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Chapter 11: The name's Oak, Gary Oak!

"Tina, hurry up will you? We need to be there two hours earlier so that you could get ready!" Misty called from downstairs.

There was no answer.

"Tina!" Misty hollered.

Again, no answer.

Misty turned to her mom and sighed. "Mom, you all go ahead. I'll go check on her and bring her down to the hall soon."

Mrs. Waterflower smiled at her daughter and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. She then rushed out to the car awaiting her and soon everyone had gone.

Misty climbed the stairs, two steps at a time, and headed for Tina's room. She found Tina lying on her bed, tears streaming down her face.

"M…Misty?" Tina choked out.

"Tina, what happened? Are you okay?" Misty asked worriedly.

She sat down next to her best friend and waited for a reply.

"Misty…I'm… I don't know…I just…" Tina spluttered as she tried to stop the tears from falling.

"Tina, what happened? Just tell me, is something wrong?"

Tina looked into her friend's face and smiled sadly. "Nothing's wrong…I'm just kind of…scared." She whispered in a small voice.

"Scared? Of what?"

"Oh Misty, you won't understand. I mean, I'm starting a new journey in my life. After I get married, I'll have to move out and nothing will be the same as before and…"

"Oh Tina, there's nothing to be afraid of. Think of it like this, all the things you have to go through later on in life, you'll have someone there to support you. To guide you. Things will change but you'll still be close to me." Misty smiled at Tina and gave her friend a big hug. (A/n: Big Hug! You know in Teletubbies. Ok never mind!)

"I guess you're right. I was just being stupid. Well, let's get going or we're going to be late." Tina said quickly.

Misty smiled. Both girls left the room in high spirits. After checking that everything was off, Tina locked the door and they both headed out to the rented car. They were on their way to the party hall where the engagement would be held.


Ash stared back at his own reflection as he straightened his tie and groaned. He really hated when the knot came out all weird and lumpy. He untied it and started again. Today was his engagement day and it would be his wedding soon. Misty still hadn't found a man yet and she didn't realize how serious Ash really was about the consequences. Well, he would fix that. Today, there was going to be no excuses. He would set Misty up with someone.


Misty stepped back from Tina to look at her masterpiece. She had agreed to style Tina's hair and had done a wonderful job of it. Tina's hair was up with curls flowing out of the bun. Tiny ringlets framed her face and tiny little flower had been placed around the bun.

"So Ms. I-hate-flowers-they-make-me-look-like-a-stupid-tree, what do you think?" Misty asked, smirking.

"You don't have to rub it in you know. I admit I was wrong. You've done an incredible job," Tina moaned. She hated when she was wrong.

Misty laughed.

Tina stood up from her chair and looked into the mirror one last time. She was wearing a sleeveless, light pink gown that hugged her figure but flowed out from her hips down. Her jewelry matched her clothes and her makeup brought out her sparkling eyes.

"Well, I guess I'm done." Tina said.

"So let's go then, everybody is waiting. How much you want to bet that the guests care more about the food than the actual ceremony?" Misty asked as she led Tina out of the room.

"I already know they do, and personally, I can't argue with them. I'm hungry too." Tina replied.

Misty rolled her eyes. Typical Tina. She led Tina down the stairs and towards the ballroom.

"Ready?" Misty asked.

"Ready," Tina whispered back.

Misty opened the door and suddenly everybody was at the two.

(A/n: I really am kind of ashamed to say this but I'm not that sure what they do at an engagement so this will all be just made up. I really don't know what they do at a real wedding either seeing as where I come from, they do it differently so it won't be that accurate.)

Misty led Tina to the front of the hall and up to the table in the front where Ash and the family were all standing near.

"Well, shall we begin then?" Mrs. Ketchum asked.

Tina nodded.

"The rings please," Mrs. Ketchum asked for.

"Brock, you have them," Ash muttered to his friend.

"Oh yeah! I do. One second it should be here." He said as he put his hand in his pocket. Seconds later, he withdrew his hand with a pile of junk in it.

"Umm, hehehehe…" Brock chuckled nervously as he placed the objects on the table and once again, stuck his hand into his pocket. This time, he pulled out a small, black, velvet box and handed it to Ash's mother.

Mrs. Ketchum shook her head sadly and prayed silently that God would grant Brock with a brain before he died. She opened the box and took out the two golden rings. One ring had a green gem placed in the middle with little diamonds surrounding it. The second ring had a red stone placed in the middle with little diamonds surrounding it.

She gave the red one to Ash and the green one to Tina.

Ash slowly took hold of Tina's hand and slid the ring onto her ring finger. He smiled at her as she blushed slightly. Tina then slid the other ring onto Ash's finger, as she heard the applause in the background. Then she, Misty, Ash and Brock seated themselves in front of the table while the family sat on the tables next to them.

