Chapter 1: The Shanxi incident ( Jokingly referred to as the fifth robotech war?)

I do not own the rights to mass effect or robotech those belong to bioware/EA and Harmony gold (i do not care about HG) respectively (not).

A/n if you know the lore of mass effect then you know that in 2157 humanity make first Contact with turians, but since this in a robotech timeline the turians will be the 5th race Humanity comes in contact with. Also for those wondering over in japan veritech/VALKYRIE current design is VF-2 5 Messiah VALKYRIE (at time i started this), that is design the veritech will based on. Also during the battle part of this chapter I am recommending you listen to Battle station/15 squadron/rick hunter theme, and robotech Alien Attack for when General Desolas Arterius and his forces are landing planetside. The standard issue firearm in this version of the Alliance is going to be the GALLANT H-90 PARTICLE BEAM GUN. This weapon can be mod ranging from its highest caliber being an assault rifle and sniper mod, to from its lowest caliber being a standard GALLANT. Also because mass effect uses the metric system, I will be switching back and forth between feet and kilometers. Here is an example for when a veritech/VALKYRIE is 40 ft. tall in metric terms a veritech/VALKYRIE is 0.012192 kilometers.



Written messages

General Desolas Arterius pov

"General!" a lieutenant ask over the comms, "what is it lieutenant?" I said the lieutenant answer was swift "our counselor has a message for you." I answered back "I'll take it in the comroom" I walked into the comroom and activated the com "Councilor Sparatus how may i be of serves" I said as I looked at the consoler. Sparatus then spoke "We have a situation, one of the are research vessel has gone missing." I was shocked then I answered "Spirits what happened sir." Sparatus taking second to catch his breath the spoke "We are not shore, the research team was sent to exploring and map a unknown region of space to and retrieve a artifact, that is when we lost Communications 2 days ago. I'm transmitting their last known coordinates to your ship's computer, take a small part of the fleet and find out what happened." I then answered "yes sir." then I cut com and walked on to the bridge and said "Lieutenant Abrades are the coordinates set" she answered swiftly "yes general" then I gave the order to head for the Theta mass relay with a quarter of the fleet.

2 Hour later

"General, we found the location of the research team ship" Lieutenant Abrudas said, "good where are they." I asked "I'm bring the Plant up on screen now" Lieutenant Abrudas answered. the plant was green and blue with life, "Lieutenant Abrudas get a team's ready and let's go down there." before we could leave the bridge however. "General! a ship just materialized behind us." the CO shouted. "What!" I said. the co then spoke again, "I bring it up on screen now." When the view screen showed the ship in question I lost my ability to speak all I could say was "Spirits." Lieutenant Abrudas then piped up "Scans show that ship is four kilometers long. That Dreadnought is bigger than the destiny Ascension." the silence was broken by the co "Sir that ship is hailing us over the com." I groaned out "Tell General Galtus Sabedros to take the call I am heading planet side with nineteen strike teams." then I turned and walked to the elevator to the shuttle bay.

Grand Admiral Rick Hunter P.O.V

1 Hour ago

I was looking over some reports in my office on the SDF3 when an emergency message from, General Williams Appeared on my computer, Williams was put in charge of Defending Shanxi in case of invasion.

I open General Williams message and started reading.

"we got trouble head are way."

Admiral we got trouble. Two days ago an unknown ship entered the system, and it crash-landed on Shanxi. I sent out a team to find out who or what was on bored, what the team found was not what they were expecting the bodies of the crew looked to be almost like reptilian humanoids And There were a couple of survivors from the crash that we able to capture they're currently being held in the brig. Thank to are ai were able to translate the log's and found out these aliens are a race called Turian's and from logs show they were looking for something. early today I sent out a team of three merc's to check out a cave not too far from the crash site that has been giving off some very odd readings, but that is not what got me worried, the ship is transmitting a distress call, this has the Regess and I, concerned that we may have an invasion on are hands in the next couple of hours.

