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Bold Italic=spell


{Italic}=Mindspeak (between Luna and Harry)

Broken Melody

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

Only a few people knew of the prophecy that foretold of a child born at the end of July that might be able to defeat the Dark Lord in its entirety. Albus Dumbledore, the Longbottoms, the Potters and the Lovegoods. The Lovegoods only knew of the Prophecy in its entirety because the Potters had told their friends about it a month before they had died and signed a betrothal contract between their son Harry and the Lovegood's daughter Luna due to the two families' being friends. It was because of their friendship that not only had the betrothal contract been created between Harry and Luna, but also that the Potters had put the Lovegood family as Harry's guardians should anything happen to them.

A raven sat in a tree as three figures stood on the street of a Muggle neighborhood. "Albus are you sure this is the best place for him?" asked a stern looking woman wearing an emerald green robe, black pointed hat and glasses. Beside her was a man with a silver long beard that he had tucked into the belt around his waist and long silver hair that hung down his back and a man who at first sight looked to have a wild nature to him but was really a kind, if not misguided at times, man who stood at least seven feet tall and had small beetle black eyes that were hidden within a mess of bushy black hair and beard. The elderly man also had a pair of glasses on his too crooked nose and purple robes with yellow shooting stars and black dragon hide boots while the man who appeared not all human was dressed in a long trench coat with too many pockets and boots that were several sizes larger than a normal human, hinting that this person was at least half-human. In the elderly man's arms was a baby with a shock of black hair and a lightning bolt scar above his right brow, nestled in a blanket.

The babe in the blanket made no sound as the wind lightly rustled the branches of the street the three oddly dressed strangers were standing on, the figures unaware of the raven who was watching them. All the street lamps were out and the street was cloaked in darkness so that should any of the inhabitants of Privet Drive look out their windows at this time of night, not that they would for it was well past midnight, they would not see nor hear anything unusual. For nothing unusual had ever happened upon Privet Drive in this simple Muggle neighborhood until tonight. At the woman's question, the elderly man raised his head from where he had been staring at the babe and turned to the woman with a sad expression on his face.

"This is the best place for him Minerva. There are still Death Eaters out there and they will want to kill Harry Potter if he were left in the wizarding world. He will be safer here and grow up loved and well cared for, I assure you. I have written a letter explaining the situation."

"But Albus you can't! These are the worst type of Muggles imaginable! I have been watching the family all day and their child is spoiled rotten. He was kicking his mother and screaming the entire way home because he didn't get any sweets. What about one of James' and Lily's friends? Couldn't they take Harry in?"

"Remus can't take Harry because he's a werewolf and you know dark creatures aren't allowed to raise children, Peter has gone missing and Sirius is grieving. No this is the best place for young Harry until he is ready to enter our world again at eleven. He'll be protected here from Death Eaters and dark sympathizers. I'm sure Petunia will treat him like a son, just as Lily would do for Petunia's son, had their roles been reversed."

'Lily may have but Petunia has always been jealous of Lily and fears magic,' the raven thought to himself.

Minerva sighed, realizing that Dumbledore was right about James' and Lily's friends. "You're right Albus. To be honest I can't see Black or Pettigrew as father figures for Harry."

'You're right about that,' thought the raven. 'Black is almost as bad as Potter with his prudence for trouble and that sniveling coward Pettigrew would probably end up killing Lily's son the first day.'

Dumbledore set the infant on the doorstep and tucked a letter into the child's blanket before wishing him good luck. Hagrid swung onto the motorcycle in order to return it to Sirius Black. McGonagall shifted into her Animagus form, a tabby cat, and slinked around the corner of the opposite end of the street while Dumbledore walked to the end of Privet Drive, clicked the Deluminator, and disapparated with a pop.

The raven waited for ten minutes before it spread its wings and flew across the street to the house where the babe had been left on the first of November 1991. Making sure that there were no Muggles around, the raven resumed its human form to reveal a young man. Pulling out his wand he twirled it once and then waved it around the immediate area. "Dissimula magia," he whispered and felt the spell take hold. As the unknown man picked up the babe, it opened its eyes to reveal emerald eyes with a hint of pale blue so that they appeared to be frosted emeralds. Without a word there was a pop as the two left Privet Drive.

Pandora Lovegood had been one of Lily Evans best friends' at Hogwarts, the other two women being Alice Longbottom and Marlene McKinnon. Although she had been in Ravenclaw while her other friends had been in Gryffindor so they hadn't had many classes together. But Marlene had died a couple years ago, Lily was dead and Alice…Alice was in St. Mungo's for life thanks to the Lestranges. Xeno came down from upstairs after putting Luna in her crib and sat down beside his wife.

"They're dead Xeno," she said sadly. "The Potters are dead and the Longbottoms are in St. Mungo's. Both Neville and Harry are now orphans, one by death and one by the torture curse. Where is Harry? Do you think a Death Eater took him?"

"I know Pandora," Xeno said. "It's hard to believe that James and Lily are dead and Harry is missing. I just hope that he is okay and alive."

Pandora nodded and stared at the Daily Prophet which had a huge headline written in bold letters across the front page, declaring that You-Know-Who had been defeated after eleven years. Xeno went to go make them both some tea when their wards went off that someone had approached and a knock on the door. "Who could that be at this hour?" Pandora asked herself as she stood and flicked her wrist so that her wand slid out of the wand holster she kept around her wrist and into her hand. Approaching the door she clenched her wand tightly in her hand.

"What's the password to Ivy Villa?" she questioned the stranger.

"Moonbeam Coral," the unknown figure said.

"Who were Lily Evans best girlfriends?"

