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Show: Flint the Time Detective

Title: The Past

Chapter: 1. Troubling thoughts

Genre: General, Drama, Mystery, Action, Romance (possibly)

Rating: G


"This isn't good." Merlock said to himself as he watched the upside down figures walking around the room he was in. Actually, they weren't upside down. He was. The reason for that had to be the fact that he was tied up upside down hanging from the ceiling.

"That's what? The third time you said that since you woke up?" Tony asked from next to him. If Tony could, he would cross his arms in a very immature fashion and look away from Merlock with a pouting expression. At least, that was how Merlock thought he would react if he were untied. A natural attitude the boy had.

"And what if it is?" Merlock asked irritably.

"It's getting annoying."

"Well, you wouldn't have to hear it if you had stayed safely behind as you were told in the first place. Just be glad dear Sara is not in the same circumstance."

"Why? You'd go crazy just to save her or something?" Merlock sighed and thought how to phrase it nicely then shook his head in defeat when he realized there was no way.

But, before Merlock could answer, the door was bashed in, and Flint came bursting into the room with his father held menacingly in the air five times the size as normal.

"Let Tony and Merlock go now!" Flint demanded, "Or I'll get ugly with you!"

"Ah, Flint." A voice spoke up, "How nice it is you came." Merlock and Tony looked over to there right and saw a man walk down the set of stairs that lay only five feet away from them. The man looked over at the two captives and smiled. Merlock glared at the man, a growling noise coming from his throat. Tony glanced from Merlock to the man oddly.

"I'm afraid letting Merlock go is not something I would like to do, and young Tony is my insurance."

"What do you mean insurance?" Sara asked as she came into the building. Merlock's eyes grew wide as he saw Sara and struggled to get out of the ropes.

"I told you to stay outside Sara!" Flint cried.

"Insurance that you don't do anything stupid like making the building fall." The man said as he descended the rest of the stairs. "Now, please contact Ms. Grey so I can give her my demands. I'm sure Jillian would like to know what they are."

"And why would I do that?" Flint demanded

"Because, I'm sure Tony wants to see his next birthday. He can't do that if I take his life now, can I?"

"What?" Sara cried

"Flint!" Merlock cried, "This isn't like fighting Petra Fina! This man is serious! Just do as he says!" The man's smile grew and he stroked his chin softly.

"Yes, the whelp is correct. This isn't some silly game you have played before." With out the man noticing Pteri had made his way to Tony and Merlock. He had tied a rope to the banister and put it in Tony's hand and was in the process of gnawing the ropes binding him away.

"Petra Fina is an immature princess who is taken away with the simplest of sweet talking. She's much too emotional and acts way to violently when she doesn't get her own way. A princess."

"And your point is?" Flint asked.

"My point is, that is, if you want Tony back, follow my demands."

"What about Merlock?" Sara asked in confusion. The man seemed to think on that one, cocking his head to the side slightly.

"Oh, yes. Merlock. No. He's mine."

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!!!" The man turned at the cry and saw Tony hanging by the rope. He was in the process of climbing, as Merlock's own ropes were chewed threw and he swung to the banister as well, only he didn't scream as he fell upright.

"No!" He cried as he saw his prize getting away. "Stop them!" He shouted to his men. Merlock broke the nearest window and grabbed Tony, jumping out. Sara's eyes flew wide and she rushed out the door to run to the back where Tony and Merlock would have landed. Flint smirked and looked at his father.

"Wanna have some fun dad?" He asked

"It's about time!" Rocky cried. And with that, the duo began wrecking havoc.


"I'm glad to see things turned out well in the end." Jillian murmured as Flint bounced around the room happily.

"Not really Ms. Grey." Merlock replied irritably, "He got away."

"That isn't the point."

"Yes it is!" Merlock shouted, startling all the occupants of the room. Flint immediately stopped bouncing and stared at the normally calm teen. "The whole point was to get him! He committed a crime, escaped from prison, stole a time pass to the early 2030's, and not only took me captive, but Tony as well, and then he escaped again when Flint took the initiative! That mad man has to be taken back into custody as soon as possible!"

"Yes, I know that Merlock." Ms Grey replied calmly.

"Then why am I back here and not going after him? Why did you call me back when I was preparing to search for him?"

"Because henceforth you are no longer on the case." Merlock stared at her in shock.


