Chapter Four

Paris, France:

Zalky took them to a family restaurant called Le Procope. A two-story building, the walls of the first floor made of glass while the second floor had red umbrellas, ivy and bushels of red roses adorning it. The sign above was in French but was oval in shape and said Restaurant Le Procope Fonde En 1686. "Mama's master says Le Procope is the oldest restaurant in Paris," said Zalky. James and Sirius were surprised that the elf knew about the restaurant but Mr. Jester seemed like an agreeable man who probably wouldn't fare well in pureblood British society since he appeared somewhat nice to his elves from what the family had seen.

"Thank you Zalky," said Lily as they stood across the street from the restaurant. The restaurant had eight rooms and the inside was decorated in the 18th-century style with crystal chandeliers, oval portraits of famous patrons, Pompeii red walls and even had a bar and tinkly piano. The front and door of the restaurant were painted black. An expensive place though no problem for the Potters and Sirius, the disowned Black son planning on paying the cost for a good meal. Sirius had been to France before as a child but hadn't known of the magical shopping district and his parents hadn't wanted to live within Muggle Paris, Black Chateau being located within the countryside of Paris.

James walked into an alley and called for Foopy. The Potter House Elf appeared and was instructed to take Zalky to the ship and help Harry's personal elf put things away. Both elves nodded and disapparated, James walking back to his remaining family. Mr. and Mrs. Potter, James's parents, had succumbed to dragon pox, and died within days of each other in 1979. Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Lily's parents, had died of natural Muggle causes three months before Harry had been born. With Lily's parents being Muggles, all Lily would be able to show their son was her memories and old pictures when Lily was a child but both Mr. and Mrs. Potter, like the other members of Potter and Peverell from which the Potter family was descended, had magical portraits so Harry would be able to meet his paternal grandparents' in death at least.

Walking into Le Procope, the family was shown to a table by a host who greeted them in French and then handed them their menus. Looking at the items on the menus, they saw many of the dishes were expensive and seemed to cater towards the French culinary life…such things as snails, calf's head casserole, and beef cheek. Lily, who had never had much experience with dishes outside of Britain, shuddered at the thought of eating snails. They looked through their respective menus, their waiter coming and taking their drinks. "Can you get arrested for sailing drunk Prongs?" asked Sirius.

"I think so Pads," said James. "I'll need my wits about me to be steering a ship as I'm the one who took sailing classes to make Lily-Flower happy," he said with a smile at his wife. "I'll have an iced tea," said James. Lily, Remus and Sirius added their own orders with a glass of milk for Harry. James said they needed a few minutes to figure out what they were all going to eat. The waiter nodded and left them to look over their menus, Harry looking around the restaurant in wonder at the still paintings of famous people who had visited the restaurant over the years it had been open. Lily decided to get the Roasted chicken supreme, morel mushrooms cream, buttered peas and baby carrots meal; James the Peppered beef fillet with thick-cut fires; Sirius the Baked sea bass fillets with baby broad beans and confit tomatoes; and Remus ordered Lamb Navarin with vegetables. Lily got Harry a bowl of mac n' cheese with a side order of applesauce. The waiter came back a few minutes later and took their orders, leaving the family to talk about what they would see in Paris while they were here. They decided to spend the night in the port on the Argonaut and then set sail tomorrow with the dawn. This way, they could collect the supplies they would need, such as clothing and some more food as well as some children books for Harry, both Muggle and wizarding children books.

"So where are we going to go next Lily?" asked Remus after they had given their orders to the waiter while quietly sipping their drinks.

Lily pulled out her map that she had kept on her and spread it across the table, Sirius and Remus leaning forward to look at it. "Well we could either go to Portugal or we could head west until we reached Belgium or the Netherlands but what if Dumbledore sends out Aurors to look for us or Death Eaters are looking for us since we left hiding after Sirius woke you up James?"

James nodded thoughtfully. "I suppose we could stop in Portgual then next if we end up running out of supplies," he said, "then when we think things have died down, could sail to the Netherlands. Maybe Moony and Pads will find women to settle down with."

"Nobody would be interested in someone like me," said Remus. "I'm poor and can't even keep a job. Plus, with my condition…"

"Nonsense Moony. I'm sure you'll find someone who will be happy to have your furry heart," said James.

"For a moment, I thought you were going to say furry ass," said Sirius with a snicker as Remus's face flushed pink with embarrassment. "Hey Prongs, isn't the city of Amsterdam where prostitution is legal?"

