Yo it's Ten Tailed Jackal of Doom here with the 10th chapter of Fear The Darkness! In this chapter the new pokegirl's are introduced and we witness Ino and Anko evolve. Also I put in a hint that there may be some dimensions hijinks. One of the dimensions I plan on having them visit is actually Fairy Tail.

PPD "I say we have them visit the Mass Effect dimension and save the day. That way we can incorporate the sexy Miranda Lawson and my favorite quarian Tali."

Lucy "I say we have them visit Harry Potter and kick Lord moldeybutt(Voldemort) ass, before charming Ginny, Hermione, Luna, Fleur, and Bellatrix to join the guild."

TTJOD "It doesn't matter what you two say it's up to our followers and ultimately myself where they go."

Lucy "Dance around this bedroom like we've only got tonight. Not about to let you go until the morning light. You can be my whole world, if I can be your Satellite."-Satellite by Nickelback

Chapter 10: Pokegirls, Plans and Evolutions!

An hour later and Ayame came down the stairs with a beaming Yugao right behind her. Leilah spotting the two smiled and waived. Ayame smiling back blew her a kiss and moved to go help Kin and Temari. Yugao skipping over to the booth plopped down directly in Leilah's lap. She nuzzling Leilah's face said "Leilah-sama my true love."

Leilah, Ino, Anko and Kurenai all giggled hearing her say this. Sakura was too busy trying to drink her cocktail. Five minutes later Yoshino and Tsume came down the steps. Leilah turning and looking at Tsume gained wide eyes. Everyone spotting this asked "What is it Leilah-chan/sama?"

Leilah pointing at Tsume who felt extremely powerful said "Tsume-chan is a fucking Dire Wolf."

Everyone including Tsume blinked and asked "A what?"

Leilah sighing reached not into her pocket, but into Anko's bra and to Anko's shock pulled out the pokedex. She pointing it at Tsume said "This."

The Pokedex then pulled up info that told everyone what Tsume had transformed into.

DIRE WOLF, the Queen of the Battlefield Pokégirl

Type: Near Human- Not Very Near Human (Anthropomorphic lupine)

Element: Varying

Frequency: Extremely Rare

Diet: Human Norm, higher protein content

Role: Battle Commander, personal bodyguard

Libido: High

Strong Vs: Psychic, Poison, Fighting, Rock, Infernal

Weak Vs: Dragon

Attacks: Varying

Enhancements: Defense, Enhanced Endurance (x8), Enhanced Strength (x19), Enhanced Speed (x4), Enhanced Senses (x5), Wingless flight, Extremely high psychic and magical abilities, eidetic memory, precognitive abilities, telepathy

Evolves: Unknown

Evolves From: None

First recorded in 272 AS, the Dire Wolf is a blend of Megami-sama, Neo Iczel and Esper. The first one was created by Sukebe in the final stages of the Revenge War when he realized that Pokégirls led by a Tamer were far more efficient than Pokégirls who led themselves. The Dire Wolf was created to be his general's bodyguards and advisers. However, this pokegirl breed has been shown to exist since the beginning of the war, since after the breed was officially recorded, many tamers came forward with pokegirls of the same breed. According to interviews with these pokegirls, their ancestors were harvested as ova and run as a preliminary mass production batch from the original Dire Wolf. They have since existed and passed themselves off as Foxxseas, convincing their tamers not to report their existence. Once the first portable pokedexes were implemented, the breed's true nature was revealed. When questioned as to why the breed passed themselves off as more common pokegirls, tactical advantage was their main reasoning.

Due to their highly variable nature, Dire Wolves stand between 1.5 and 2.1 meters tall (5ft to 7ft). While they normally have anywhere from a C to an E cup, occasionally larger specimens have been documented. With their blue fur and bushy tail, from a distance they look like a type of fox Pokégirl, however closer examination shows they are actually derived from wolves. Most are strong animorphs with a distinctly lupine skull, much heavier and broader than their vulpine cousins and capable of a powerful bite. They are digitigrade and have heavy claws on their hands and feet. Their tail is heavily furred and quite powerful, capable of knocking a human off his feet with a casual swipe. A few members of the breed are distinctly more human, having only lupine ears and their powerful tails to denote them as pokegirls, though due to their enhanced strength, their bite is still quite dangerous despite their human looks.

Sukebe designed the Dire Wolf to be able to use their precognitive abilities to determine where the points of greatest threat existed, often before they become viable threats. Then they would use their other powers to determine what resources were necessary to defeat the threat, assemble these resources and turn their general loose to win the battle. Because they were intended to be teamed only with powerful mages, they can only function like this if their Tamer is a powerful mage or if they are in the presence of an Ocelolita, Cheshire, or Shadowcat. They claim that in the presence of any of these Pokégirls they have access to chaos magic that allows them to see further into the future, often to the detriment of their Tamers. If you have one, your circumstances are dire indeed.

If a Tamer doesn't have one of the above mentioned Pokégirls and isn't a powerful mage, the Dire Wolf becomes an outstanding tactician and strategist, capable of orchestrating fantastic battles under almost any condition and in any environment. They make the best use of the surrounding resources, including the other Pokégirls in a Tamer's harem, blending their knowledge of their harem sister's strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of them in combat or in training.

They've even been known to impress DragonQueens with their ability to motivate the other members of their harem.

With a powerful array of techniques available, the Dire Wolf should be a very popular Pokégirl. However, the truth is that Tamers are wary of them for the simple reason that they have a singular issue: extreme loyalty.