signed General Williams

I side, this is not good I thought to myself as got up to head to the bridge, I took a quick stop at my cabin and saw my wife Lisa Hunter who was putting great grandchildren Rick and Lisa Shepard to bed for their nap time, she turned to face me "What wrong Rick you have that look in your eye" my wife said simple, I side "I just received word from General Williams. Shanxi maybe under threat of invasion in next couple of hours." I said. Lisa eye's widened as She said "Oh Rick, we had over one hundred eighteen years of peace, another war is kind of disorienting." I looked into my wife's eyes and said "I know, that why I am going to try to handle this through diplomacy. But if it does come down to a fight between us and these Turian's, we will have Max and Vince watching are back." That is when Lisa and I kissed then she whispered in my ear "just be careful." I whispered back "I will." Then I turned and stepped out of the cabin and started walking to the elevator to the bridge, that is when I bumped into my son Roy at the elevator while waiting for the elevator. I gave my son his orders "Roy, I have an assignment for skulls squadron." Roy eyes went wide for a second then just as fast he regained his composure and said "what's the mission." I then answered back "I just received word from General Williams, Shanxi maybe in danger of an invasion. So, I need skulls squadron to run Recon." my son then answered "Yes sir, I will have skulls squadron ready in twenty minutes." Then I said "good to hear." That is when the elevator to the command deck opened and I stepped in to the elevator and got out on the command deck and walking to the bridge. When I entered the bridge and when my daughter-in-law commander Claudia Hunter saw me and said "Admiral on deck." I smiled at my daughter-in-law and said "Thank you Claudia, could you patch Communications with the Grand Captain Vince Grant on Ark Angel and Grand Colonel Max Sterling on the Liberator" Claudia responded with a "yes admiral." As I sat down in my command chair. Wondering if Claudia and my son Roy were the reincarnations of my big brother and his girlfriend Claudia grant, but now that would be over thinking it.

That is when the faces of Vince Grant and max sterling appeared on screen. Max was the first to speak "Hey, Rick what the problem?" Then Vince spoke "I was wondering the same thing Rick." I answered "I'm sending you both a copy of the message that General Williams, for you both to look at." I could see Max's eyes bug out as he read the message, out of the two Vince was the first to answer "Rick, this is a serious matter. why are you only involving the First Fleet in this mission?" then Max piped in "Vince is right, Rick why are you only involving the First Fleet" I signed then said "I know, but we have the best chance of handling this before things go downhill." As I looked at Max and Vince my hand rubbing my chin that is when Max spook after thinking about it for a minute "Your right Rick, we knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, I guess most of use hoped it would never happen. So count me in." I then turned my head to look at Vince to find out his answer. That when I caught a glimpse of a smirk on his face, and then he said "Max has a valid point when knew for years this was going to happen sooner or later, so what are why doing just sitting here let get this mess take care of now." I smirked then said "Max I want to make it appear that the SDF3 has come a lone, so have the Liberator Shadow Device activated, Vince you will have to space fold ten minutes after Max and I. Since the Ark Angel does not have a Shadow Device." Both max and Vince answered in unison "We are on it Rick." "Good." I said, then I closed the Communication channel. Then I gave the order "executing hyperspace fold jump." That when a sphere appeared around the SDF3 and fold jumped to Shanxi. At the same time the Liberator's Shadow Device was activated, and started to space fold after us.

One Hour later present time

As the SDF3 returned to sublight, I could see that we had arrived a minute or two after the three unknown vessels. If I had to take a guess all three of the ships were Carriers class, but the three ship looked the same so it hard to tell any difference. It time I acted the com to see if I could handle things through diplomacy. Thankfully one of the ship's answered on the screen I could see what I would have to guess was a male Turian, he had what looked like dark green face paint on his face in an intricate design.

I spoke first "I am Grand Admiral Rick Hunter of the Alliance fleet, whom am I speaking with." Praying to god that translating program was working. That is when the Turian answered "I am General Galtus Sabedros of the Turian hierarchy." Good the translator program is working. Then General Galtus Sabedros started to speak again "I this your colony or are you looking to start trouble?" great he thinks we are here for war, I decided to try and handle this thro diplomacy first the last thing we need is an Intergalactic incident "We do not want any trouble, But the planet your ships are hovering over is called Shanxi and it belongs to are allie the invid." It felt like hours had passed before Galtus Sabedros had answered "invid? I do not believe we have ever heard of such a race by that name. The citadel council is never going to believe this." What is this citadel council he is talking about I might as well ask about them? So I asked "What exactly citadel council I have never heard of such a government." I could see Galtus Sabedros eyes go wide, Like I had just insulted him. then when he started to explain what citadel council was Claudia walked over and handed me data pad it was a message from my son.

