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James Potter/Lily Evans

Harry Potter/OFC

Chapter One

After being told of a prophecy that would affect either the Potters or the Longbottoms, both families had gone into hiding under the Fidelius Charm. James had been convinced by his best friend Sirius Black to change the Secret Keeper to their other friend Peter Pettigrew though neither Sirius or the Potters knew what a mistake that would be. Albus Dumbledore, Leader of the Light, had put both the Potters and Longbottoms underneath the Fidelius Charm himself. Yet neither family trusted Albus Dumbledore anymore as he had taken an unhealthy interest in both their boys. The Longbottoms had plans to move to America if Neville was attacked by Voldemort and the Potters planned on leaving England for open waters if Harry was attacked by the self-styled Dark Lord.

As James, Lily and their son Harry were sitting in the living room of Potter Cottage on Samhain, a sudden chill seemed to settle on the village of Godric's Hollow. James was entertaining his son by making Harry's stuffed stag prance around the room, much to the fifteen-month old's delight as Lily Potter sat reading a book on Charms as she had been studying for her Charms Mastery before they had gone into hiding. The young couple didn't hear the gate creaking open, nor the footsteps coming up the path.

As the door was blasted off the hinges, James stood quickly and grabbed his wand. "Lily it's him! Take Harry and run!" he shouted to his wife who scooped up their fifteenth-month-old and ran up the stairs to the nursery. The scarlet-haired woman ran up the stairs to the second floor and down the hallway to Harry's room before putting her son in the crib and barricading the door. Then she tried to apparate only to discover that she couldn't get through the wards.

"Oh no!" "Foopy!"

A middle-aged house elf with green eyes the size of tennis balls and dressed in a black suit with the Potter family crest sewn into it popped into the room.

"Yes Mistress?"

"Foopy can you get through the anti-apparation wards?"

Foopy looked at his mistress and tried to use his house elf magic to get out of the wards but nothing happened. The elf shook his head, his large bat-like ears flopping widely. "No Mistress. Foopy cant's get out."

Lily's face fell. "Foopy go get Shale and hide somewhere in the house. You have permission to use your magic to keep Shale quiet."

"Yes Mistress," said Foopy before popping away. Lily turned to her son and stroked his messy black locks before turning back to the door, her wand in her hand. Unbeknownst to anyone but herself and her husband, Lily had drawn a runic circle around Harry's crib when they had gone into hiding which would hopefully protect her son. The young mother was prepared to lay down her life for her son.

James Potter ran into the foyer with his wand to meet the self-proclaimed Dark Lord. "I won't let you have my son!" James shouted only for to hear a cold hiss before a jet of red light hit him from the Dark Lord's wand that looked like a bone. As his world went black, James fell onto his back and thought of his wife and son which were his last thoughts before his vision faded.

Above him the Dark Lord laughed. "Such a waste of magical talent. I'd hate to spill the blood of a pureblood tonight," Voldemort said before making his way upstairs to the second floor. He heard sounds coming from what he assumed was the nursery. He blasted the door off its hinges and saw Lily Evans standing with her arms wide in front a crib and a child with sleepy eyes the color of the killing curse staring at him as he entered the room.

"Stand aside girl," said Voldemort as he walked into the room, his cloak sweeping the ground around him and the air becoming thick with his aura.

"No," said Lily bravely before casting a Stupefy at the Dark Lord who batted it away with a wave of his wand.

"Stupid Mudblood. You dare defy me? The most powerful Dark Lord since Grindelwald himself? Let me kill the boy and I'll let you live."

Lily shook her head, knowing that he wouldn't let her live and yet confusion flitted across her face. She knew the Dark Lord hated those of inferior blood and couldn't understand why he was offering her the chance to live. Voldemort seemed to guess the woman's thoughts for he laughed a high pitched cold laugh as he saw the confusion appear on the filthy Mudblood's face.

"Stand aside girl. Stand aside now!"


"Mama!" shouted Harry as he saw the man raise a stick in front of his mother and a jet of red light hit his mother, knocking her to the ground.