The Dire Wolf is a celestial Pokégirl and because of this is almost never found in an oppressive harem and is never found in one for long. They don't care for Infernal Pokégirls and while usually unwilling to confront them directly unless they become a threat to their Tamer, tend to put them into situations where they get used up quickly, often to the point of death. However, the Dire Wolf will not needlessly squander them; instead she will ensure their sacrifice benefits the harem in some fashion.

They can make good Alpha's for their Tamer, but tend to be a little hard on the harem members because she knows they could be just that little bit better if they tried. And she wants them to.

A Dire Wolf that alpha bonds to a Tamer exhibits loyalty levels comparable to a delta bonded Growltit or Samurai. If a Tamer manages to delta bond one, he's got her for life. She'll escape from anyone else and return unerringly to her bonded partner. Leagues tend to take a dim view of this behavior when she's lost to a salvage battle and for some reason tend to blame the Tamer. In circumstances such as this the Dire Wolf is usually never blamed for what has transpired. This has had a negative effect on their popularity in addition to their breed wide misleading on their existence. Dire Wolves still don't make corrections to Tamers who don't use their pokedexes before battle either, which gives them great tactical advantage when their master is challenged to pokebattles.

Dire Wolves are quite flexible in the bedroom, adapting to the situation as their Tamers explore sexually. While they have noted a liking for doggy style, this is practical instead of being a personal prefrence, since their tails are the only limb that possibly needs restrained in this scenario. The breed as a whole is highly disciplined, and loathe to loose control of their strength. To this end, initial tamings require restraints for the breed, and it is best to take the breed's ability to control themselves on an individual basis.

No one has ever had more than one Dire Wolf in their harem. The few Tamers that tried were stopped by the one already present in their harem. In one instance, the Dire Wolf released her newly captured relative and covered her escape. Afterward her behavior indicated no remorse and she immediately reverted to obeying her Tamer's orders.

While Dire Wolves have been proven to exist since the Revenge War, there have been no instances of feralborn members of the breed, and it is assumed that their precognitive abilities allow these lupine pokegirls to assure that they will not become feral under any circumstances. It is speculated however, that they have a very light feral state, similar to that of most Very Near Humans. Another factor in this is that the numbers of the breed remain relatively low, as none of the breed throughout history have been known to have many pokekits or go through breeding cycles. Threshold is likewise unheard of, though this is due to not many of these Celestials being in a single human's ancestry. Researchers speculate that this was controlled much like knowledge of the breed itself.

Tsume reading the info herself asked "But I don't have blue fur?"

Leilah nodding said "You're a variant of the species Dire Wolf."

Tsume hearing this smirked and said "Fuck yeah."

Yoshino said "Me now."

Leilah pointing the pokedex at Yoshino ignored when it did it's usual thing. It then pulled up an image of Yoshino holding a large boulder over her head. The info read

Clitmaura(Assmaura) the cold and horny Pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human

Element: Rock/Dragon/Ice/Water/Ground

Frequency: Uncommon

Diet: Omnivore

Role: Waitress, Ice cream maker, mother.

Libido: High

Strong Vs: All except Dragon

Weak Vs: Magic

Attacks: Smother, Harden, Stealth Rock, Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Protect, Detect, Foresight, Ice Wall, Extreme Speed, Go Down, Cheer, Ice Fang, Dragon Rage, Ice Ball, Sheer Cold, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Earthquake, Fissure, Dig, Rock Slide, Bonemerang, Bone Club, Bone Rush, Sandstorm, Rollout, Hail, Icicle Spear, Mud Shot, Rock Blast, Ice Shard, Avalanche Stone Edge, Smack Down, Frost Breath, Dragon Tail, Diamond Storm, Land's Wrath, Precipice Blades, Scald, Head Smash, Aqua Jet, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail, Giga Impact, Aqua Ring, Brine, Dragon Dance, Muddy Water, Dragon Claw, Hydro Cannon, Dive, Surf, Waterfall, Taunt, Yawn, Whirlpool, Beat Up, Hidden Power, Twister, Rain Dance, Crunch, Weather Ball, Ancient Power, Sleep Talk, Dragon Breath, Pursuit, Perish Song

Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x10), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x10), Enhanced Durability (x3), Natural Weapons(Tail), Enhanced Fertility (X15) Natural Maternal Instincts.

Evolves: Unknown

Evolves From: Unknown.

It has been discovered that a new pokegirl was seen roaming the frozen tundra. This pokegirl was 7 feet tall, and was had a coat of dark blue scales covering her body. She had long black hair, that seemed to be able to ignore the freezing colds. Her eyes were black and shined with an intelligence only seen in Alaka-Wham. Her body is very curvaceous with her four large breast being the largest part of her body. Her long legs were as thick as trees. This pokegirl after being caught by a Tamer explained that she was brought to life from a fossil by Gira-Screamer. She then explained that her name was Clitmaura and she was the ultimate artic survivalist. She also explained that she had no clue why Gira-Screamer brought her to life, but she did explain that she was very horny. This was proven true when it took the entire harem and tamer to sate her carnal desire. She also seems to be very calm and collected, preferring to think things out before attacking.

