A/n i do not own the rights to mass effect or robotech those belong to bio ware and Harmony gold respectively. before you ask yes Humanity still finds the prothean ruins on mars but thanks to robotechnology, humanity never need activated the mass relay because all of the ships are out fited with Space Fold Generator. this is a mass effect/robotech crossover, this is set after what would have happened in Robotech: Shadow Rising if it ever gets released, so most will be what I have pieced together, the war with the Haydonites would go like this.
Louie Nichols with the help of Janice Em were able to find the Haydonites TrojanHorse that trigger the shadow device to explode, why resipling on earth, Scott Bernard and Ariel go to find Lance Belmont only to find him at a log cabin with Sera and are expecting their first child this makes Ariel happy because she now know she will be able to have childern with Scott, lance and Sera deside to join them on the Icarus were scott briefs Captain Vince Grant on lance Belmont and Sera, scott also informs Captain Grant that Sera is pregnant with the first human/invid hybrid, when Captain Grant that info he tells Ariel to take Sera to the Icarus medical bay so his wife Jean Grant can help with Sera pregnantce, after the Icarus is fully resupplied they head out to find the SDF3, when the Icarus they find them in a space battle with the Haida nights with the help of Louie Nichols and Janice modifed shadow device the Icarus and skull Squadron are able to turn the tied and get the SDF3 to safety, Captain Vince Grant, Scott Bernard and Ariel , and Lance Belmont and Sera bord te SDF3 to talk to Rick and lisa about the Haydonites stabed them in the back, and need to get help from the invid, what shocked rick is the fact that the invid can have childern with human's, Lisa then poin't it not that far feched sighting Max Sterling and Miriya Sterling as an example because they have two half-human half-Zentraedi to children, later on the Regiss send two invid as diplomats to get a treaty made with the humans and Tirolians,knowing that the only way they have any chance against the Haydonites, part of the Treaty is that would invid supply the humans and Tirolians,the Flower of Life so that they could produce Protoculture. intern on the humans and Tirolians side of the treaty they would find the invid a new home world, the fourth robotech war last up to one year with the Allied front of the invid, humans and Tirolians are are able to obliterate the Haydonites.
afterwards the Robotech systems alliances formed or alliances for short.
here are event that happened before what is called the War with Turian's

2045: the plant that is dubbed Shanxi is given to the invid.
2046: with help form the invid life expectancy increased tenfold giving human's a 1200 year's life span.
2055: the prothean ruins are found on mars
2100: roy Hunter become comander of skull Squadron
2127: Hannah Hunter is born a human/invid hybrid daughter of Roy Hunter and a female invid named Claudia
2150: Hannah Hunter married a invid human/invid hybrid named Scott Shepard
2154: hannah Hunter/shepard give birth two twin's Lisa shepard who end being a invid pureblood and her twin brother Rick shepard who was born a full human
are story pick's up in 2157 with the start of the war between the Robotech systems alliances and the Turian Hierarchy.