twenty minutes earlier

Skull leader/Grand commander Roy Hunter P.O.V

Just as my father instructed I got skull squadron ready to fly, I climbed into my veritech and gave my orders to Skull squadron "This is Skull leader to skull squadron were about to perform some recon on these Turian's, if we see anything do not engage and I repeat do not engage. Make shore your Shadow Device is activated the last thing we need is for us to be picked up on these Turian's radar." As we flew towards the Turian Carriers my com's four screens showing activated and the faces of LT Steven Hackett, commander Seabook Arno, LT commander Cecily Fairchild/Arno, and sergeant Birgit Pirjo. Then Steven Hackett decided to ask something "Commander, what do you think we are going to find." I took a sec to think then said "To be honest Hackett, I have no idea what we might find there." I looked over at my other screen and listened in on Seabook Arno and Birgit Pirjo conversion. Birgit spoke "Dam, those Carriers are small. We could easily mop the for with them." Then Seabook Arno said "Come on Birgit lay off. It like not ever race in the galaxy, has access in to Robotechnology."

Good job Seabook, that type of attitude will make you a great squadron leader someday. That is when Cecily Fairchild/Arno shouted "Commander!" I answered cutting her of mid-sentence "What's wrong Cecily." She had a look of shock on her face, that quickly went way as she continued "I am pick up activity from the Carrier to our nine o'clock." I smiled and said "Good work Cecily. Everyone switch to guardian mod and follow my lead." As we approached we could what these turians were doing that dad could not see, I counted about nineteen landing shuttle's leaving the Carrier, that is when Birgit opened his mouth "What are these turians wankers are trying to invade why'll are guard is down, we should take them ou…" Seabook cut him off "Birgit have you lost it! We have to wait for Grand Admiral Hunter orders." I then spoke "I agree with Seabook, fall back to the SDF3. I will send a message to the Grand Admiral." Great dad is not going to like this. I said to myself as I sent the message to my father.

twenty minutes later present time

Grand Admiral Rick Hunter P.O.V

I looked up from the data pad glaring at General Galtus Sabedros. I spoke "You better have a dam good explanation for why one of your Carrier's is unloading nineteen landing shuttles. That are headed to Shanxi as we speak, and under the Alliance treaty that consider act of war." I think I have just rendered General Galtus speech less. Now that I think about this fell's a lot like the first robotech war with The Zentraedi all over again. General Galtus Sabedros face twitched as he was tipping a message on a holographic orange device that had appeared on his left arm. If I had to guess, he was contacting who, is in charge of the landing shuttles. "Sir?" Turing my head to face who to me I spoke "what is it LT." he answered swiftly "We just got word that the Ark Angel will be dropping out of its space fold in two minutes." I sided them said "Open up a secure channel with Liberator, so that if need I can give the signally for Grand Colonel Max to deactivate the shadow Device." The LT answered with a "On it Admiral"

General Galtus Sabedros pov

This is not good I need to contact General Desolas Arterius and tell him the situation.

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

General Desolas Arterius it's Galtus, I have a problem here.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

What is the problem Galtus, I told you to keep whoever is in command that ship dissected?

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

All due respect Arterius, I would not be messaging you if this was not an emergence, I also found out what you will be facing planetside.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

What is the problem then, but first what were able to find out?

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

According to this Grand Admiral Rick Hunter the plant you are heading to is called Shanxi. It belongs to a race called the invid.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

Invid I do not think I have ever heard of such a race.

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

That is what I said Arterius. The problem is somehow they are aware that you are head down to the plant.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

How the experimental stealth drivers are engaged they should not be able to detect us? Unless that Grand Admiral sent out scout fighters.

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

If fighter were deployed from that Dreadnought we did not detect them, but there is another problem Grand Admiral Rick Hunter has made a threat to of war if I do not get your landing shuttle to with draw.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

This must be very foolish if he thinks his one Dreadnought can take on three Carrier. Give the order to attack.

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

You made a valid point. I give the order to captain Saloana Dardaculus to ready her forces.

I quick sent a message to captain Saloana Dardaculus informing her to ready her squadrons for battle, her answer was a swift, "As you command General Galtus Sabedros". Then I turn to face Grand Admiral Rick Hunter and said "Well Admiral if it is a war you want it is a war you will get, your one ship agents three Carrier those are not good odds." That is when Grand Admiral hunter started to smirk then he replied "Do you honestly think I would come alone, Max it time to deactivate the Liberator's shadow devise. The Ark Angel will be dropping out of space fold in thirty-five seconds." To my utter shock a ship seemingly metalized to the three-o'clock of the Dreadnought (SDF 3) was another Dreadnought (Liberator) the difference was the newly appeared Dreadnought was 3-kilometer long.

