landed and why was he so cold. He blinked when the lights came on in the rest of the place. He gained wide eyes spotting the things floating in the other tanks just like the one he was in. He could huge tigers, dragons, hell he could even see what looked like a rather nasty set of teeth floating in one of the tanks. Naruto got really nervous wondering what was up with these tanks. He then heard two feminine voices giggle. He turning gained an atomic blush spotting two women that put every woman he had ever seen to shame. Hell these two were so gorgeous they made Kiba's hot older sister, Shikamaru's hot mom and his Sakura look like men.

The first of the two women had long spiky black hair with it falling over one side of her face blocking one of her eyes from view. Her skin was alabaster and flawless and seemed to shine in the fluorescent light coming from the tanks. The one eye that was visible, was a something Naruto was coming to hate, the motherfluffing Sharingan. She was dressed in a red, white and black kimono that hugged her amazing figure tightly. This woman was staring directly at him and joy could be seen in her eye. The second woman had shoulder length purple hair that had several green and gold beads braided into it. Her skin was dark brown and perfect, to the point of giving her a supernatural look. Her eyes were dark green and shined with the kind of innocence he could see in kid's eyes. She like the first woman was dressed in a kimono except hers was colored like a forest. This woman was also staring directly at him with joy shining in her eyes. The first woman walking closer to the tanks revealed something to Naruto that made his eyes widen. Attached to this woman was six white angelic wings, that were big enough to make shields. The other woman coming forward didn't have wings, she instead was literally glowing with power. The first woman placing her hand against the tank he was in said "Finally the perfect candidate arrives."

Naruto hearing this blinked. The second woman placing her hand against the tank smiled and said "He's almost perfect Madoka-chan. We just need to get rid of that annoying fox inside of him and he'll be perfect."

Naruto blinking again stored the name Madoka away for later. Madoka smiling said "Kagome-hime the Kyuubi was separated from him when he fell through the portal. All that is inside of him now is it's chakra."

Naruto with wide eyes once again stored the name Kagome away for later. Kagome closing her eyes said "You're right Madoka-chan the Kyuubi is gone."

She opening her eyes and smiling brightly turned to Madoka and said "He's the perfect candidate Madoka. We should start the machines."

Madoka giggling said "After we tell him what's going on love."

Kagome nodding turned to the tank and said "Hello Naruto Uzumaki, 12 year old genin of Konoha. My name is Kagome Uchiha and I am Kami."

Naruto hearing this lost most of the color on his face and was now almost as white as snow. Madoka ignoring his reaction said "My name is Madoka Uchiha and Kagome is my wife. I was actually the mother of the infamous Madara Uchiha and the sweet Izuna Uchiha. Now I'm the most powerful angel Kagome-hime has and her lovely wife for over 90 years now."

Naruto was now ready to pass the fuck out hearing this information. Kagome said "A few years after we got married, we realized that we wanted something to show our union and love for each other and Madoka-chan realized that what we wanted was a child of our own, but we're both full on females and refused to let a man impregnate either of us so we could raise a child."

Madoka picking up for her wife said "So we decided to set up several portals in the living world that would bring the perfect candidate for our child to us. While waiting we collected a lot of things. For instance that set of rather nasty looking teeth, belong to a vampire known as Marcus Corvinus. He was the very first vampire and was ironically killed by the very first hybrid."

Kagome smiling at him said "One of the requirements of being able to travel through the portal and surviving is a very powerful hidden potential. The other is a body filled with pure intentions. You are the only one to pass through a portal with both of these conditions. Congratulations Naruto-kun."

Madoka smiling at his confused look said "Now we're going to flood your body with our DNA and chakra, along with synthesize and synchronize the contents of the tanks into your body."

Naruto hearing this gained wide eyes. Kagome still smiling said "We would like to apologize in advance as this process is going to be extremely painful. Don't worry once it's over we promise to make it up to you."

Naruto hearing the extremely painful part opened his mouth to say something when Madoka pressed the start button. In the blink of an eye Naruto was connected to various tubes and a breathing apparatus was attached to his face. The tank was then flooded with water. The lights in the room and tanks were then shut off and the tubes hooked up to Naruto started to pump their contents into his body. Naruto had literally no choice but to fall asleep as the tanks pumped their contents into him. Kagome watching this turned to Madoka and asked "When did you add the sleeping gas to the breathing apparatus?"