"SIRIUS ORION BLACK! WATCH YOUR MOUTH AND KEEP YOUR LEWD COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!" Lily shouted as she placed her hands over Harry's ears and stared daggers of fire at the disgraced Black.

Sirius winched as Lily shouted at him and smiled charmingly at her but Lily wasn't falling for the charms of the Grim Animagus like so many other girls had done when they had attended Hogwarts. Everyone knew that Sirius Black had broken a lot of hearts while they had been attending school and had yet to settle down with anyone serious. Remus was rubbing at his ears, the werewolf friend having heightened senses thanks to his furry problem.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah that's true," said James as Sirius's gray eyes lit up with boyish amusement. Remus just uttered a groan as beta and alpha spoke of Amsterdam, hoping to Hekate that they wouldn't try to set the omega up with some random woman and that beta's womanizing tendencies wouldn't come back to bite the pack in their asses or alert Dumbledore to their whereabouts. He hoped that beta's womanizing ways would desist since they had alpha's cub with them and his thoughts went to Dumbledore and what the old coot was thinking at this moment. Did he know that the Potters' had been attacked? Was he already at the ruined cottage in Godric's Hollow, searching for signs of Harry?

"Remus?" Lily asked and Remus looked up at the bright witch who was looking at him in concern. "Are you alright?" Hearing Lily's concern the disgraced Black Scion and Potter Lord looked towards their good friend as well, interrupting their conversation about whether to take Harry to the next Quidditch World cup. Something that Lily was ignoring. Boys, she thought to herself.

"Hmm? Oh, yes I'm alright," said Remus. "I was just wondering what the Headmaster is doing right now…if he's at Potter Cottage and knows Harry is missing or if he suspects that the two of you died."

Lily and James gave each other a look, neither of them knew for sure. Even Sirius was silent as he looked at Harry who was gurgling happily in Lily's arms. But then their food came and the family turned their attention towards their respective meals, wondering what the future held for them.

Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts, Scotland:

The Headmaster's office was guarded by a stone gargoyle in one of the highest towers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The elderly wizard stood at the window overlooking the grounds outside the school when a silver instrument that looked like a telescope began buzzing. The sound attracted the old man's attention and he made his way over to the instrument to inspect it. Unbeknownst to anyone, he had tied the silver instruments to a bit of Harry's blood he had taken when the child had been born so he could keep track of the child and make sure he was where he was supposed to be, that was with the Dursleys who would be the child's only relatives after the Potters were gone.

Back then, before Harry had been born, the Headmaster hadn't known that Voldemort would choose the Potter child over the Longbottom heir, though he might have suspected it. Voldemort, or Tom Riddle as he was formerly known, was a half-blood and Harry Potter himself was a half-blood. People may think that Dumbledore knew everything, and he did like to think of himself as the Greatest Wizard to ever live and the next Merlin, but he didn't know everything in the world. No, he just liked playing with his chess pieces…the people who were loyal to him…such as the Weasleys; a poor pureblood family who was as light as Voldemort was Dark.

This particular silver instrument resembled a small spyglass and was tied to the wards around Potter Cottage in Godric's Hollow. As the one who had cast the Fidelius Charm on the Potter's small home, he had tied the wards to the instrument so he could be alerted in case Voldemort tried to attack yet so far there had been only silence. But now the buzzing was sounding loudly through the air before it suddenly stopped as the Headmaster walked over. As he reached the instrument it suddenly exploded, as if a shock of power had disabled it. "What does this mean?" he questioned as he examined the ruined instrument and then glanced around at all the other instruments, one instrument resembling the Deathly Hallows that sat on a shelf near the Pensive where Dumbledore stored his memories that he could examine at his leisure with a rack of vials containing such memories that were labeled by date. "So, he's attacked," said Professor Dumbledore as he looked at the wards and summoned a Phoenix Patronus. "Hagrid, go to the Potter Cottage in Godric's Hollow. Bring Harry to Privet Drive, Little Whining, Surrey with haste. Don't release the child to anybody, not even to Sirius Black." The silver phoenix then flew out of the window and towards Hagrid's Hut as he went to floo Minerva. Yet what should be a joyous occasion for Britain's magical community would soon be in a state of panic as not only would they discover that the Dark Lord that had terrorized them for a decade would be defeated and their Savior was missing!