"Alice Longbottom, Marlene McKinnon and Pandora Longbottom. You used to call yourselves the Flower Flock in school."

Pandora smiled and opened the door, slipping her wand into a pocket. "Severus it's good to see you well," she said as she stepped aside to allow Severus entry.

"No Pandora I can't stay," said Severus Snape as he handed the babe to Pandora. "Dumbledore left Harry on the doorstep of her horrible sister Tuney," he said with a sneer. "I watched them in my Animagus form and then took Harry away to bring him here since Dumbledore didn't seem to want to follow the Potters' will." He smiled as Pandora took Harry in her arms. "Raise him well Pandora."

"We will Severus," Pandora said and watched as the 'bat of the dungeons' walked to the edge of the wards and then disapparated into thin air. Pandora took the crying babe into the home and shut the door.

"Was that Severus?" asked Xeno as he came into the kitchen with two steaming mugs of tea.

"It was," Pandora said. "He found Harry on the doorstep to Lily's Muggle sister. Apparently Dumbledore wasn't interested in following the Potters' will."

"But that's preposterous! He was there when the will was made! He signed it! What is that old fool planning and what has this to do with young Harry?" Xeno ranted.

"Xeno you'll wake Luna," admonished his wife. "Let's feed Harry and get him to bed," she said and went into the kitchen to make a bottle.

"We'll have to do everything in our power to make sure that Dumbledore doesn't get his clutches on Harry," said Xeno as he followed his wife into the kitchen.

"I know," Pandora said, "and if he and Luna hadn't already been put down for Hogwarts since they were born then I would suggest we leave and go to America."

Xeno held Harry as Pandora fixed a bottle and then handed Harry back to Pandora. After feeding and changing Harry, Pandora carried him upstairs and set him in the third bedroom before coming back downstairs and going into her husband's outstretched arms. "Everything will be okay love," Xeno said to a sobbing Pandora. "We'll make sure Harry is well protected from Dumbledore."

"But he's so strong Xeno," Pandora said. "What if he uses his titles against us to try to get Harry back?"

"Then we'll fight with everything we have," said Xeno. "There's no way I'll let Harry go to his Muggle relatives or let Dumbledore get his clutches on Harry. We should take him to a healer tomorrow to get checked over. I wish I knew where he was for an entire day," he said.

After a few minutes of which Pandora managed to get herself together, the Lovegoods locked up and headed upstairs to go to bed. They knew Severus was careful for he was playing a dangerous game as a double agent and that nobody would be able to detect his presence at their home.

Severus appeared in a forest and walked through the wards to Prince Manor, a home he had inherited from his mother when he had turned seventeen. The Princes were known for being gifted with Potions and Severus had always had a love for the subject. It was just so hard for him to find anybody who shared his love of Potions. Most children didn't consider it magic and didn't see the beauty in it but Severus had always found it relaxing. It had also been one of Lily's talents along with Charms. Severus walked through the forest and then across a meadow to his home before going inside. He poured himself a brandy when he got to the living room and stared sadly into the fire.

In a cave in Scotland, a hooded figure's eyes suddenly glazed over and he spoke into the stillness of the night:

"Thrown out of balance…dark and light. When Air and Fire unite…when talon and fang bond…balance shall be restored…and night and day shall fade as twilight blows in…Lord of sun, Lady of moon, both united from frosty wind will bring forth the badger from its den and eagle from its eyries…while snake and lion tremble.…When Air and Fire unite…Knights of Earth and Scholars of Air...balance will be restored."

OC Spell: Dissimula Magia=Disguise Magic. Conceals the castor's magic in an immediate area and five feet in either direction.

DZ2's 'Moonlight Melodies' Challenge

Plot:Rather than go to the Dursleys, Harry is instead raised by the Lovegoods and, with Luna as a sibling/housemate, you'd think there'd be fun and games...


Light, Grey or Dark Harry and Luna=Grey

Either Sirius or Severus must be the one to bring Harry to the Lovegoods=Severus

Severus DOES NOT see Harry as James' son and actually treats him as a student/apprentice/honorary son=student/apprentice

Luna's 'Nargles' and 'Wrackspurts' are a mask to hide a true Seer's ability

The reason for such an upbringing must be either because of trustees, will, betrothal contract or friendship=Betrothal Contract/Friendship

Harry must be protective of her and her feelings e.g. he seeks justice/punishment on those who call Luna 'Loony' or he never leaves her side for anything

If Harry is raised as Luna's sibling/adopted sibling, then he must develop some sort of Psi power to equal Luna's Seer/Precognition ability

Luna must be a calming influence on Harry when he gets scared/angry/doubtful

For some reason or another, Dumbledore opposes this guardianship=obviously because he's a manipulative bastard

Ravenclaw or Slytherin Harry and Luna=Slytherin Harry and Luna


Harry/Luna pairing=yes

Telepathy linking Harry and Luna together=yes

A second prophecy being created about the two=yes

Powerful Harry and Luna=yes

The Lovegoods discover the existence of the Horcrux/prophecy=yes

Harry and Luna are descendants of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff and Slytherin=yes (Ravenclaw-Luna, Gryffindor-Harry)

Harry and Luna find a way for Luna to go up to Hogwarts with Harry - unless you change the date of her birth.=no

Harry waits until 2nd year to go up to school with Luna=yes

Neville becomes the strong young man we know and love thanks to the duo before they go to Hogwarts=yes

Sirius is free=yes

If not Harry/Luna then all other pairings are welcome=N/A due to Harry/Luna pairing


Gryffindor Harry and Luna

Harry leaving Luna alone

Dumbledore managing to separate the two

Snape Bashing

Other than that, it's up to you...