Spirits whatever this shadow devise is, it must be way more advanced than the stealth drive we are currently working on. I thought to myself. That is when the Ark Angel dropped out of what Grand Admiral Hunter had called a space fold. Still smirking, the Grand Admiral counted where he left off "Did you real think I would honestly come alone general Galtus." That is when he cut the conation, I turned to the captain next to me, "Give the order to all pilots to get their fighters." The captain nodded and sent out the order out.

Wolf leader/Grand commander Scott Shepard POV

I had some down time so I was head to check on my children as I exited the officers lounge the alarm went off and voice came over the loudspeaker "Attention all personnel, get to your battles stations, all pilots to your Valkyrie this is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill." After hearing the orders, I ran to the nearest lift and got on deck above the hanger bay. Making my way in to locker room to get changed into my armor. And head back to the elevator and ran in to Zoe Swan leader of Cygnus squadron and her squad as we rode the elevator down to hanger, Cygnus leader whispered in my ear "My squad is having battle jitters do you..." I cut her off "say no more." Turning to face the pilots of Cygnus squadron.

"As I understand it, most of you are having battle jitters." Seeing the looks of shock, I continued "For most of you including myself this will be our first time seeing active combat ageist an unknown alien race." pilots of Cygnus squadron started to calm so I finished my speech "This a chance you to show the galaxy what you're made of. Do use proud, make yourselves proud." I could see that Cygnus squadron morale had improved and the looks of confidence I was getting from pilots made my smile. Them Zoe whispered in my ear "Thank you." I whispered back "No problem." There was a ding and the elevator door opened and everyone clambered out of the elevator and head to their Valkyrie's.

I put my helmet on then climbed ladder and got into my Valkyrie. I sat down and went thru my preflight check then closed the canopy and launched, send a ping to wolf squadron to get in formation. This gave me the opportunity to see what we were up against; "if I am being honest when I say those Turian fighter are the weird ship design I have ever seen." Once all of squadrons were in formation my father in law Roy hunter spoke to all of squadron "This is skull leader to all squadron's, all units engage!"

Skull squadron pilot LT Steven Hackett pov

"this is craze." I thinking to myself as we had just, engaged in aerial/space combat with the turian fighters that is when my com screen turned on it was commander Seabook "Hackett! You got one on your tail." I called back "I see them." I started to pull into a loop at the fourth point I switched my Valkyrie to guardian mode, fired the jets flew backwards and just as I was about to pass over the enemy fighter I switched to battroid mode and fired my Valkyrie's rifle, a beam of energy shot straight through the cockpit of the enemy fighter. "Got him!" That is when skull leader face appeared on my com "I heard that Hackett. Now don't get cocky." I muttered out a "yes sir."

Shanxi military base plant side as the order for the Alpha Tactical Armored Corps are gearing up to take down some unwanted landing party's.

Hannah Shepard leader of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps. Pov

I had just been given the orders from general Willems to mobiles the armored corps. As I set foot into the hanger I noticed one of the members of my team was talking with one the hover tank mechanic's I over discussion to their convention.

"What am I gonna do!"

"Yike, um commander…ma'am" said the young LT in surprise he looked about ready to jump out of his armor from shock. I opened my armor arm mounted computer and asked, "what's your name and rank?" the LT answered steadfast "I'm lieutenant 2nd class David Edward Anderson ma'am." I typed his name and his rank into the computer the info on his service record surprised me "You're a N7?" David nod his head yes and responded with "that is correct ma'am" I close and rub my eyes trying to think of a solution and it comes to me " since you're an N7 you're most likely an ace with a cyclone, right so here is what I would advise you to do get your cyclone and tell Lieutenant Commander alec ryder to meet us out front, do I make myself clear!" David respond with a "yes ma'am" Rushing off to the other hanger to where the Cyclones are stored.