Once Lily Potter had been stunned, Voldemort did reward his loyal followers after all and would allow Severus to have the Mudblood to do with as he pleased, turned his wand upon the toddler who was crying for his mother. He cast a charm over the child to test the child's magical prowess and his red eyes widened in disbelief at the child's magical number that appeared over him. "Such power. I would keep you alive child if I knew you would turn to me but such a child of inferior blood cannot be allowed to live if you're the one destined to overthrow me," said Voldemort. "Goodbye child." He raised his Yew and Phoenix Feather wand before shouting the killing curse. "Avada Kedavra!" A jet of green light lit up the room and raced towards the child before striking a golden shield that had sprang up around the child and its crib. The curse hit the shield and rebounded on its caster, tearing a portion of Voldemort's soul from his body that latched onto Lily Evans who wasn't protected by the shield and the Dark Lord's body was ripped apart, leaving only a pile of smoking robes behind as the spirit of the evilest wizard in recent history fled the premises.

James came too when he heard someone calling his name. Slowly the young man came to and blinked around foggily. "Master Potter! You be alright!"

"Foopy?" James asked as the house elf handed him his eyes.

"Yes Master. Foopy be here."

James put his glasses on and looked around for his wand which had been broken when he'd dropped it as he fell after being stupefied. "Lily! Harry!" He scrambled to his feet and ran up the staircase to the second floor, seeing the door to the nursery blasted away along with rubble strewn around the room. The first thing he saw was his son crying for Lily and then Lily's body lying where she had fallen.


"Harry!" James shouted as he ran over to his son and picked him up, the shield having collapsed when Voldemort's spirit had vanished. James set his son on his hip as he went over to his wife and checked her pulse. Finding her alive, he grabbed his wife's wand and cast Rennervate over his wife whose eyes fluttered open.

"James? Harry?"

"Yes Lily we're alright," said James as he hugged his wife with one arm.


"Harry! James! Where is You-Know-Who?" Lily asked in confusion.

"I don't know. I just woke up," said James.


The house elf popped into the nursery with Shale. "Foopy take our emergency bags to my boat with Shale and then come back for Harry. Guard him with your life," Lily ordered.

"Yes Mistress Lily," said Foopy and went into the Master bedroom to get the three bags full of clothes and two weeks of food for the ship that Master James had bought Mistress Lily as an anniversary present. Once the bags had been deposited in the main cabin of the ship, the elf popped back to get Young Master Harry and take him back to the ship that was docked in port, waiting to be boarded.

"Lily we need to check on the Longbottoms," said James to his wife once Harry had been taken away by the Potter Cottage house elf.

"I agree James," said Lily. "We need to alert Sirius and Remus that we're alive and figure out a way to leak out information about Peter being our secret keeper since I doubt Dumbledore will let anyone know the truth and have Sirius sent to Azkaban to interfere in our son's life."

Lily nodded and went to gather up her journals in her study that had her potions and charms notes. When she returned to the nursery she sent a patronus to the Longbottoms that they were alright and to leave the country like planned. The Longbottoms were relieved when a doe appeared in the middle of the living room to inform them that the Potters were alright. Immediately the family of four took an international port key to the States after the patronus disappeared, resolving to keep up the old alliance between the two families.

With the Longbottoms safe and secure in the States, Lily sent another patronus to Sirius and Remus to inform their friends that they were alright and then cast glamor charms over them both before they disapparated to Muggle Southampton and made their way down to the port to The Argonaut.

Challenge Information

Name of Challenge: Ship Raised Harry Potter

By Anubis of the Highway Thieves

Inspired by Ares Granger Fresh Start (or New Beginnings).

For as long as she could remember Lily had always been fascinated by the sea and longed to sail across the world; James Potter's Love for his Wife saw a boat be built to provide everything She would need to fulfill her dream; That October Night made it a necessity.


At least Lily must survive the attack and take and raise Harry on the ship instead of going to a house either in Britain or another country.

Sirius must be free, whether he and Remus also leave on the ship or catch up later is up to the author.=Leave on the ship.

Harry and Lily eventually gain a blessing/spell/item etc. that allows them to breath underwater indefinitely and in any temperature or depth.


Pairing Harry with Hermione, Daphne, or Luna; they can still be friends or sister figures if you want.


James lives.=Yes

Harry and Lily getting aquatic familiars.=Yes

Amphibious Animagi forms.=Yes


If James doesn't live pairing Lily with someone.=N/A

Pairing Harry or Lily with a Nereid, Oceanid, Selkie, or some other sea/ocean spirit and is also the only way the above Forbidden is allowed (meaning fresh water spirits are out).=No

Lily befriends a Cecaelia and is appropriately teased about it.=Yes