Part 30



Blinking, Andy turned and looked over at who was calling out her name. "Tom," she greeted politely.

"Where are you running off to?" His thick accent rang out along with his swaggering smile.

Andy's brow creased slightly as she gave him an odd look. "Um home…I thought we were done for the day. Was I wrong?"

He chuckled lightly and inhaled. "No, I mean yes we are done…I was just wondering if you would want to come with us and get a drink?"

"Us?" she questioned, raising her eyebrow slightly.

His lips thinned as he cleared his throat. "Marion, I believe will be there and Joe."

"Sounds fun, but I just want to go home."

"I understand, just didn't want you to feel left out."

Andy scrunched her nose and shrugged. "Never, and I appreciative for the offer. I just miss my…."

Tom interrupted her. "I get it, I would too." He turned to leave then swung back to her. "She's lucky, I hope you know that."

Andy opened her mouth, but no words came out as he gave her a knowing wink.

"See you Monday."

"See you Monday."

The drive home was easy this time of night and Andy was thankful. She was tired from a long day of filming and couldn't wait to take her shoes off and kiss a certain someone.

She missed a few calls from her mother, who was probably wondering if she was going to make it to Ohio for Christmas, which she had already decided against. She wasn't up for round two of that yet. Besides, why would she want to endure that, plus the cold, when she could stay home where she felt loved and could enjoy the nice California sun? She had invited her parents to come out there to be with her, but even though they had mellowed somewhat, they weren't ready to come out and spend Christmas with them. It made her sad, but she wasn't going to dwell on it. She was happy, and no one was going to take that away from her…not even her parents.

The house was quiet when she entered, and she tried to keep it that way. She tiptoed up the stairs and that's when she noticed the dim light from the swirling stars of the night light and she couldn't hide her joyful grin as she floated toward the room.

Once she rounded the corner, her smile grew, and even in the darkness the love that shined from her eyes could have been seen from miles. She leaned against the door frame and quietly watched the loves of her life.

Miranda hadn't noticed her yet and was tipping the rocking chair into motion. She gently held their new baby girl in her arms, softly singing her a lullaby as she fed her. The tiny bundle in her arms was watching her intensely with her mother's brown eyes that stole her heart the first time they placed her in her arms.

This wasn't what she had planned, not after her third marriage had ended. She never believed she would ever get married again, much less to her one-time assistant she only dared to dream of having. Andrea filled that hole in her life that she didn't know she had, not until she came looking for a job. It was her dark eyes, beautiful smile and her stubbornness that quietly won Miranda over.

Holding their precious little girl in the middle of the night was even a bigger surprise at how much she needed this. Being a mother again was something she was sure she never needed to do again, but she secretly loved every minute of it.

"I am never leaving again," Andy finally whispered across the room, finding her voice choked up.

Miranda raised her eyes from their little girl to look up at her wife. "You're home."

Andy finally moved from her spot by the door and quietly moved toward her spouse and daughter. "Hi." She bent over and brushed her lips softly over Miranda's, then over Ella's brow.

"Darling," Miranda softly voiced.

Andy ran a hand over the downy hair of her child, and smiled. "How was she today?"

"Perfect little angel," Miranda conveyed delicately.

Andy continued to smile. "Oh really?"

"I got her, go ahead and take your bath. I bet she'll go right to sleep as soon as I burp her."

"Oh okay," she pouted.

Miranda sighed. "I know you miss her, and since you are off tomorrow, you can get up with her in the middle of the night."

"Deal," Andy said lightly, but waited a few more moments, not wanting to miss out on this. She was already feeling like she was missing so much, with filming this new movie. She was ecstatic to be in such a big budget action thriller as a co-lead actress, but the long days made her miss her family more. She was jostled back to the present when Miranda cleared her throat as if reminding her she needed to go take her bath. "Okay I'm going."

Miranda watched her leave, and then smiled down at her daughter, making a face. "Such a silly girl isn't she," she cooed.