I didn't turn to the engineer, and ask your "chief engineer Pavel Chekov right." Chekov Answered "your correct ma'am" I looked at the hover tank then replied " you have my permission to scrap this heap of junk fore spare parts, and if general William's has a problem with it he can take it up with me." Chekov shook his head and call his team to get to work and scrap that piece of junk, I walked over to my hover tank and climbed in, just as the rest of 15th tactical Squad came rushing in and climbing in to their hover tanks. grabbing my helmet from where it was stored I placed it on my head And close the visor and turn on my tank and headed out of the hangar the rest of the 15 tactical Squad in tow, once we gotten out side we got into formation, I activated my comms and getting ready to gave out the orders to the squad, thankfully Alec Ryder and David Anderson had pulled up on there Cyclones just in time to receive their assignments.

I took a breath and then started giving out orders "Zabine, Annamarie, Andrew Waltfeld Head to a Vantage point and switch your hovertanks to Gladiator mode, And try to take out as many of those Landing vessels as you can." I took a brief pause then continued " Alec you and David head into the forest and try to take out any of the turian forces that may have successfully landed and eliminate they're Landing vessel So that they can't escape." taking another brief pause i then I announce to who would be coming with me into battle "Cagalli, and Dearka You two will be accompanying me into battle be ready to switch the Battleloid mode. Everyone has their orders now moving out!" It was a resonating "yes commander." from the members of the 15th tactical Squad,as everyone started heading off to their designated positions.

(a/n Alec's (his armor is black and red) cyclone is a dark gray VR-057 Veritech Super Cyclone and David's (his armor is dark blue and silver ) cyclone is a dark blue VR-052 Battler Veritech Cyclone with twin missile pods on the gauntlets)

Lieutenant Adrien Victus commanding officer of the 13th Platoon pov

Our landing shuttle touchdown in the forest, the orders I Had received from General Desolas Arterius were to leed the 13th platoon to the 8th platoon's landing position and then we were to Rendezvous with general Arterius at the site where the vessel that had went missing had crashed. my platoon and I and marching 8th platoons location Before we could get there however one of my Scouts Rushed up to me an informed me that, she had spotted strange Vehicles headed towards the landing site, so I gave the order out to send out a camera drone to see if the 8th platoon had things under control. I turned on my Omni tool to see what the camera drone was seeing and to my shock the mysterious vehicles looked like ancient motorcycles Strange thing was why was its Riders wearing what looked to be heavy armor that's when it happened the motorcycles* changed into extra armor to my utter shock the two figures hers attack the entire 8th platoon. And Started make short work of them tearing through the platoon Both of the mysterious attackers carried a rifle {tho the rifles were completely different designs} that fired beams of energy cutting through Shields feels like they weren't even there, the figure wearing dark grey and red then fired a weapon that was hanging off of its right shoulder if I had to guess it looks to be a Rail gun that packed of brutal Punch taking out four turians one of them was the commander the of the platoon, the other one In dark blue and silver turned and fired what looked to be missile pods that were on his arms at the Landing shuttle destroying it and then turned and spotted the Drone and shot it we lost the connection. "did we Record all that." I asked my second-in-command responded " yes sir" there was beeping sound coming from my Omni tool it was a message from the 6th platoon signaling me They had sent a message that they had captured someone on who appeared to be high ranking and we're doubling back to their Landing shuttle because they received orders from General Galtus Sabedros to leave the planet and head to captain Saloana Dardaculus Carrier Because he was about to try something desperate to try to buy her time to get to the mass relay and leave the system. As much as I dislike the idea of having to retreat I understood that the hierarchy needed to know what we are up against, so I gave the order to return to the landing shuttle and to head to Captain Saloana Dardaculus Carrier.

(author's note I'm guessing all the species in Mass Effect that are close to a humanoid Would have most likely developed a motorcycles at one point and their history)

Wolf leader/Grand commander Scott Shepard POV

I just got Taking down some Turian Fighters when I com Screen lit up it was skull leader/ my father-in-law calling me " Scott I need you to head PlanetSide, and find out what's going on down there we have lost Communications with the general. Also bring backup just in case." I responded quick "I'm on it." I switched com channels to my Squadron and quickly gave out some orders "Dorel, Yzak Help skull Squadron and follow skull leaders orders if they were my own. Kira, Athrun Your with me we're heading PlanetSide." Hannah please be okay I think to myself.

Hannah Shepard leader of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps. Pov

Cagalli, and Dearka And I came across a couple of those turians to my surprise they turn and ran at the site of are Battleloids. I wasn't sure if they were surprised that they were dealing with a race that uses Mecha's in warfare or was it that they had been given orders to retreat... "Um Commander?" Dearka asked breaking my train of thought I responded "What is it Dearka?" he then counted "I just got world from Miriallia. That three of Wolf squadrons Valkyrie's are headed for the Airfield." Thinking quickly I gave you order for us to head to the Airfield and meet the pilots that were Landing And find out why they were sent Planetside.