Clitmaura is unlike any other Ice type as her Libido is high, meaning she will try to get her tamer to tame her. Clitmaura isn't just about the sex though, as she can be deadly in a battle, as one tamer with a Clitmaura named Atlantis took down an entire swarm of wasp. The insane thing about this was that it was rookie tamer, who had just left his home town not two hours ago. He and Atlantis have since then become very powerful members of society with talks of inducting him into the Elite Four. The most deadly attack in Clitmaura's arsenal is her Icicle Crash attack as with her ability Maternal Instinct she is always fighting as if to protect her young. This has proven troublesome for anyone seeking to capture her. Add on that she has a slew of other attacks and can just vanish in the blizzard, and she becomes a rather elusive and rather tiresome pokegirl. Those who do come across this pokegirl had better be ready for a chase and a very long battle.

Clitmaura is a calm pokegirl who doesn't rush head first into anything, so getting her to warm up to you may be difficult, but once she does warm up to you, you gain access to a brilliant tactical mind that is at least 10 steps ahead of everyone. This makes Clitmaura a perfect Alpha, as with her cool and calm mind she will always be able to access the problems going on in a harem dynamic. She would also make a wonderful Beta because, again her cool, calm personality. She can also get along with all other pokegirls even the annoying ones.

When it comes to taming a Clitmaura, anything goes, but she has a fetish for spanking and rope play. If a tamer spanks her before staring a taming session, that tamer will find Clitmaura happily taking everything thrown at her. No one can explain the rope play, but some say it's most likely part of Gira-Screamer's master plan.

There has been no reported cases of thresholding into a Clitmaura as they are very new species of pokegirl. The Feral state of the pokegirl appears to be just as calm as her tame state.

Leilah blinking said "Another new Pokegirl and I don't even have a master plan."

Ino giggling said "It's Yu-chan's turn."

Yugao hearing this sat still as the pokedex scanned her. It then pulled up the image of her form standing in front of Leilah with several pyramids surrounding her. The info read

Fuckray, the mighty protector Pokegirl

Type: Near Human(Hyena Anthromorph)

Element: Electric/Magic/Steel/Dark/Flying

Frequency: Very Rare(Everywhere)

Diet: Meat, Milk, Bones, Honey, Sand

Role: Guardian of Secrets, Protector, Rescue patrol, Nurse

Libido: High to Extreme(New Moon)

Strong Vs: Water, Plant, Rock, Psychic, Ghost, Flying, Ground, Fighting

Weak Vs: Fire, Poison, Dragon, Ice

Attacks: Gust, Wing Attack, Fly, Body Slam, Stomp, Bite, Roar, Sing, Drill Peck, Peck, Hyper Beam, Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Mirror Move, Metronome, Skull Bash, Hyper Fang, Dizzy Punch, Fury Swipes, Sky Attack, Aeroblast, Tri-Attack, Zap Cannon, Feint Attack, Sweet Kiss, Mean Look, Steel Wing, Spark, Swagger, Charm, Rapid Spin, Pursuit, Crunch, Iron Tail, Metal Claw, Façade, Flatter, Torment, Uproar, Beat Up, Yawn, Knock Off, Taunt, Charge, Feather Dance, Snatch, Metal Sound, Air Cutter, Meteor Mash, Bounce, Light of Ruin, Hyperspace Fury, Oblivion Wing, Nuzzle, Electric Terrain, Magnetic Flux, Geomancy, Dazzling Gleam, Eerie Impulse, Aromatic Mist, Magic Lock, Boomburst, Moonblast, Magic Wind, Play Rough, Electrify, Flower Shield, Crafty Shield, Draining Kiss, Topsy-Turvy, Parting Shot, Disarming Voice, Parabolic Charge, Ion Deluge, Fusion Bolt, Snarl, Bolt Strike, Night Daze, Gear Grind, Quash, Acrobatics, Volt Switch, Electroweb, Wild Charge, Foul Play, Sky Drop, Electro Ball, Heavy Slam, Dark Void, Hone Claws, Iron Head, Magnet Bomb, Charge Beam, Thunder Fang, Mirror Shot, Flash Cannon, Discharge, Night Slash, Air Slash, Brave Bird, Bullet Punch, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Pluck, Tailwind, Metal Burst, Close Combat, Volt Tackle, Shock Wave, Doom Desire, Roost, Gyro Ball, Aerial Ace, Iron Defense, Pyramid Topple, Go Down, Breast of Steel, Fist.

Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance(X30), Enhanced Strength(X30) Enhanced Intelligence(X20), Enhanced Speed(X20), Enhanced Flexibility(X30), Enhanced Fertility(X15), Steel Body, Magic stores

Evolves: Unknown

Evolves From: Unknown

Another new pokegirl has been discovered, this time roaming the desert with a legion of loyal followers with her. This pokegirl has long purple hair that has several black streaks. Her skin has several stripes going down it. These stripes were black like the streaks in her hair. Her breast are actually EE-cups. Her stomach is toned and tight. Her legs are thick, and her feet are sharp and have deadly claws. Her pussy has a black ring around it. Coming from just above her ass is short hyena tail. Her eyes to are electric yellow orbs. She also stands at just under 7 feet. She was dressed in what looked like armor from a very old time, yet a few modern things could be seen. The person who spotted this pokegirl followed her for a few months to gather what he could about her. What he found out is astonishing to say the least. It turns out this pokegirl, was a normal human woman from a different dimension, until she was visited by none other than the legendary pokegirl Gira-Screamer, who went by the name Leilah Kiko Uchiha. Leilah with a Screwmistress had sex with this woman under the powerful light of the new moon. This made the woman undergo a transformation much like thresholding, except with no pain at all. When the light had died down this pokegirl had been born. This pokegirl is named Fuckray, and the people and pokegirl that follow her around are seen as her loyal subjects, as Fuckray is royalty and serves directly under Gira-Screamer. This further pushes the theory that Gira-Screamer has some kind of plot brewing. The person who discovered her sadly couldn't take any more notes, as his Babeoon had losing her temper attacked one of Fuckray's followers. This resulted in Fuckray attacking him and his harem. Sadly his Babeoon and two other pokegirls did not make survive said attack. The tamer since then has retired to live with his remaining pokegirls in peace.

