"Did you really mean that?" she asks while they are walking to the precinct, both double-fisting Starbucks.

"Yes, of course. The witness testimony is shaky but the fo-" Rafael abruptly stops when Liv cuts him off.

"Not the case. When you said it would be nice to be squabbling with me at 85. Did you mean it?"

Shocked, he almost stops, but the steady flow of pedestrian traffic keeps him moving down the busy Manhattan street. Shifting both cups into one hand, he takes Liv's elbow and guides her out of the crowd into a little bench area.

"Where did this come from? Liv, that was months ago."

Embarrassed, she turns to go back onto the sidewalk.


His one word stops her, but she stays still with her back to him.

"I can't imagine my life at any point where I wouldn't want to be squabbling with you."

A small smile makes its way onto her face as she turns around. "Maybe we should squabble about what to do for our first date?"

He nods, hesitantly walking toward her.

Questioning, she scrutinizes his face, but he's focused on one thing. Her lips.

"May I kiss you?" he asks shyly, looking her in the eye.

She nods and leans in. He meets her halfway and their first kiss is soft, sweet, and tastes of coffee.

When they pull back, Rafael tosses both his cups into a nearby garbage can, relieves her of one cup, then takes hold of her free hand.

Liv eyes him, amused. "You know you just threw away perfectly good coffee?"

Barba smiles. "I'd rather drink the swill at the precinct if it means I get to hold your hand."