20 minutes later at the Airfield

When Cagalli, and Dearka And I Arrived at the Airfield we discovered that it was in fact my husband grand Commander Scott shepard, Cagalli's twin brother Commander Kira, And her fiance LT. Commander Athrun Zala. I climbed out of my Hover tank and ran over to my husband giving him a hug And asking him why he was Planetside his response was "Hannah I was ordered Planetside to find out what's going on down here, and because there has been no communications from General Williams,which has Grand Admiral Hunter concerned." hear my husband say that made me concerned as well why wasn't General William's at the command center we needed to get to the bottom of this fast. " Follow me I'll take you to the command center" I said as I turned and went into a dead run to the command center.

Six minutes later at the shanxi military base command center

As we rushed into the command center I Shouted "Miriallia! where is General Williams." Miriallia Responded with a quickly answered "General Williams went to check on The Mercenaries..." my husband cut her off "Mercenaries that's against the Alliance protocol, this information could Reck Williams career what the hell was he thinking too higher them." I placed my hand on my husband shoulder and seid "Miriallia Please continue." Miriallia did she was asked and continued " anyway General William's left an hour ago to check on the mercenaries were put in charge of guarding a artifact that was found near the turian cruiser crash site." I then spoke "Miriallia We need to reach Williams now can you bring him up on a com Channel" Miriallia responded by telling Scott and i That she's been trying for the past half an hour for to contact him then my husband asked something " was General Williams wearing armor when he left?" Miriallia Answered with a "Yes why, do you ask." My husband then continued " if General Williams is wearing armor in his armor cam should be functioning see if you can bring it up on screen." Miriallia did asked and And brought up Williams armour cam.

The footage we saw from his armour cam was not good It appeared Williams has been captured and was being brought on board one of the Turian landing shuttles most likely being taken hostage my husband asked Miriallia to bring up his armors vital Scan thankfully they showed General Williams was still alive. I looked over at Scott and as he spoke " we have to get in contact with the sdf-3 ASAP, Grand Admiral Hunter needs to know williams has been captured. Also send a call out to Alce and any other N7 so there with him and tell them to head to the location of that artifact and arrest those Mercenaries. and if they captured any turians throw them in the brig as well."

General Galtus Sabedros pov

The battle was not going well, in fact the Robotech Systems Alliance was decimating us, Desolas Arterius Carrier had been completely disabled and it was practically dead in the water for lack of a better term. My omni-tool started glowing with a vid-call from captain Saloana Dardaculus I'd given an order to her 30 minutes ago send a message to our troops planet side to be recalled to her vessel. "General as you ordered all of are landing shuttles have been recalled to my Carrier shall I try to get to the mass relay." Thinking on it I came up with a plan to distract them back then "head for the mass relay I'm going to try to ram my carrier into the sdf-3 hopefully it'll buy you enough time to escape relay, get back to Palavin and inform high command about what happened here, the Council also has to know we may now have another galactic war on our hands because of this battle." I ended the Vid-call there and started giving out orders to Prepare to ram the sdf-3. When one of my men told me we were being hailed by the sdf-3 It might be against my better judgement but I chose to respond to hail.

Grand Admiral Rick Hunter P.O.V at the same time

"Admiral?" I turned and looked at Claudia "What is it Claudia." She then continued " we've just received word from Hannah Shepard and Wolf leader, they just discovered General Williams has been captured and to see if we can run a scan and for his armor her to see what ship he might have been taken to." I listened to the information I have been told and ordered A scan of the battlefield to find Williams his location, While that was going on Claudia continue to Read the information that was sent " Admiral there's one other thing, it appears General Williams hired a team of mercenaries to guard mysterious Relic that was discovered. it appears the mercs were just arrested by two of our N7's Stationed PlanetSide and tossed in the break along with a Turian officer that mercs seem to have captured he appears to have markings on his armor that indicates he has a high rank officer." a lieutenant then spoke up " Admiral we found General Williams location his armors tractor is pinging from the carrier that is attempting to flee the battle towards that strange technology near the end of the system. And other Carrier that we didn't disable appears to moving into a ramming position." have they lost it I think to myself before speaking " get me in contact with General Galtus Sabedros Maybe we can end this is now through negotiations." thankfully he responded. I decided to open the conversation "General Galtus I would like to offer you a chance to leave in peace. You seem to have taking one of our generals captive, we believe we have one of yours I'll give you Ten minutes to decide if you'd be willing to trade Your general for ours And we will allow Your people the opportunity to retreat choose wisely." as we ended the call with him And gave the order to prime the Reflex Cannon as a last resort.