Fuckray when her legion of followers are not threatened is a calm being, who is easy to please and very pleasant to be around. She acts like a noble host, who is still a human, even though it is clear that she isn't. In fact she acts like a princess from the old times, before Sukebe. When her legion is threatened though she shifts from a noble and calm being to a ruthless killing machine, who eliminates any that threatens to harm her legion. One tamer made the fatal mistake of trying to catch a tigress that had been in Fuckray's legion. He and his harem were obliterated in a matter of seconds by Fuckray, as she unleashed an unholy amount of attacks on him, even taking down a Gynadose with practiced ease. Her arsenal of attacks makes this rather easy, with her most devastating attack being either Hyperspace Fury or Pyramid Topple. If she activates either attack it spells instant doom for her opponents as nothing can hope to survive either attacks. The intimidating thing is that it isn't known if she evolves or evolves from anything.

Fuckray has many qualities that makes her the perfect Alpha, as she is literally a mighty protector. She would easily be able to look after any members of her harem, including her tamer as her assorted arsenal of attacks makes quick work of most threats. Her personality makes it so that she sees her harem sisters as her legion of followers, along with her tamer. She would also make an excellent Beta, as like before she could easily take down any threats facing her or the harem. Her ability Divine Shield only makes her even more efficient in protecting that she sees as her. This ability increase her skills by 40 and gives her an insane boost in energy, that doesn't run out until the threat is gone.

When it comes to taming, Fuckray loves to be tamed under the light of the new moon, but will settle for other times. The best way to get Fuckray off is to softly stroke her Hyena tail, and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. The fact that she is bisexual makes it so that male or female tamers can tame her. The only precaution is that when a new moon is in effect, her already high libido becomes extreme and she will demand to be tamed until the new moon is down. This usually means a day long taming session that leaves the entire harem exhausted.

There has been no cased of thresholding into a Fuckray as again she is a new species of Pokegirl. The same could be said about a Feral Fuckray, and even if one had been found because of her personality it isn't easy to figure out if she's Feral or Tamed

Leilah blinking said "There we have it."

Sakura finished with her drink asked "Leilah-sama how many abilities can we have?"

Leilah putting the pokedex back in Anko's bra said "Normally two, with one being hidden. But due to another of my abilities, Ablitize you each have about six abilities each."

Everyone hearing this gained wide eyes and Tsume asked "Can you tell me one of my abilities?"

Leilah nodding poured herself a glass of pure blood and said "Blaze Body. What it does it that not only can you inflict your opponent with a burn status, but absorbed any fire attacks sent your way."

Tsume hearing this smirked. Temari finally sitting down asked "What about me?"

Leilah said "Eye of the Storm. You can guess what it does."

Temari nodded. Kin asked "What about me Leilah-sama?"

Leilah smiling said "Nature's Benefit. It gives you a boost for every natural affinity you have. You are basically a form of mother nature, thus you have all six of the basic elemental affinities. By the way the sixth is gravity."

Tsunade hearing this asked "What about me?"

Leilah said "Matter Converter. It allows you to turn anything, and I mean anything into building blocks for an increase in size and power."

Anko batting her eye lashes at Leilah asked "Me?"

Leilah said "This is gonna sound perverted but Swallow. It allows you to swallow anything hole like a snake. You've already used this ability on a prisoner who wouldn't talk."

Anko remembering doing so licked her lips. Kurenai asked "What about me?"

Leilah said "Aura of Illusion. You create an aura that traps your victims in illusion making them easy pickings."

Kurenai smiled hearing this. Ino asked "Me?"

Leilah smiling said "We share an ability Ino-chan. You have Blood Absorption. It allows us to recover energy, boost our power and even witness events through the drinking of blood."

Ino beamed hearing this. Anko spotting Ayame tending to Ton-Ton asked "What about Ayame?"

Leilah smirking said "Armor On. Ayame-chan basically always has armor on, protecting her from just about all attacks, with only B-rank jutsu being able to damage said armor."

Everyone whistled hearing this and Ayame asked "Will you tell us another of your abilities?"

Leilah nodding downed her glass and said "Phenomenal. This ability makes me the queen of the undead and master of all ghost. It also allows me to absorb souls and transfer them into any body I want, like for instance say I had Kin-chan create a clone using her powers and placed the soul of Sasuke Uchiha in it. I would be the master of said body and I would own Sasuke Uchiha's soul for eternity."

All eyes widened hearing this and Temari asked "Could you in theory revive my mother?"

Leilah giggling said "I'm already working on that Temari-chan. My mother is talking to my aunt about getting me your mother's soul in exchange for Kankuro's and that white snake bastard Orochimaru."

Everyone blinked hearing this and Anko asked "How are you going to get Orochimaru-teme's soul?"

Leilah gaining a devious smirk opened her mouth and pulled out he vile of Orochimaru's blood. She cackling said "With this blood I will be able to kill that wretched snake."

Tsunade quirking an eyebrow asked "How so?"