Miranda looked up as Andrea came out of the master bath and entered their room. She removed her glasses and gently placed them on the end table. "Come here." Andy didn't waste another moment and placed her head on Miranda's lap.

"Tired?" Miranda queried as she gently put her fingertips to her partner's temples and began to massage them.

"Yeah, but I'm okay," Andy admitted as she closed her eyes, the lines around them smoothing out as her wife worked her magic. "Mmm, god that feels so good."

"It has been awhile since we have had a moment like this," Miranda noted. Her fingers stilled before they drifted lower down the side of Andrea's silky sleep tee. "How's the filming going? Do you need to study your lines?"

"Yes it has been while, and it's going smoothly so far and maybe tomorrow? Do you mind helping?" Andy asked.

"Of course," Miranda grinned, she kind of liked playing opposite of Andy, and loved reading lines with her. She heard her wife sigh as she rolled over so she could look up at Miranda. "You know I've been here, yet I miss you. Is that weird?"

"We've been busy, and it's okay."

Andy exhaled audibly and drew up. She smiled through her frown at Miranda and gently cupped her cheek. "That may be so, but it still is no excuse," Andrea noted dryly, and moved in and brushed her lips over her wife's. "I need to find more time."

"After this film, I expect nothing less," Miranda said firmly, then her voice gentled. "So did your mother get a hold of you?"

Andy slightly rolled her eyes and groaned. "I saw that she called, but I was really busy today, and I…" she groaned again, and noticed the sly grin on Miranda's face.


"You don't have to justify any of it to me…. I completely understand, and besides Caroline and Cassidy have both expressed that they want to spend Christmas here."

Andy's eyes went wide, and then blinked. "They do? I thought they said they wanted to spend it in New York."

Miranda softly laughed, and casually shrugged. "They changed their minds, now they want to spend New Year's in New York."

Andy smirked and shook her head. "Of course they do."

"Yes, my darling daughters do have fickle minds, yet we do not have to give in to their every whim."

"Oh we don't huh?" Andy teased. "And does that include Ella?"

Miranda snorted. "Oh don't be absurd, Dear," she waved her off like it was not a big deal that she would give that little girl the world if she could.

Andy knew that Ella had Miranda wrapped around her little finger. "So," she drawled huskily. "Do you know how long it has been?"

"What's that?" Miranda lifted a knowing brow.

"Ha ha right," she enunciated. "I know that look, remember? I used to be your assistant…. best one ever in fact," she relayed as she moved her legs so they were now slipped under Miranda's and then in one giant pull on Miranda's hips Andrea now had the older woman in her lap.

Miranda softly yelped as Andy tugged her toward her, so all she could do was straddle her wife. "You could have asked, you know," she said, acting as if she was not happy at all being man handled.

"Ehh, what fun is that," Andrea remarked and kissed her again, with a little more overt interest as she slipped her tongue into her mouth.

"Mmm," Miranda murmured when they parted. "Is this all I get?"

Andy looked over at the clock, then at the baby monitor on the night stand and slowly fell back against the mattress. She slipped her arms under her head and stared up at her spouse. "Well it is getting late, and you never know when Ella will wake…. sooooooo…" She played, and even mocked a yawn, and closed her eyes.

She heard her wife growl before her sure hands inched up her night shirt and cupped between her thighs, and Andy felt herself immediately get wetter. "Oh god, Miranda," she hissed.

Miranda now stretched out on top of Andy and pressed her entire length up against her. "Andrea," she whispered low into the younger woman's ear.

"Yes, Miranda," she responded breathlessly.

"Do you really want to go to sleep?"

"No, not when I have La' Priestly on top of me," she told her sincerely. Andy smoothed out a couple of silver wayward strands out of the way, and Miranda's eyes darkened as she moved closer, kissing her wife with such emotion and love that the Andrea felt it echo through her entire body.

"Priestly- Sachs, and don't you forget it."

"Never," Andy nipped at her nose. "I love you; Miranda…you make me so happy."

Miranda kissed her again. "You're all I never knew I needed, or will ever need, my beautiful Angel."