Magical Congress of the United States of America, New York:

Anyone who said international port key was easy was a fool. For the Longbottom family, it was a bit like apparition, being squeezed through a tube, having to let go when they reached their destination and then, if one was inexperienced with port key travel, fall to the ground…whether it be grass, dirt or even stone of a mountain or cement of a road. Luckily Frank held onto his wife's form as she clutched Neville to her chest and Augusta was used to Port Key as her late husband, Merlin rest his soul, had traveled by Port Key a lot for business.

The family floated easily to the ground and looked around them, looking around the street they were in before seeing a large building looming ahead of them. "Any idea where we go?" questioned Augusta as the Matriarch of Longbottom Manor looked around her surroundings. She had never been to America in all her husband's business deals.

Frank pulled out the ticket and looked at it. "It says we're supposed to walk into the Woolworth Building, address 233 Broadway, New York, NY and walk through the front doors and then go through customs to make sure we aren't bringing anything into the country."

"Such as?" Alice questioned as she shifted Neville in her arms.

"It doesn't say. I guess food and creatures except owls or cats," said Frank with a shrug. They no longer had their wands, instead setting the home they had been hiding in on fire with Frank's own wand before the Longbottom Lord had tossed his own wand into the flames. It was a small two-bedroom home that Frank had spent his summers in the Welsh Countryside which is where the family had been hiding instead of their ancestral home, Longbottom Manor. As the home, had been among Muggles, the family hadn't thought that Voldemort wouldn't look for them there. But that was neither here nor there…both families were safe and both were determined to not participate in case another war broke out.

Entering the building they looked around them and went to a teller where they asked to become American Citizens. Taken to a room where they were searched for any contraband, Frank and Alice spoke of the reason they wished to become American citizens and didn't have any wands…that they were fleeing a war and the manipulations of Albus Dumbledore, their former Headmaster during their time at Hogwarts. When the wizards who were questioning, them heard of the prophecy to end the Dark Lord's reign in Britain being at the hands of either the Longbottom child or the Potter child, they looked at each other in disbelief.

"Trelawney is a drunk woman who loves her alcohol. It's preposterous that he believes that a child can defeat a Dark Lord," said a man named Bryce O'Neil who was formerly a British citizen himself and had been a Ravenclaw in Hogwarts during the 1960s. "That woman always loved her alcohol."

"You'd know wouldn't you Bryce?" questioned a woman. "Dating her during your fourth year I heard."

"Oh, shut it Matilda," said Bryce. "I say we let them become citizens. Dumbledore might try to make them come back to England if they don't get citizenship of another country."

"Very well," said the Director in charge of immigration and security. "Repeat after me this oath in its entirety and then you will be issued new passports and allowed to live here freely as American Citizens.

"I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God. I swear this on my magic and soul, as Merlin is my witness, so mote it be."

One-by-one the Longbottom adults swore the oath in its entirety, the two wizards and one witch of the MACSUA uttering the phrase so mote it be at the end of every declaration. When Alice had finished with her decleration, the family were given new certificates with their country of citizenship as USA and their hometowns with country of birth upon them along with their names and birthdays. They also got something called social security cards and new passports after getting their pictures taken. Even Neville got a new passport, citizenship certificate and social security number. They were then allowed to leave after given some information on the United States of America, the North American wizarding school Ilvermorny which Neville would be attending when he turned eleven, for there was no way that Neville would be attending Hogwarts, and a list of apartments in the New York city area. They left the Woolworth Building and began searching for a hotel so they could plan their next movements…which were to get jobs and a place to live.

Ruins of Potter Cottage. Godric's Hollow:

After the Headmaster had pulled a few strings in the Ministry of Magic, Hagrid had taken a Thestral from the herd residing in the Forbidden Forest and flown to the cottage where the Potters were residing, Dumbledore having given him directions to the small two-story stone home. The Thestral landed close to the gate and Hagrid got off the beast before looking at the ruined cottage that was now visible, half of the second floor and roof gone, the roof above what was Harry's nursery, though Hagrid didn't know it, was still intact. He made his way up the path that led to the cottage, the gate creaking as it was pushed aside by the weight of the half-giant pushing it open and then into the cottage itself. He felt an aura of dark magic but looking around he couldn't see any bodies in the foyer and so continued throughout the house but it was eerily still. He made his way slowly through the house with his pink umbrella, where he hid the taped pieces of his wand, in his hand. Yet, despite searching every room…there was no sign of the Dark Lord or of the Potter child. Nor were there signs of the bodies of Lily and James Potter. Confused by this turn of events, Hagrid rushed back down the stairs and made his way to the Thestral to tell Dumbledore about this, getting into the air just as Muggles began to swarm the place.