Leilah giggling said "I'm gonna infuse his mind, body and soul with Sands of the Basilisk."

Everyone who knew what this was gained wide eyes. Ino spitting out her blood on Sakura's shirt asked "When in the nine hells did you finish it?"

Leilah eye smiling said "I didn't. Izuna-nii did when I sent him the incomplete version."

Tsunade shaking her head said "My poor former teammate, he's in for a world of pain."

Anko shivering said "That's an understatement. He's in for pure hell."

Kin, Temari and Yugao not knowing what it was asked "What so special about it?"

Sakura gaining a dark look on her face said "Leilah and Ino-sama came up with it after drinking the blood of Kabuto Yakushi from his still beating heart. This ultimate lethal injection, not only destroys the body, but ravages the mind and consumes the very soul. It's made from the very lethal Red Sand, LSD, Leilah-sama's pure concentrated venom, Basilisk Venom and Demon chakra."

Yugao hearing this shivered as this sounded like the most lethal cocktail in existence. Kin knowing how deadly Leilah's venom was shivered. Temari on the other hand felt slightly bad for Orochimaru as he was a dead snake walking. Leilah then blinked and said "Okay it seems as I'm also getting Mikoto Uchiha for the snake's soul, as my aunt apparently wants him dead."

Shrugging she said "Another member for Fairy Tail."

Ino and the others blinked hearing this. Kurenai shaking her head asked "What's the plan for the finals?"

Leilah smiling said "Simple, we the members of Fairy Tail kick ass and take names. As for Pedomaru's little invasion plan with Kumo and Suna well Ino-chan will be taking out the container for the one tails. When I say taking out I mean placing under her thrall. Sakura is going to make Sai submit and gather the forces of Root to help defend Konoha, as Jiji wants us to take down that old decrepit known as Shimura Danzo, and if they are present the elders. Shikamaru is going to defeat Omoi, Chouji will defeat Karui."

She stopping turned to Tsunade and said "Tsu-chan go recruit Ten-Ten Higarashi as a member of Fairy Tail. You're her idol so getting her to agree should be easy, and yes you can see if she transforms. If she doesn't she will still get a boost, so help her develop more skills."

She then coughing said "Shino and Neji might take each other out which is good for us. Hinata after Nai-chan trains her some will defeat Kari with ease. I myself will deal with the container of the Nibi."

Anko raising her hand asked "What about me, Tsume, Yoshino, Shizune, Ayame, Kin and Temari?"

Leilah smiling said "You and Temari will be assisting me in the slaughter of Danzo tonight. As for your parts in the invasion. Ayame and Yoshino will shelter all of the academy students in here, as we all know Fairy Tail is the safest place in the village. You, Tsume and Shizune will protect the rest of the village with Tsume-chan protecting the civilians caught in the invasion. Kin-chan will play a vital part in this battle as with her skills she will create a barrier of earth to keep the village safe from any summons. Temari-chan you will also play a vital part as your job is to wipe out entire squadrons of Suna and Kumo ninja who make it past Kin's wall."

Everyone hearing this could see that it was a sound plan. Tsunade asked "What about me?"

Leilah looking at her said "Jiji is going to fight Pedomaru in a barrier set up by the elite members of Pedomaru's forces, otherwise known as the sound four. You and Ero-Jiraiya will be helping him fight the snake faced bastard and any tricks he has up his slimy sleeves. If you feel like the battle is getting too bad, summon me Tsu-chan and I will use 75 percent of my full power."

Tsunade hearing this asked "What if you're still facing the two tails?"

Leilah giggling said "You'll just take over, as you can grow to the size of a bijou after all."

Tsunade laughing then asked "Aren't you worried about everyone seeing me naked?"

Leilah giggling again said "Nope as all of our clothes have been retrofitted to expand as we grow or shrink."

Ino hearing this asked "So how do we get stronger?"

Leilah turning to her said "I will tell you after the Uzumaki move in."

Ino hearing this pouted and asked "Why not tell me now?"

Leilah pointing at the entrance to reveal the Uzumaki said "Because it's rude to keep someone waiting Ino-chan."

Ino spotting the Uzumaki sighed and got up along with the others.

Three hours later after all of the Uzumaki were moved in Leilah was leading her group to a part of the building that they had never seen before. This was strange as Anko had explored every inch of the building as she had to map out escape paths in case something failed. Sakura holding Ino's hand asked "Where are we going Leilah-sama?"

Leilah giggling said "Something I created with a little genius, a ton of seals, some bending of reality and a small appliance of the puppy dog eyes to both of my mothers."

Kurenai watching Leilah's ass with hungry eyes asked "What is it?"

Leilah knowing that Kurenai was staring at her ass said "You'll have to wait and see Nai-chan, and stop staring at my ass."

Kurenai moving her eyes with a blush on her face nodded. Anko giggling at this turned to Kin who was holding Temari's hand and asked "Remind me again how the business is still running?"

Kin nodding said "Leilah-sama and myself created several clones to not only assist the Uzumaki, but keep the business up and running. Also I created some clones to assist Sarutobi-sama."

Temari asked "Assist him with what?"

Leilah said "The old man needed a full list of the Fairy Tail members. So I using my future vision and few objects created a contemplative list that can change according to the people or any possible dilutions."

Tsunade hearing this asked "Just how many people do you think is actually going to be part of Fairy Tail?"

