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Snake walked down the halls of Kuoh Academy. He was called over to meet in the basement of the school. 'Why would a meeting for the Cardboard Box Lovers Convention be in the basement of some high school in Japan?' thought Snake as he finally found the door. He unconsciously gulped and opened the door.

The moment he stepped in, he noticed that it was pitch black. Activating his Solid Eye, he carefully made his way down the stairs. As soon as he got to the bottom, he looked around the basement. Snake quickly found out that he was not alone. There was a figure silently standing in the corner. Wearily, he questioned, "Who are you?"

The figure stepped closer, and Snake soon saw that it was a young child. Timidly, the child said, "H-hello. M-my name i-i-is Gasper V-vladi." Confused, Snake asked, "What are you down here, Miss Vladi?" Shocked, Gasper quickly said, "i-I'm a b-boy. I j-just l-l-like girl clothes... and I'm here for the Cardboard Box Lovers Meeting."

Snake was dumbfounded. Gasper was a boy... Wait, Gasper was also here for the Cardboard Box Lovers Meeting? He quickly voiced this to the effeminate boy, who suddenly was ecstatic.

He excitedly said, "Wow! Now we can start the meeting! Now lets take out our boxes!" As he took out his box, he noted that Snake did the same thing. "By the way," said Gasper, "I never got your name." Snake looked over at Gasper and replied, "I'm known as Solid Snake, but you can just call me David. As a fellow cardboard box lover, you have permission to call me by my real name."

They both slipped into their boxes, chatting until the meeting was over. As Snake turned to leave, he felt a gentle tug on his arm. He turned around to face Gasper. Shyly, the young child said, "Mr. David, will you promise to be my friend and not abandon me like my family did?" Snake's eyes widened at the second part of what Gasper said. Calming down, he replied, "I promise. And Gasper, promise that you'll be fine until we meet again."

Nodding rapidly, Gasper's eyes began to tear up. He managed to stutter, "I p-pro-promise... Thank you for being my first friend, Mr. David." Snake smiled and enveloped Gasper into a warm hug. He whispered, "I'll come back. I promise." As he walked away, he unknowingly shed a tear, silently crying because he didn't know when he would see Gasper again. Little did he know that he would see his friend once more in several months.

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