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Shili was no longer home, so there was no reason for her to stay. The ship's map was fairly complete, which wasn't exactly a surprise. Ahsoka chose a random system, Enarc, and punched the coordinates in. The trip had taken a few days, and Ahsoka used that time learning about the ship and its secret compartments.

When she reached Enarc, Republic warships surrounded the planet. She panicked, but realized they weren't there for her. Obviously they weren't. She quit worrying and set the ship down in one of the busier spaceports. She should leave this ship and swap it out with a new one, just in case she could get tracked through it.

The bazaar was full of people and vendors. Ahsoka weaved in and out of them, taking in the sights and smells that the planet had to offer. After being shot down by a vendor who refused her republic credits, Ahsoka sat in a small café across from what looked like a painter's shop. Inside was a painting that caught her eye. It was of a young girl there was something about the girl that made Ahsoka think she knew her. Getting up from her seat, Ahsoka walked to the shop and stepped in.

The shop was covered in beautiful paintings of a tranquil world, eerily similar to the one she was on, but the paintings were full of waterfalls, and from what she knew of Enarc, it didn't have any waterfalls. She browsed for a second before finding the painting of the girl. The brush strokes were clear and methodical, and Ahsoka could tell the amount of work and care that had been put into it. The girl took up most of the painting, and her hair tumbled from her shoulders and eventually became a waterfall. Her dress was a steel grey that turned into rock, and her face was covered by a shining sun, but Ahsoka could just make out her features: a small nose, a mouth turned upwards in a smile and a pair of eyes that seemed to be staring right at her.

Ahsoka was so enraptured with the painting that she didn't notice the shop owner walk up to her. "It's not for sale," he told her. Ahsoka looked away from the painting and at the shopkeeper. Dark brown curls framed his face and hung just above his shoulders. Tanned skin told her that he wasn't a native of this world, and she briefly wondered where he had come from.

"Who is this?"

The man smiled briefly at the painting before turning back to Ahsoka.

"A friend, from long ago." He smiled and took the painting down to examine it further. "Such a long time ago," he whispered, and held it at an angle so that Ahsoka could see it better. When the sunlight from the window hit it, the paint seemed to come alive, and the rays that covered the girl's face disappeared, and Ahsoka could see the face clearly, and she knew why it had seemed so familiar.

"Is this Padme Amidala?" she asked, and the painter looked at her, startled.

"No, this is Padme Naberrie, an important distinction. She became Amidala later in life..." He trailed off for a moment, and then it seemed to sink in that Ahsoka had known her. "How do you know her?"

"She and I were friends," she said, choosing her words carefully.

"Ah, so you must be a senator too?" He took in her age, and then added, "Or perhaps an aid?"

"No," she clarified. "But I did know her from the Senate."

He regarded her a moment, but didn't ask for anything else. "I'm Palo," he said, extending his hand. Ahsoka took the hand and shook.
Ahsoka started to reply, but knew that she couldn't go by her actual name. This world was too far into the Core for it to be safe. No mention of Ahsoka Tano must reach her former Master. "Call me Damari," she finally answered.

Palo smiled. "It's nice to meet you Damari," he said, giving no mention to her long pause. "Do you like painting?" he asked quickly, perhaps to move on from the fact that he knew Damari was no her real name.

Ahsoka shook her head. "No, I'm more for action."

"Sometimes, I am too. It would always bother me the way Padmé would simply argue through a talk, or a fight. We never just…fought…" Palo trailed off, and Ahsoka smiled at the memory of a young Padmé.

"Well, I had better go," she said after a moment, though she was loathe to leave. There was something about Palo and his art gallery that calmed Ahsoka, and after the month she had had, relaxing was something that she needed.

Palo extended his hand again and they shook. "If you see Padme again, please tell her I say hello!" Ahsoka smiled and said she would, but wasn't sure if she would ever get the chance. She left the shop and looked around again. Almost immediately, something was off. Instead of following her instinct and finding a place to lay low, Ahsoka followed her nose for trouble.

Eventually, she came upon a group of Clones. They were interviewing the locals, showing them holos of Jedi, asking if any of them had come to this planet. Ahsoka was sure that she wasn't on that list, but one could never be too careful. Besides, the presence of Clones here meant that whoever was hunting the Jedi-be it Anakin or someone else-was working fast. Ahsoka reached to grab the hood of her cloak instinctively and it pained her to remember it wasn't there.

The Clones were getting closer, so Ahsoka quickly left the area and headed back to the spaceport. She would eventually need to get rid of her ship, but now was not the place or time. She knew it would be much safer if she headed away from the Core worlds. Those would be the planets that were hit first. And while Enarc wasn't exactly in the Deep Core, it was next to Naboo, which was the Chancellor's home world, so it made sense that there would be a heavy military presence here. Ahsoka racked her brain for a planet that was relatively unburdened by the war, and ultimately decided to find a world on the Smuggler's map in her ship.

Once aboard, Ahsoka did a quick search of the planets before deciding on Dubrillion. It was a planet that had been under the CIS, so the presence of Clones was unlikely, and it was a planet that this ship went to often. Perhaps she could do a bit of trading there and come out with a new ship. She set a course, left Enarc behind, and started off into a new life. She only hoped it had a more of a satisfying end to it than her last one as Jedi. She had been in limbo for so long, and it seemed only fair to give Damari the smuggler a chance at a better life.