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The young prince of the fire nation stormed down the dark firelight halls, his face pulled taut by the anger cursing through his veins and the guards straightened up, averting their eyes as they sensed his anger. The reason for his wrath was as always his father Ozai. Once again his father refused his request of going after the avatar and humiliating his sister Zuka at the same time.

The large golden decorated doors slammed open, rattling intricated vases and shocking the small woman sitting by the low tea table. Just seeing the blue-eyed beauty wrapped in red silk was enough to calm most of his anger.

"My prince." The fire priestess looked startled at his arrival and gestured to the table where a tray with a second tea cup and a pot stood. "Please, do sit down and have some tea. I'm sure it will work on whatever is bothering you today."

Azulian released a breath of annoyance as he settled by the table, his amber eyes following the movements of the delicate woman hungrily. It had been years since he first laid his eyes on her beautiful face as a shy boy. Kagome was unusual for a fire bender, and that had made her a perfect fit as the royal priestess. People from the fire nation had straight black hair, amber eyes and pale skin. She was the exact opposite. Long soft black locks that tumbled down her back in soft waves, tanned skin someone only could gain from spending days in the sun with a soft rosy blush and stunning sapphire eyes. She was a rare delicate flower, and he wanted her. He always had.

Kagome could feel the burning eyes of the prince on her form as she knelt by the table, preparing the tea with quick steady hands – she knew of his attraction to her.

Azulian and his father Ozai had one thing in common besides their violent temper, the desire for the petite priestess. The only difference between them was that Kagome liked the attention of Azulian.

Kagome prepared the extra teacup with the hot tea, bowing her head as she filled his cup, and Azulian couldn't help the feeling of pride. Not only did his chosen bride look beautiful yet unusual, but also graceful in every moment she made.

"What fuels your anger, young prince?" Kagome leaned back on her cushion and cupped her warm cup of Camille tea with her small hands.

Azulian's sour look returned and he gave a loud snort. "My stupid father, he keeps refusing my requests to go get the avatar and humiliate my sister."

The priestess nodded, as she listened silently as Azulian complained about his father and how it was his right to find the avatar. Secretly Kagome hoped that Azulian's older sister Zuka would be able to capture the avatar and restore her honour, she had always liked the fire princess.

"Kagome? Are you listening to me?"

"Of course I am, my prince," Kagome answered with a small nervous smile.

Azulian's amber eyes darkened at the lie and suddenly Kagome felt afraid, the prince was after all known for his bad temper and rash actions. Before she could react she found herself pinned to the ground with Azulian on top of her, the table turned to the side and tea spilt everywhere on the floor. A deep blush appeared on her cheeks and travelled down her neck as she felt the prince straddle her hips.

"Whatever could steal your attention away from me?" He mumbled, eyes following the tempting path of the rosa flush down underneath her dress. "You should only ever think of me, my little priestess."

A shiver went up her spine at the stern command, warmth filling her lower belly and she squirmed, his face suddenly too close to her own.

"Always of me"

Kagome squeaked as she felt his face against the side of her neck "A..Azulian.." Her breath hitched as she felt his teeth on her skin, and she let out a soft moan at the prince's actions.

The male grinned darkly at the sounds coming from beneath the young woman trapped as he sucked on her soft neck roughly, leaving dark marks to show everyone who the little female belonged to; his possessive streak coming through.

He leaned back a bit to look at the finished result and a large smirk spread on his face as he noticed the hazy look on Kagome's face, he felt proud that he could turn the usual stubborn woman into a blushing flustered mess by a few touches.

Azulian had always been a selfish boy, it had been the way his father had raised him. To be the best, and take what he wants. The breathless moans and squirming had been responses enough to know that the beautiful priestess wanted him as much as he wanted her. Azulian would make sure that she couldn't live without him, and then he would make her his exotic little queen – her heart, soul and unconditional attention belonged to him.