The morning of November second came all too soon for the Lovegoods. Pandora was downstairs cooking breakfast as the Lovegoods didn't have house elves unlike many pureblood families. Neither the Potter family or the Lovegood family were among the Sacred Twenty-Eight, a group of twenty-eight families that were still Pureblood by the 1930s. The Potter family wasn't included because Potter was a common Muggle name. Xeno was sitting in the living room, sipping a cup of tea as they waited for the children to wake up. It wasn't even dawn but the Lovegoods hadn't been able to sleep after receiving Harry Potter from Severus in the middle of the night. The only other magical family that lived in Ottery St. Catchpole were the Weasley Family, a family of redheads who were very loyal to Dumbledore and as such it would be hard hiding the fact that they had another child within their home, let alone the orphaned Harry Potter.

The air outside carried a chill to it, not the bitter chill of winter but the cold chill that came with late autumn, carrying a dampness with it on the wind. The fall foliage was still clinging to the branches; stubborn leaves of red, orange, yellow, brown; while small branches and dying and dead leaves began to fall to the ground. Autumn was Pandora's favorite time of the year, the changing of the season into the cold months of winter where the earth would become dead and filled with white powder that was snow signified the earth in hibernation and a chance for renewal come the season of spring when the earth woke up from its dead state and was renewed with life being etched onto the earth like a painter's brush stroking the canvas. The window in the living room was open slightly to let the breeze in and provide fresh air, the garden out back being filled with magical and non-magical plants. They didn't have as big a garden as the Weasleys, yet it was still nice enough. The Lovegoods didn't particularly like the Weasleys. They were avid Dumbledore supporters and if they knew that Harry Potter was staying with them, then they would be sure to inform Dumbledore of Harry's whereabouts. There was no telling what the old man would do.

As the sun began to rise over the horizon, Harry was the first one to wake from his sleep. The toddler lay in the crib, staring up at the ceiling. The toddler wasn't sure where he was. He remembered a flash of green light, his mama hitting the floor and not waking up, pain in his forehead as the pretty light came towards him…the same light that had hurt his mama, a man in black robes and long black hair coming into the nursery and holding his mama before leaving and something about a flying motorcycle. As he had fallen asleep, he had no clue that the man who had held his mama had brought him from his aunt's home to a home that would love him and care for him. So he did what all toddlers did when they found themselves in a strange environment…he cried.

His cries reached through the house, reaching not only downstairs where the adults were occupied with making breakfast and drinking tea but also across the hall to Luna's room. While Luna was their precious 'Moonbeam' Harry had not yet been given a nickname. 'Raven', while it was fitting, was too common a nickname for a child with beautiful locks of raven hair. 'Midnight' was more of a pet's name than a child nickname. It was to this noise of another within the home that Luna opened her silvery gray eyes and looked around her. Even though Luna was only eight months old, she seemed intelligent for an infant, perhaps due to having Rowena's blood flowing through her veins.

"Sounds like the children are up," said Pandora as she waved her wand the food. Together the adults went upstairs to collect the children and bring them down to the table for breakfast. Xeno took Luna's room and Pandora went into Harry's room. Pandora took Harry to the bathroom to give the toddler a bath and transfigured a towel into a shirt that reached the floor, making a point to go into town at some point and get some clothes for Harry. They didn't have anything as they hadn't suspected the Potters of being murdered by the Dark Lord. Once Harry was dressed, Pandora picked him up and carried him downstairs where Xeno was continuing the cooking, Luna sitting in her high chair. As Harry was set down in another high chair, luckily they had two for when Molly came over with her brood, Harry turned his head to look at Luna. He wasn't sure who these people were aside from they didn't look like Pa'foot, Wormie, Mooey, Dada, or Mama.

"Who tat?" Harry asked. "W'ere mama? Dada?"

"Oh Harry. Your…your parents are sleeping. I'm not sure where your uncles are," Pandora said helplessly. As a crestfallen look appeared on the toddler's face, it broke Pandora's heart that she was unable to offer the son of a good friend any information on James' friends. Harry seemed to be eating solid food now while Luna was eating a mix of baby food, solids and still drinking formula. "That's my daughter Luna. I'm Pandora and this is my husband Xeno," she said as Xeno waved a hand at the toddler in the second high chair.

"Lulu," Harry said, waving at Luna who giggled at the older boy by a year and five months. "Pan? Ze?

Xeno laughed, his laughter airy and pleasant to hear. "Yes little one. I'm Ze," he said, "and that is my wife Pan and Lulu and your Harry."

"Hawwy," Harry said. "Hawwy. Lulu. Pan. Ze. Mama. Dada. Mooey. Wormie. Pa'foo. Bad man."

"Bad man?" Pandora asked in concern, though the emotion was lost on the two children in the room. She shared a worried look with her husband. Could it…but no it couldn't! He was too young! "Harry do…do you know this bad man?"

Harry shook his head. "Pwetty light 'ike dada. Hurt head. Mama go sleep."

"Yes your mama and dada are in heaven now," said Pandora.

"He'en?" Harry asked. "Mama an' dada come back?"

"No Harry. They…they're sleeping. They can't come back."

How could Pandora tell the child in front of her that his parents were dead? How could a child his age understand death and the circumstances that had led to two families going into hiding and the subsequent murder of Harry's parents with the torturing of another family…a family that had things been different…then Neville, Luna and Harry might have grown up as friends. No…there was no way the child would understand or know what had happened until he was old enough to understand. But…maybe the children could still be friends…though Augusta was a bit hard headed and set in her ways.

Harry might be young and not understand a lot of the rather one-sided conversation but the child could tell something was wrong in Pan's voice though he couldn't pinpoint the emotion. She seemed sad like his mama sometimes. "Pan new mama? Ze dada?" he asked as his eyes shone brightly with unshed tears.

Again the two adults looked at each other in surprise. Would they be forsaking the memory of Lily and James if they became Harry's new parents? Oh they knew they would never replace James and Lily but the thought of a blood adoption had never crossed their minds when asked if they would take Harry should anything happen to the Potters. There was a betrothal contract set up between Xeno and James for their son and daughter so eventually Harry would become part of their family but…to do a blood adoption? It would make Harry a Lovegood magically and in blood.

"He doesn't understand what he is saying Pandora," said Xeno as he looked from Luna to his wife.

Pandora nodded. "Yes Harry. You can call us mama and dada if you want."

"Or Pan and Ze," Xeno said, ducking as his wife playfully aimed a spoon of mashed peas at her husband which hit the opposite wall of the house. Xeno came back up and gave his wife a lopsided grin as the woman just glared at him half-heartedly before the pair burst into laughter…laughter that was soon echoed by the two children even though they had no clue what was so funny. Yes, life in the Lovegood house was bound to be fun for the family.

"My little Starling," said Pandora softly once they had calmed down.

"Starling Pan?"

"It's a bird in the Muggle world, known as a Songbird. It's unique," said Pandora. Then the woman's eyes widened as she remembered Harry's godfather. "Oh Xeno! What about Sirius? We have to find him and Remus as well! You know Sirius is often rash about things."

Xeno nodded. "We might want to check on Neville as well if possible. Offer help to Augusta. I know she isn't the best woman to be around but she has a high position in the Wizengamot since she is now the proxy regent for House Longbottom until Neville came of age. "We need to get to Gringotts," said Xeno. "Make sure Dumbledore can't do anything to the Potter's will or the betrothal contact."

Pandora nodded. "Go Xeno. I'll be alright with the children while you go check on Remus and Sirius."

"I just hope I'm not too late." Hurrying out of the house he disapparated to Sirius's apartment, leaving silence in his wake.