General Galtus Sabedros pov

"Hmm" he drives a hard bargain I think to myself I contacted captain Saloana Dardaculus through vid-call "Saloana You don't happen to have a prisoner on board your carrier do you?" She surprise day by the question but then answered after checking with her second-in-command she responded " that is an accurate assumption sir, Apparently one of the platoons why we sent planetside captured someone that appears to be of high rank judging by the markings on his armor. Sir" And she finished I decide to explain the situation "The grand Admiral is giving us an offer of trade In exchange for the prisoner we have in our possession they will trade us one of ours I think they're referring to General Desolas Arterius. I'm going to contact him over the Omni tool and see what he thinks should we trade for safety you are not."

I open my Omni tool and message him

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

Arterius It has been brought to my attention that you've been captured and I have been given the option to trade for your safe a chance for us to lick our wounds and retreat.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

Do not give in to their demands Galtus Hold the line and continue the fight.

From Galtus Sabedros to Desolas Arterius

Desolas! Have you completely lost it we're getting decimated up here this is a chance for us to get out of here in one piece.

From Desolas Arterius to Galtus Sabedro

We never surrender in the face of defeat Galtus.

With that General Desolas Arterius end his communication with me. I looked at Saloana and said this " continue to the relay the hierarchy must know go." I ended the vid call And gave the order to go full thrust at the sdf-3.

Grand Admiral Rick Hunter P.O.V

The ten minutes had passed and there was no response from General Galtus Sabedro In fact he was attempting to Ram the sdf-3. I had no choice but to gave the order " fire the reflex Cannon!" The Hall of the sdf-3 lit up like a Christmas tree as the reflex cannon fired upon the carrier obliterating it instantly with a massive explosion. as the blast of light dissipated there was nothing left of the Courier but there was one that was still retreating towards The Strange piece of technology at the edge of the system "Orders Admiral?"Claudia asked so I answered " order all Valkyries to return to base the day is ours the RSA is Victorious." Claudia smiled and sent the order out.

Skull leader/Grand commander Roy Hunter P.O.V

As we received the order to return to base I heard shouting over my comms Seabook was yelling at Birgit Pirjo.

The exchange between Seabook and Birgit.

Seabook Shouting at Birgit

"Birgit have you lost it we've been ordered to return to base. Disobeying a direct order from the grand Admiral"

Birgit Response to Seabook

"This battle is not over until everyone of these alien freaks is dead. Seabook"

the hairs on the back of my neck went up when I heard that line come out of "Birgit Son of a bitch" I think to myself I've got a xenophobic in my Squadron and one that's willing to disobey direct orders That's the fastest way to get yourself a category 6 discharge from the alliance. this cannot stand I decided now to jump into the conversation. "Birgit Return to sdf-3 now that's an order." I said but it appears he will not listen to me either immediately cutting is com on connection you left me no choice I reach down to a side panel in my Valkyrie opening it to reveal the kill switch controls to my squadrons and Valkyries, I tried one more time to get Birgit to back down "Birgit! Return to the sdf-3 now or suffer the consequences because you're leaving me with no choice here." no response I had no choice I hit the kill switch who is Valkyrie. which forcibly ejected his cockpit And self-destructed his Valkyrie I called Seabook "Seabook retrieve Birgit And bring him back to the sdf-3 I'm going to put a call into the MP's to throw him in the brig." As I turned my Valkyrie around and headed back to the sdf-3. to fill out of Cat6 report. When I landed my wife was waiting for me w e kissed and headed back to our quarters to relax.

end of episode 1 of Robotech Systems Alliance.

synopsis for the next episode Word of the battle of Shanxi has reached The Citadel Council deciding to look at the evidence of the battle Before making a decision to go to war or To try to make peace with Robotech Systems Alliance. At the same time the alliance learns how to reverse engineer Omni tools be sure to catch striving for peace the next chapter of Robotech.

author's note Sorry about the very long wait but I can't say it won't happen again knowing me it will so be patient because hopefully I will have the next chapter done much quicker.