Leilah stopping at the right place turned and eye smiled at Tsunade. She pressing a hand to the wall said "Tsu-chan, I plan on having a ton of people as part of Fairy Tail, and with my mothers spotting problems in other dimensions, we will most likely have plenty of chances to recruit people to our family."

She then feeling the wall open up, turned and walked into what looked like bright white light. The others following gasped, as when they walked into the light it felt like gravity increased by at least 100. This caused most of them to crash to the ground. Ino on the floor looked up at Leilah who was actually down on her knees and asked "What the hell?"

Leilah with a happy smile on her face said "This is the most sacred room in all of existence, as this room is training ground Omega."

Tsunade trying and failing to stand to her feet asked "What's so special about this place and what the hell is up with the gravity?"

Leilah still smiling said "This place is like a place my mothers described to me from a different dimension. This place is called the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and inside of it not only is gravity much heavier, but days are months and months are years. I have been inside of this chamber before and I nearly died from the intensity of it all."

She grunting slowly made it to her feet and said "After that I dreamt of a place like that for our universe, but better, stronger."

She smiling said "That is when the idea behind this room was born. I never stopped reading about seals and jutsu to create this room."

She walking over to Ino helped her up and did the same to the others, including Ten-Ten who was just brought in by a Tsunade clone. Said clone had gone up in smoke as soon as it touched the ground. She smiling at them all said "This room is another reason why Fairy Tail is the most secure place in all existence. We as members of Fairy Tail are the only people who can reach this space and I myself can control every aspect of the room."

Sakura sweating as it was a struggle to stay standing asked "Can you change the pull of the gravity Leilah-sama?"

Leilah shaking her head said "No Sakura-chan, as right now we're in 130 times regular gravity. If you all can stand, run, sleep and train in this, then moving in regular gravity will be a walk in the park for you."

Anko hearing this asked "Is this why it's so easy for you to move outside?"

Leilah nodding said "Yes Anko-chan. Now all of you get ready, as this is your home for the next 4 weeks. You will sleep, eat, shit and fuck here until the finals of the chunin exams. You will send clones to tackle any duties outside, and you will work as hard as possible."

She then clenching her fist said "By the time I'm done with you all of you will be SSS-class ninja and will be able to stand on your own, with or without your fellow members of Fairy Tail."

She then smiling softly said "I believe in all of you and I know that in the end you will all perceiver and become the beautiful disasters I know you all can be."

All of the females hearing this speech got inspired and Anko standing tall with a fire burning in her eyes said "We will not disappoint you Leilah."

Ino saluting said "I will become stronger."

Kin and Temari saluting also said "We will follow you into the very gates of hell Leilah-sama."

Sakura grabbing Ino's hand and saluting said "I'm with you until the very end Leilah-sama."

Tsume licking her lips said "I and my clan are with you until the end Leilah-sama."

Kurenai smiling and saluting said "I will follow you Leilah-sama."

Shizune and Ayame saluting said "We fight for you Leilah-sama and for Fairy Tail."

Tsunade smiling saluted and said "I'm with you and always will be with you Leilah-sama."

Ten-Ten with a blush on her face said "I'm with you Leilah-sama."

Leilah giggling said "You girls are so silly, and I wouldn't have you any other way."

Everyone laughed hearing this.

Two days later and Leilah watched as Anko and Ino were both wrapped in the light that meant evolution. Everyone else was gathered around the two to see what they evolved into. The light died down around Ino first and you could easily tell she had evolved. Firstly she was no longer 6 feet 7, as now she was easily 15 feet tall. She was now covered in thick fur, that had strange markings in it. Her breast had increased in size, and were now leaking a pink substance. Her hands were now five fingered paws with very sharp claws. Her eyes were now very slitted and pierced through everything. The coming from her top lip two large fangs could be seen. Swaying behind her was not one, not two, but 4 large whip like tails. Her pussy was now surrounded by yellow flaming fur. Ino standing on her hind legs smiled as she felt extremely powerful. Looking down she smiled and asked "How do I look?"

Leilah smiling said "Tall."

Ino and the others giggled hearing this. The light then died out around Anko, and like Ino it was easy to tell that she had evolved. Like Ino she shot up in height, until she stood at 25 feet with ease. Her hair was still dark purple, but now several venomous snakes and serpents could be seen in her hair, all hissing with warning. Her eyes were now venomous yellow and what looked many snakes curling up could be seen surrounding her slitted pupil. Her breast had were gigantic and now they were leaking an absolutely toxic green looking substance. She now had four arms. Two of said arms were normal and human like, with red, yellow, orange and black bans covering the entire arm. The hands instead of having five fingers like human, had 8 fingers and one thumb. Each of these digits had huge serrated claws on them. The second pair of arms were not human. Both of them were actually two large snakes, with the same banding as the other arms, with glowing blood red eyes and gigantic teeth. She kept her tight and toned stomach, but from there instead of having a human lower body she had a snake-like lower body, with the red and black scales starting just below her vagina. This lower body had the same pattern as the arms and her back. Instead of having one tail, she had 7, with each one covered in toxic green spikes. Anko licking her lips loved the way she felt. Looking down she asked "How do I look?"

Leilah giggling said "Dangerous, but lovely."

Ino closing her eyes shrunk down to the height of 7 feet 9 inches. She loving that her clothes really grew with her asked "Can we get scanned?"

Leilah watching as Anko shrunk down to 9 feet 5 inches nodded. She turning reached into Kin's bra. Kin blushed, but then gained wide eyes when Leilah pulled out a purple and black pokedex. Leilah smiling at the shock in Kin's eyes said "Everyone has a pokedex on them, and this is my personal version of the Pokedex, that Izuna-nii helped me make."