"Misty, do you know when this will be over?" Tina whispered as she heard her future mother-in-law give a speech. "I'm real hungry."

"Tina! This is your engagement!" Misty whispered back.

"I know but still, it's not my fault I'm hungry."

Soon after, the ceremonies had been completed and everybody had begun to eat. Tina finished her food right away and dragged Ash to the dance floor. Misty laughed as she saw Ash complain that he wanted to finish his food. Tina snapped back at him and he didn't complain after that.

"Excuse me miss, this is for you," a waiter said as he placed a folded piece of paper in front of Misty.

She thanked him and unfolded the piece of paper.

"A beautiful and charming girl like you shouldn't be sitting alone." She read quietly.

Frowning, she folded the paper and looked around for the person who had sent her this. She saw Brock with his head down on the table, eyes closed. He was sleeping, for God's sake. It wasn't him. She then spotted Ash and he smiled at her waving his hand a bit.

"Ash, why do you do this," she whispered. She crumpled the paper and left it beside her plate.

She then got up and walked towards the door. She had to get away from here. From Ash. Another waiter came up to her as she was about to exit the room and handed her another piece of paper. Misty quickly unfolded it and silently read.

'Don't go. If you go, there isn't any point of being here.'

Misty looked back to the dance floor but Ash was dancing with Tina. Misty folded the paper and she went back to her seat, placing the letter with the previous one.

Tina and Ash made their way back to the table.

"Hey Misty, you should go dance!" Tina exclaimed.

Misty shook her head and smiled. "I don't really have anyone to dance with seeing as Brock has fallen asleep." Tina looked at Brock and groaned.

"What a bum, falling asleep in the middle of one of his best friend's engagement." Tina muttered.

"Why don't you just come dance? I'm sure you'll find someone to dance with." Ash said, staring intently at Misty.

Misty shook her head. "It's okay, you and Tina go ahead, and I'll catch up." She replied, careful to avoid his eyes.

"Ok, let's go Ash. Bye Misty!"

Misty closed her eyes, blinking back her unshed tears. It pained her to see Ash with someone else but it hurt her more to see that he was secretly writing to her. He had agreed to stop thinking of her like that and be loyal to Tina.

"A beautiful and charming girl like you shouldn't be sitting alone," a husky voice said.

Her eyes shot open as she looked up and found herself looking into the face of a handsome young man with a brownish shade of hair and a playful look in his dark eyes.

"Um, hello." Misty said.


Ash suddenly came up beside the young man and grinned.

"Oops, I guess I forgot to introduce you both to each other. Gary, this is Misty Waterflower as you know and Misty this is Gary Oak, my other best friend."

"Nice to meet you," Gary said as he stuck out his hand. Misty took it and shook it.

"Hey Misty, be careful, Gary is known for stealing hearts. And Gary, watch out, Misty is good at…" he paused for a second, locking eyes with Misty, "breaking hearts."

Misty looked at Ash. He looked back at Gary and said, "Hope you two get along fine. I have to go or else my wife-to-be will shoot me before I'm even married to her. Bye!" and with that, he was gone.

"Well Misty, I guess you've known Ash for long haven't you?" Gary asked, turning back to Misty.

Misty nodded.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked.

Misty smiled at Gary and shook her head. "Maybe later," she said.

"Fine by me. But you have to promise me one dance before we go." Gary said.

"Okay, I promise." Misty said.

"Pinkie promise?" Gary asked as he held out his pinkie.

"Pinkie promise," Misty confirmed as she hooked her pinkie with his.

There was a few seconds of silence before Misty spoke again.

"Um, so it was you who wrote the notes then." It was a statement, not a question.

"Nothing gets past you," Gary said sarcastically but laughed

"Very funny, I'm not that stupid." Misty grumbled.

"I said nothing of that sort, angel. Well, I'll be off now, hope to see you again soon." Gary said as he took Misty's hand and kissed it lightly. Misty blushed slightly as he waved and walked away.

Unknown to Misty, Ash had been watching the little encounter and hadn't missed when she blushed. He turned away and smiled sadly. At least now there was a chance that she would find someone before the marriage. It was up to him to bring Gary and Misty closer or else he wouldn't go through with his own marriage. He already knew Gary liked Misty. He had shown him a picture of her long ago and had told him all about her. Gary was intrigued. Now it was up to him to get Misty to like Gary. His own heart broke at the sight of both of them together but if it was for the sake of his and Misty's love, he would go through with it without hesitation.

Ash slowly looked back at his angel and then made his way to Tina.

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