This is my first shot at a fic so it probably will suck. But it should be fun to write because this fic is based on a movie I saw and it was so good. So hey, I decided why not make an Ash and Misty story out of it. Hope you like it. And, oh yeah R&R.

Not the Way Things Seemed To Be

Character Introduction

Ok, this is not really the beginning of the chapter. It will just tell a little bit about all the important characters in this fic. Oh yeah this story takes place in Canada and London, England, not Pallet Town and whereever.

Ash Ketchum: ash is 9 years old in the first two chapters. He has a crush on Tina, one of his best friends. Ash has a Pikachu in this story even though Pokemon has nothing to do with this. He has a mother and a father.

Misty Waterflower: she is 8 ½ years old and she is one of Ash's best friends. She also has a mother and a father. Misty is a bit of a tomboy but not really. She is really good in school and loves reading and playing soccer and basketball. (I know this isn't really Misty but oh well)

Tina Chan: she is a cool, feminine-like 8 ½ year old girl who loves designer clothes. She isn't that great in school. She only has a father because her mother died in a car accident when Tina was three.

Now on to the real story!!!!

Chapter 1:Saying Goodbye

"Passengers boarding flight 396, Toronto to London, England please advance to the plane"

"I still don't understand why you have to leave and go to London. You are on of the richest people in Ontario, why go there?" Mr. Waterflower asked Mr. Ketchum as they all stood saying their last good-byes to the Ketchum's.

"He isn't going after the money." Mr. Chan cut in.


"Dude, have you seen the babes over there?" Mr. Chan asked surprised.

Everyone laughed.

"Forget babes and money, this is about technology and computers. Someday computer technology will turn into a huge industry. My ideas can be put to use best over there. Why else would I leave you guys?" Mr. Ketchum asked as he put his arm around his wife's shoulders. "Will you forget us there?" Mr. Waterflower asked

"How can you say that. Can we ever forget this friendship?" Mrs. Ketchum replied.

Ash, Misty and Tina were standing silently near there parents.

"Tina, Tina!" Ash called as he grabbed her hand and ran a few feet away with Misty following behind.

"Did you hear that Tina? If our parents friendship won't end, then how will our friendship end?" Ash said

"Our friendship will never end, Ash." Misty said. She looked down at his Pikachu and smiled. She would always share her deepest secrets with only Pikachu. Usually she would tell Ash, Tina or someone else but important ones were meant for only the little rodent. This was because those deep secrets were sometimes about.Ash. Ok, so she liked Ash a bit but he liked Tina. But she was still happy for him and she knew these were only dreams, part of a phase that would soon pass.

Misty snapped out of her daydream in time to hear Ash say, "Tina you will write to me, won't you?"

"Yeah.yeah, I'll write." Tina said, half-sarcastically, as she looked at her face in a pocket mirror.

Ash did not hear the sarcasm and exclaimed, "I will e-mail you regularly!"

"But I don't have my computer yet?!" Tina complained.

Ash hit his forehead, "Oh yeah, you don't have your own computer yet!"

"But I have." Misty exclaimed

"Excellent!" Ash cut in, "I'll e-mail you on Misty's computer." He turned to Misty

"Misty, you always help me out, you're such a good friend."

Suddenly Ash heard his mother call him and tell him that the flight was about to leave.

Ash nodded and looked back at his two best friends.

"Bye Misty, Bye Tina!" he exclaimed and gave Tina a kiss on the cheek before he ran to his mother with Pikachu on his shoulder.

Misty waved at them. Her eyes met with Pikachu's and she held up a finger to her lips.

"Don't tell" she mouthed

"Pikachu" it replied joyfully and waved back at her.

Misty waved at Ash until he was gone. She brought her hand down and whispered, "Bye Ash, I will miss you."

A/n: Ok I know that was pretty short but I'll try to get the next chapters up in a couple of days. If you have seen this movie, don't worry cause I'm going to change a bit of it.