Valentine's Day

The night before, Dean had run into problems that he had been trying to avoid for a long time, but of course they came back and bit him in the ass every time. After some time, Dean had gotten used to it but he still wished he had a normal life. One without his mother dying on the ceiling and every one he knew biting the bullet. It was just him, Sam, and Cas… They were alone. He was sure that if he had never had Sam with him all along, he would have gave up a long time ago. And Cas… Cas was someone he loved, someone he can confide to other than Sammy. Someone he could love with all of his being.

Cas knew that when Dean slept, nightmares haunted him. Cas would lay with him until they disappeared, but this time it was different. Castiel was curious as to what his beautiful human was dreaming of this time, so he gently laid his first two fingers onto Dean's forehead. Lips. Pressing. Ragged breathing. Shocked Cas pulled his fingers away, and smiled to himself. Cas was happy that Dean was dreaming about him. He was happy that he was the one occupying his mind tonight, instead of the Demons Dean had to face mentally, daily.

Cas laid there with Dean and thought to himself for a while, until he remembered that a few days ago he had overheard Sam and Dean talking about a holiday called Valentine's Day, happening three days from then. Using his fingers, Cas counted the days and figured out that Valentine's Day was today. Cas was curious as to why this holiday was so important to the Humans, so he quickly snapped himself into Sam's room to get some answers. Sam was fast asleep laying on his bed, with a lore book clasped between his two hands.

Cas knew that it was rude of him to barge into someone's room unannounced, and that to enter a room politely he had to knock on the door. He was already inside Sam's room, so what would be the point to knock on the other side of the door? Instead of going to the other side of the door, he slowly backed up and knocked on the inside of the door. "Sam?" Cas moved forward just a bit to loom over Sam, and accidentally stepped on a salt round, and slipped. Bang! Reaching for a gun underneath his pillow, Sam bolted upright.

Noticing it was just Cas who had made all the noise, Sam relaxed himself and moved to the edge of the bed. "Cas, what are you doing in here?" Sam sighed, rubbing his eyes. It was 2:30 in the morning, and not long ago Sam had went to sleep. Trying to act normal, Castiel straightened his trench coat and tried to start normal conversation. "So uh what are you reading?" Cas asked Sam, pointing at the book laying wide open on Sam's bed.

Sam was staring into space thinking about a reason why Castiel would be standing in his bedroom, until he realized that Cas was talking to him. "What? I'm sorry Cas, I wasn't paying attention." Castiel normally came to Sam with problems he couldn't discuss with Dean, and normally his problems were about Dean. Castiel thought of him and Dean to be family and basically told them everything, including angel business. Castiel was no friends with the other angels, he just thought of them as coworkers rather than family, like himself and Dean.

Castiel cleared his throat, "What kind of lore are you reading about now?"

Sam looked back down at the book laying on his bed. "Crocotta.The Crocotta has the ability to appear human and mimic voices of people its heard. The Crocotta in legends, is described as being able to lure people deep into the forest by mimicking the voice of a loved one." Sam says pressing his eyebrows together, explaining. Noticing something off, Sam changes the subject trying to figure out why Cas was in his room in the first place. "So Cas, what do you need?" Sam says, looking up at Castiel curiously.

Looking a little bit uncomfortable, Cas finally says, "I know it's rude of me to be overhearing your and Dean's conversations, but I overheard your conversation the other day and I'm curious as to what the holiday Valentine's Day is used for." Sam chuckles a little bit and asks Cas, "You want to know that, at almost three in the morning?" Cas nods his head confused as to whether he should be smiling and laughing with Sam, or to be a bit ashamed. Instead of bothering himself too much with the pointless conflict, he chooses to shyly smile and laugh along with Sam. "So, what do you want to know?" Sam asks Cas, finishing laughing and settles himself for smiling politely.


"Well," Sam starts. "I'm tired and I don't know if I can explain this the way it needs to be explained, so just bear with me." Sam smiles. "Anyway, Valentine's Day is a holiday when lovers and couples celebrate their love for one another, and typically give each other gifts and candy. To some people it's a pointless holiday, and some people have their own opinions and believe that it doesn't matter whether it's Valentine's Day or not, you should always treat your lover with the love and respect they deserve. Dean and I never celebrated V-day, because we are always on the road and we can't really "properly" have a relationship, if you know what I mean." Sam says quoting with his fingers and pressing his eyebrows together, worried that he's not explaining it correctly. "Since you have Dean, and Dean has you, you guys could have a "proper" Valentine's Day if you wanted." Sam smiles, quoting himself again.

Cas stood there a moment and thought to himself. Reaching a conclusion he says to Sam confidently, "I want to have a "proper" Valentine's Day with Dean." He smiles quoting with his fingers just as Sam did a moment before. Cas thought it would be fun and interesting for him and Dean to have their first real Valentine's Day together. After all, Dean had never really had one and for Cas, the angels never celebrated any holidays. Everything in heaven, was just "Gods will" and all that, Cas thought to himself, rolling his eyes.

"So what are you going to do for Dean?" Sam asks, yawning.

"I honestly don't know." Cas says looking down at his dress shoes, sighing. Raising his head, Cas gets an idea and smiles. "Wait, Dean still likes pie, right?" Sam nods, wondering where this is going. "Just a second." Cas says, and quickly flashes out of the room.

"Okay…" Sam says, turning himself to lay down again. Suddenly, Cas flashes back into the room with armfuls of ingredients for an apple pie, and scares Sam.

"Do you want to help, Sam?" Cas asks Sam, excitedly. This was the first time Castiel was making a pie, and it excited him wondering what Dean's face would look like when Cas surprised him with it.

"You can go ahead and do it, Cas. I'm going to catch some sleep, and do some more research." Sam says holding up the lore on Crocotta's, smiling. And just as quickly as Castiel appeared, he disappeared just a quickly.


Two hours later, Dean awoke to the smell of something burning. Getting up, Dean put on his red pajama pants and walked down the bunker hallways to investigate the smell, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Dean knew that Sam wasn't that good at cooking, and admittedly, Dean wasn't that great at cooking either. To his surprise, when Dean entered the kitchen he saw Cas knee deep in flour, and a burnt pie sitting on the oven, smoking.

"Dean…" Cas said embarrassed, and surprised at the fact that Dean had gotten up this early in the morning, considering the long night he had last night.

"Dammit, Cas." Dean says as he walks over to Cas. Ashamed, Cas looks down at his flour covered shoes, and sighs. He was so disappointed in himself, he wanted to make Dean happy on Valentine's Day, but instead he made him angry. "You forgot the vanilla ice cream and the forks!" Surprised, Cas raises his head and smiles at Dean.

They stood there smiling at each other for a good thirty seconds, until Dean leaned in and kissed Cas. After the kiss broke apart, they stood there and embraced each other, lips a millimeter away, and Cas finally got to say, "Happy Valentine's Day, Dean."