Fight or Spare


Naruto x Frisk


Author's Note


And before any of you say anything, there are hints that Chara might be female and even so Frisk is Androgynous so they could be either gender and its down to player choice as players are supposed to imprint themselves onto Frisk.

Either way Frisk is female in this story and a little older.


Story Start


Naruto groaned in pain as consciousness began to return to his slightly concussed mind. Slowly he flipped over from his aching stomach to his less aching back and looked up. Above he could see the ceiling of the cavern and the hole he fell through.

He gave a look at his form.

Anthro. Guess the dominant life forms of this world were anthro.

Damn shadow priests!

He hoped Macao was okay.

He wondered if old man Hagoromo was ever cast out from a world he was observing by its inhabitants. He wished the old man told him a bit more about being an observer.

He began observing where he had landed.

He found that he had fallen onto a bed of golden flowers, buttercups? The area he was in looked to be a small cave of sorts.

He finally looked up from where he fell and some a small semblance of a hole and foliage that covered it. Did he somehow landed perfectly threw it.

He winched and massaged the bruise on his head.

Wait? Bruised? Did the nature of this world dampen his power?

'Kurama? Kurama are you there? Anyone.'

He tried calling out to Kurama and the others through the Link.

But no one answered.

Inching one leg back a few feet Naruto began focusing his chakra and launched himself with all his strength. What he got though was ramming into a barrier for his and possibly a concussion for his troubles. Landing on the ground he could have sworn he heard his bones cracking as he smashed some of those golden flowers under the form of his body.

"Golly friend, that looked like a nasty fall!" A cheerful voice said behind him with a good natured laugh.

Naruto got to his feet, nearly stumbling and tried to make out who was there with his blurred vision.

"Down here!"

He looked down to his surprise saw another flower, but this one having a face and it was waving at him.

"Howdy! I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!"

He had seen stranger.

"Okay talking Flower…" He was really hoping he hadn't slipped into unconscious and this was a coma dream. "….could you tell me where I am?"

"You fell into the Underground!"

Naruto wasn't quite sure what to make of that statement.

Seeing that he was still confused he decided to continue. "Gosh, I can tell you're very confused, guess I'll just have to show you how things work down here, huh?"

Naruto couldn't place it but something was off about this flower.

Naruto suddenly felt a strange pulling sensation in His chest where his as an intense glow radiated from his chest.

A manifestation of deep red seemed to echo deeply in tune of the silver from within his heart. Seeing the flower's response into his heart, the response of recognition, fondness, and loss was something Naruto filed away to memory for later.

"See that heart?" Flowey asked rhetorically, quickly recovering from the brief pause. "That is your Soul, the very culmination of your being."

Naruto sharply inhaled. That…that seemed incredibly dangerous to manifest your very soul outwards like that.

"Your souls start out small, weak and frail. But you can make it stronger if you gain a lot of LV." Flowey explained.

"What's LV?"

"Why LOVE of course!" Flowey said cheerily, giving a wink. "You want lots of LOVE don't ya?"

Then a number of white floating pellets appeared from him, forming a half-circle over the flower's head. "Down here we share love through…" He paused looking at the projectiles his smile changed in a subtle way. "Little white "Friendliness Pellets"." He suddenly shot towards the shinobi at the slow pace. "Catchall you can!"

Naruto dodged out of the way. Friendliness pellets? Maybe if he was still a kid, but he had dealt with too many dangerous things over the years to fall for something like that.

"Shooting friendship at people? That's not something I can by so easily Flowey!"

"Heh heh, HEHEHEHEHA!" Flowey's laughter turn edfrom endearing to sinister almost instantly. "You know what going on, don't you?" He ask, his voice reverberating on itself in strange tone shifts and his face stretched into a maniacal toothy grin. "HAHAHAHAHA, Idiot, who can pass up an opportunity like this? In this world it's Kill or BE Killed!"

Before he could react a ring of bullets surrounded the blond, leaving no room for escape. Flowey's face shifted into a more sinister smile. "DIE." He seemed to order before cackling like a maniac and the bullets slowly closed in.

Naruto gave a shout, channeling what chakra he could and let out a series jabs and strikes at the bullets. The pellets detonated from the impact doing some damage as they left Naruto's hands bruised and slightly bleeding.

"W-What!? H-How! Y-You're cheating!" Flowey petulantly cried in outrage! With all the LV and EXP he had there should be no monster short of Asgore or that annoying Skeleton capable of stopping him.

Naruto set his sight on Flowey. "What's wrong? Don't you want to share the LV!" Naruto roared and dash forth.

Flowey quick dodged by sinking into the ground where Naruto smashed his fist causing the ground to tremble momentarily from the impact.

Flowey chose to flee. This stranger was no ordinary monster. It had been a long time since anything fun or new happened and he couldn't deprive himself of fun by putting an end to the new player already.

"You…you damn flo…" Naruto pulled back his hand but his legs gave out from under him. The damage from the injuries piling up.

"Who is out there!" A regal and powerful voice commanded.

Naruto turned to take a glance at who he had to deal with now. The area was momentarily lit up by blue flaming balls that hung in the air like stars in the night sky.

"It was that horrible creature again? The one that's been attacking monsters! I never thought it would find its way to here!" The voice softened into one of the most comforting tones Naruto ever heard.

He got a good luck of the speaker as she stepped into his view.

She looked like a humanoid goat. She was covered in snow white fur; she had paws instead of feet instead of hooves, two short horns on her head, long floppy ears, and two short, thick fangs that almost blended into her fur, or maybe that was just how their lips were shaped. She also wore regal looking purple and white robes with a symbol or heraldry on the chest in white.

The Satyr/goat woman had a mature air about her which matched her womanly form.

"Greetings, I am Toriel the Caretaker for the Ruins." She spoke again.

"You're beautiful…" Naruto said without thinking. It had not only been while since he had companionship, but he was new to this body and one of the harder things for him to deal with when it came to body changes were the hormones.

Toriel face turned to one of surprise and went a little pink before she laughed good-naturedly at the complement. "Oh, I'm flattered but a silly old woman like me is far past her prime." She waved it off modestly. She then took notice of his condition and let out a gasp. "You poor thing you're hurt." By her tone and body language it was easy to read that they were genuine. She helped him up to his feet.

"Come, my home is not far from here I can tend to your injuries there and get you cleaned up." Her tone continued to be soothing, in a way that put Naruto had ease, but he wasn't familiar with.

Either way he wasn't in the best condition so he decided to trust this Toriel. Once he was rested and recover he could work on finding out where he was and whether or not he would stay to explore this world.