Only my eyes show the feelings inside

The flames of hatred I feel

It's got me surrounded, and it knows it too

Escape just isn't real

They know I've been holding it back

Trying to keep me tame

But now that they've found me, captured my soul

I take it theirs as blame

Death is a majestic thing

Signing life off in crimson red

I met my fate by my hands

And fought till death, I bled

Take me from this worthless life

Give me power beyond my dreams

Rip my soul from the hatred arose

And tear my life's final seams

The dark song of the angels bring forth my death

A cold song to the life breaking free

Destroy what bound me to this earth

And let fate decide me

The hate I feel for this troublesome day

Is fresh in my dark enveloped mind

Letting loose the life still inside

It is me, that death must find

Its not like leaving is any different

From forfeiting after one loss

I'm lost to the dark of oblivion

Paralyzed in burning red frost

The life in me is only the past

A heart-wrenching detest

Cut the strings that hold me here

And give me that final rest

Goodbye to those who didn't care

Farewell to the life I know

Sayonara to the world itself

Greetings to death's freezing glow..

It's not like anything mattered at all.

I was just something in your way

You never took any notice of me

Until this final day

So maybe I was a slight bit concealed

But isn't all of our tales?
Even on the ocean of life

That's just the way my boat sails

I was always shunned

In all of my years

For the color of my eyes

And the shape of my ears

But don't you just see

How much you seem

To mean to me?

I'll miss you more than anything else

Nothing else matters but you

I hate the world, and the people inside

I especially hate myself too