Madoka giggling said "When I realized how painful the process was most likely going to be."

Madoka then turning around said "We should go get a room ready for our new daughter."

Kagome blinking asked "What do you mean our new daughter?"

Madoka giggling left the room with Kagome trailing close behind her.

A few hours later and both women returned to the room as the siren had gone off alerting them that the process was completed. Madoka approaching the chamber smiled softly spotting what Naruto had been transformed into. It had long pink hair, that had blonde highlights. The hair was styled much like Madoka's and even was the same length. The eyes were of course closed, but Madoka could tell that if they were open, they'd reveal a savage and vicious power. The skin was now light ebony brown and was glistening from the liquid it had been floating in. Attached to the shoulders thick bird like wings could be seen. These wings were covered in sharp feathers that Madoka guessed could be used as weapons. The arms were strong, lean, and had this elegant regality to them. The hands were shaped like a human woman's, but had retractable claws on them. Kagome knew that said claws were coated in several toxins, that wouldn't actually kill someone but would make them a slave to their inhibitions or emotions. A pair of D-cup breast could be seen, with the dark brown nipples actually leaking a substance Madoka suspected to be honey or something very similar to it. The lower body had also changed, as instead of having a penis like the male body, a woman's vagina could be seen. It like the breast was dripping with a substance that could be honey or something much like it. The feet looked human, except for the one toe facing backwards allowing for a better grip on the ground. A 4 foot tail could be seen, with the tip of said tail being a very large and very deadly stinger. Kagome was about to open the tank, when Madoka said "Hold on baby."

Kagome blinking wondered why Madoka had stopped her from entering the chamber and getting their new child. Madoka vanishing for a few seconds appeared with one of the guilty Kagome had yet to judge. She opening the chamber tossed the fool into the room and quickly shut the tank back. It was good thing she did, because as soon as air hit their new child's body, her eyes shot open to reveal slitted bright pink orbs. She detaching herself from the tubes and the breathing apparatus, grabbed the guilty and wrapped him up with her wings as she flew into the air. Madoka and Kagome pressing their faces against the glass was wondering what was happening, until the guilty man screamed out in pure agony and what was clearly blood could be seen spilling on the floor. Madoka pressing her face even further into the glass could actually see their new child and actually shivered as her daughter was not only draining the blood from the fool, but her stinger was spinning and plugged into the man's ass. That is were the blood was actually coming from. Kagome not being able to see asked "What's going on Madoka-chan and why is there blood on the floor. Is our baby girl okay?"

Madoka nodding said "Yes she's perfectly fine, you just have one less fool to judge and that's all I'm going to tell you."

Kagome hearing this pouted. Madoka turning around was about to walk back to the new bedroom when something solid dropped to the ground. Turning around she gained wide eyes spotting the dead and bloodless body of the fool she had literally just feed to their new daughter. Kagome had wide eyes spotting the state of said body. She was about to say something when said daughter dropped down and pressed her hands to the glass. Her still hungry pink eyes locked with Kagome and the goddess instantly understood. She turning around said "Madoka-hime our daughter needs more go get her more of the people to be judged by me."

Madoka blinking nodded and vanished for about five minutes and appeared with six men and four women all chained together. Kagome turning to her daughter said "Back away from the glass and we'll feed you baby."

The new girl nodding jumped back and moved all the way across the room. Kagome opening the doors, pushed forward and all ten people to be judged were sent into the room. Not seconds later the pained screams of two males filled the air. Madoka and Kagome looking at the glass door ignored the other eight victims who pounded on the glass begging to be let out. Kagome taking Madoka's hand said "Our baby is the first and only Pokegirl to exist in this dimension and is a Legendary at that."

Madoka smiling softly said "She's part Vampire, Part Saber-Tooth Tiger, Part Hornet/Wasp/Bee, part angel, but completely our daughter."

The screams of two more men then filled the room and Kagome said "You forgot part Bird, but yes she's ours and once she has had her fill we will spoil her like she deserves."

Madoka laughing said "Wait until Izuna meets his new sister."

Kagome giggling said "He's gonna be very protective of her, along with the angels."

Both women giggling ignored the pained screams of the last two males.

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