She then turning to Anko and Ino scanned them with the Pokedex. It doing it's thing said "Evolutions detected. New Pokegirls detected. Scanners indicates more evolutions coming. Updating Info."

Everyone blinked hearing this and Leilah having a feeling that she knew who was coming up on evolutions smirked. The Pokedex then beeped and pulled up the image of Ino's current evolution surrounded by all types of feline pokegirls, along with Sakura flying above her. It revealed another image of a much larger and more savage looking Ino roaring in the middle of a scorched plane. The info said

Mammaleo, The Supreme Feline Pokegirl

Type: Near Human(Feline Anthromorph)

Element: Ice/Flying/Ghost/Fire/Electric/Fighting/Rock/Plant/Dragon

Frequency: Common(Gira-Screamers dimension), Ultra Rare(Everywhere Else)

Diet: Honey, Meat, Hot Peppers, Milk, Small mammals, Ice Cream.

Role: Leader, Supreme Cat Pokegirl, Ruler of Hell, Yonbi-No-Nekomata

Libido: Extreme

Strong Vs: All

Weak Vs: None

Attacks: All

Enhancements: Enhanced Flexibility(X25), Enhanced Agility(X25), Enhanced Speed(X25), Enhanced Strength(X20), Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Flavor, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Durability(X40) Semi-elastic skin, fast recovery, breast can produce up to 100 gallons per day of milk, internal glands can alter milk to various states, Active Lactation, Aura of Superiority.

Evolves: War Sabertooth Tigress(Delta Bond + Gira-Screamer's Blessing), Black Mammaleo (Abuse), Kyuubi-no-Nekomata(Impregnation + Delta Bond)

Evolves From: Ocel-Hot(Delta Bond + Gira-Screamer's Blessing)

In the name of all that is holy, a frightening discovery was made by a harem master and her harem of Alaka-Wham. They had been tracking the increasingly erratic movements of a Ocel-Hot known as Kira, when Gira-Screamer appeared before the pokegirl and to the shock of the tamer kissed Kira softly on the lips. This shock only increased when the signature signs of an evolution covered Kira up. When the light had died down, the tamer was terrified to her core to find a new massive and powerful pokegirl standing where Ocel-Hot had been. This pokegirl shared many of the same traits of Ocel-Hot, but she now much larger and her strength had at the very least tripled. She now stood at 15 feet tall and this alone was intimidating. Add in the fact that her power could literally be felt for miles away and you have a very bone chilling pokegirl. The three things that stand out about his pokegirl, besides her height and power are first her hair now resembles the mane of a male lion from before Sukebe times. This mane is thick and luxurious. It is a warm blonde color and it seems as the more powerful the Mammaleo the more luxurious the mane is. The next factor is the four whip like tails now flaying behind her, each one having enough power to wipe out an entire town. The last factor is the strange markings now covering her body, much like the stripes of a Tigress.

Mammaleo seems to be an overly aggressive pokegirl who has no quarrels about attacking and killing anything that threatens her pride. Her large stature does not slow her incredible speed down at all, as she is still capable of catching and killing a Cheetaura going at full tilt with the greatest of ease. Her style of attack is savage, yet well thought out. She will charge head first, but as you're dodging or avoiding her attacks, she watches you and will then adjust and adapt her attack until her aim is 100% true. This had lead to a increase of fatal encounters by 45 percent. The strange thing about this is that she will not attack if in the presence of any young pokekits. This could be a possible plan of Gira-Screamer, who can also easily calm a raging Mammaleo with ease. If you are lucky enough to come across a Mammaleo who is without a pride, the advice is to see if you can add her to your harem, as this pokegirl is a powerhouse that stands leaps and bounds above others. If you come across one with it's pride, then the advice is to either turn around and get as far away as possible, or to wait until the pride leaves the area. The option is determined by how close you are to the pride before you spot them.

Mammaleo has a other form, that gives her title as supreme feline pokegirl a proper form. This form is at the very least 250 feet tall. The body is now covered in thick flaming yellow fur. The mane has streaks of red and orange in it, reminding everyone of a fire. This form is a full quadruped, as her height and weight is too much for her hind legs. Her tails are much thicker and now can create powerful weather anomaly's. One such anomaly is full out Blizzards that can last for years, not months. The terrifying thing is that along with her old elements, she gains the Dragon typing which makes her form that much more powerful. This form has been named the battle form, by Gira-Screamer herself, who admitted to create the Mammaleo evolution to make the first Ocel-Hot, Ino Yamanaka live forever and powerful enough to handle any threats. She then revealed the fact that though it's not listed in her elements, Mammaleo has psychic and steel qualities. This makes this researcher shiver in fear as Mammaleo had a very wide range of attacks at her disposal.

When it comes to taming Mammaleo, has the same kinks as her former form, but add in that she now has an extreme libido and is always raring to go, and you come to one terrifying conclusion. Mammaleo is not only the supreme feline pokegirl, but she's also the supreme as sex battles. It's okay though as the chances of coming across a Mammaleo are near impossible. She also gains a slight kink for being the dominant partner during taming. The one thing that seems to make her orgasm easy is to dominate someone and use her new tails to bring the one she's dominating to a constant state of bliss.

Thresholding into a Mammaleo is impossible, as Gira-Screamer herself has to use her blessing to literally create an Mammaleo. Feral Mammaleo are very rare, as most Mammaleo live in a realm outside the reach of tamer, researcher and watcher alike. They live in Gira-Screamer's personal dimension, where not only is she the leader, but she is also the supreme authority.

Everyone blinked hearing this and Ino with a happy smile on her face said "Awesome I have two more evolutions I can access as the Black version of myself will never happen with all of the love your girls give me."

Everyone including Anko giggled hearing this while Sakura said "You bet you fine ass it's never going to happen."

Everyone laughed hearing this and Leilah pointed the pokedex at Anko. It instantly pulled up the image of Anko's new form surrounded by what looked like several monsters and demons. The info read

Thighguard, The Mother of all monsters pokegirl

Type: Not Very Near Human/ Near Human(Snake Anthromorph)

Element: Water/Dark/Poison/Dragon/Steel/Magic/ Fire/Electric

Frequency: Common(Gira-Screamer's Dimensions), Ultra Rare(Everywhere Else)

Diet: Small Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Dango, Blood, Fire

Role: Mother of all Monsters, Nanabi-no-Hebi, Spy, Torture Specialist.

Libido: Extreme

Strong Vs: All

Weak Vs: Ghost

Attacks: All

Enhancements: Enhanced Strength(X20), Enhanced Speed (X20) Enhanced Durability(X25), Enhanced Senses(Sight, Taste, Smell), Natural weapons(Snake arms), Aura of Toxic, Aura of Monster, Instantaneous Regeneration, Iron Stomach.

Evolves: Dysaster(Delta Bond + Gira-Screamer's Blessing), Skull Thighguard(Abuse), Kyuubi-No-Hebi(Impregnation + Delta Bond), Hy-Bra(Loss of Sanity)

Evolves From: DarkBust(Delta Bond + Gira-Screamer's Blessing)

In the name of all that his holy yet another discovery has been made by a harem master and her harem. This discovery is the new pokegirl Thighguard. This pokegirl stands at an outstanding 25 feet tall. She has long dark purple hair like her previous form, but unlike her previous form several venomous snakes could be seen. Her eyes are now a venomous yellow, indicating her highly venomous state. Her skin is the same as her previous form, and the banding from before is present. Now though she has four arms, with one set of arms having 16 fingers and two thumbs. These arms have the banding present on her back. The second set of arms are gigantic snakes, with demonic glowing red eyes and huge fangs. Her breast now leak an absolutely toxic green substance that could be deadly. Her lower body is now serpentine in nature, as she now resembles most snake based pokegirls. The odd thing about this is that instead of one tail, she has seven, with each tail having large toxic green spikes. She had been a DarkBust known as Jane, but after being offered to Gira-Screamer in order for her selfish tamer to not be killed, she became known as Catastrophe. She worked tirelessly for Gira-Screamer, recruiting unhappy or abused Pokegirls and turning them over to Gira-Screamer. This created a Delta Bond with Gira-Screamer in no time, and one day after she recruited an entire hive of Buzzbreast, Gira-Screamer rewarded her with a blessing. After the transformation happened , Gira-Screamer named Catastrophe as the first ever Thighguard.

Thighguard has the same attack pattern as DarkBust, attacking quickly and with power. If her opponents live after her first attack, she then taps into her venom and kills her victim. It has also been slated that she now has an attack previously thought to be exclusive to Gira-Screamer. She now has an attack known as the Bijuudama. This attack has been confirmed to be devastating as just a small version of this attack can wipe out an entire league. This spells trouble for everyone and some foolish teams, such as Team Trauma have tried to capture a Thighguard only for their harems to become food and their bodies to be melted off the face of the earth.

Her taming habits now include having her breast drained of their substance and being gangbanged. The more fucking her silly the happier she is, and with her extreme libido, she's always ready to go.

Thresholding into a Thighguard is impossible, as Gira-Screamer herself has to use her blessing to literally create an Thighguard. Feral Thighguard are very rare, as most Thighguard live in a realm outside the reach of tamer, researcher and watcher alike. They live in Gira-Screamer's personal dimension, where not only is she the leader, but she is also the supreme authority.

Everyone reading this blinked. Anko then cackling with glee said "I'm so badass."

Ino pouting stomped her foot and said "No fair. Anko has three evolutions she can access and I only have two."

Anko making a victory pose said "That's because I'm more awesome than you."

Leilah rolling her eyes turned to Temari and asked "Do you think you're ready to take out the old cripple?"

Temari nodding said "Hai Leilah-sama."

Anko knowing that she was part of said plan shrunk down to a better form and said "I'm also ready Leilah-sama."

She smiling turned to rest of them and said "You all can rest until we get back from our mission."

She looking at Tsunade said "Now is the time to transform Ten-Ten."

She then vanished in a bubble of darkness, along with Anko and Temari. Ino once they were both gone turned to Sakura and Kurenai with a look in her eyes. Kurenai and Sakura both familiar with said look smiled. Ino spotting said smiles said "Come with my lovely Sakura-chan and precious Nai-chan. I need you two to scratch my itch."

Both females giggled and followed Ino to a more private spot. Tsume, Ayame, Shizune and Kin had already vanished, and loud moans could be heard. Tsunade shaking her head set her eyes on a crimson Ten-Ten. Smirking she said "I hope you don't mind not walking straight for a while, because I'm about to take you to another level."

Ten-Ten felt her blush spread further and her loins heat up hearing her idol say something so damn sexy.

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