"You seem to be in as much danger from this man as the time stream itself."

"Your point is?" Merlock didn't seem to care about that. He only cared about getting that man behind bars again.

"I cannot allow you to be part of a case that seems personal. It could be very disastrous Merlock. You know the possibilities of personal vendettas. You're a good detective, to good to be stupid. Besides, I don't want to call your mother up and tell her I let you get yourself killed."

"What has my mother got to do with anything?" Merlock asked cautiously.

"I already sent word to your clan you'll be returning home soon so you better start packing now." She replied calmly. Merlock's jaw dropped, then worked as he tried to talk.

"But…but…you can't do this!" Merlock cried.

"I can and I did. Do you want me to suspend you?"

"But…." At first, Merlock could only stare at her in shock, then his eyes narrowed in a glare. He slammed his fist into Ms. Grey's desk and turned sharply on his heel, leaving the room without a proper goodbye to anyone including Sara.

"What was that all about Ms. Grey?" Sara asked

"I'm not really too sure." Jillian murmured


Merlock watched the rain patter against his window as he gazed outside. As the droplets splattered against the glass triklets of water slid down to the sill, lines of moisture streaking behind to trace it's path.

Merlock couldn't help but think about the day's events. After he jumped out the window with Tony he had, as usual, landed on his head. But instead of pretending it didn't happen, he sat there for several minutes, trying to keep his temper in check. Sara had come then, worried about both him and her brother.

Merlock, though, had been furious. Jillian had told the twins not to come on this mission, for he had asked Jillian to tell them not to. They came anyway, as they always would. He had yelled at both Sara and Tony, neither one to happy about it. Tony yelled back, but Sara looked at him with a hurt expression. That had hurt him more then anything.

The building collapsed then and the man they were after had gotten away. Merlock had wanted to pursue him, but Jillian had called him to a halt. When they had returned he went straight to Jillian's office to demand why he had been pulled back. He had found the others already there.

"Merlock?" Bindi asked hesitantly, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine Bindi."

"Are you sure? I really am sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen." Merlock sighed. That was the sixth time Bindi apologized for something that wasn't entirely her fault to begin with. She had insisted it was. She felt she was the reason he had been captured in the first place. He had told her to be quiet, but she refused. She continued to pester him about his obsession with Sara. The next thing Merlock knew, thugs surrounded them and he was knocked unconscious trying to get away. Luckily, he had managed to let Bindi escape. She had found Flint, telling him what happened. He wasn't sure how Tony got grabbed, but he was furious when he saw Tony there instead of safely back at the bureau. He knew that if Tony was there, Sara was sure to be somewhere close.

"It isn't your fault Bindi." Merlock murmured, "I told you that already. They were waiting for me."

"Waiting for you? Oh, you mean expecting an officer to show up?"

"It doesn't matter right now." Merlock murmured. He got up and looked at his bed where his suitcase was. He had packed what little he needed and was ready. All he had to wait for was his…escort. Jillian didn't trust him very well. Even though she had good reason not to, he was still hurt. Oh well. It would be nice to see his family again nonetheless. It had been almost two years since he saw them last.


"I don't get it." Tony mumbled as he and Sara set the dinner table.

"Don't get what?" Sara asked

"Merlock." Tony growled

"What do you mean?" Sara set the last plate down and looked at her brother curiously.

"Well, today was different." Tony murmured, "Usually he would have left me to jump out on my own. He would have instantly gone to your side, trying to get you to safety. Instead, he grabbed me and jumped out the window with me. He even made sure I didn't get hurt when we landed, though I can't say the same about him. Then, instead of lunging up and saying something stupid he sat there until you came out. HE looked like he was trying not to get mad, but when he saw you…he seemed to lose it. That was when he yelled at both of us."

"Yeah, I remember." Sara murmured. She had never seen Merlock so upset before. He demanded to know what they were doing there, why they hadn't stayed behind like they were told. He had specifically asked Ms. Grey to tell us to stay behind. That's what really puzzled her. And then, when he yelled at her, she felt bad. It was almost as if Uncle Bernie was yelling at her. It was uncharacteristic for both him and Merlock to do that. And that meant that Merlock was very worried and had just cause to feel this way. This had been personal for him.

"I mean, it wasn't even my fault I got captured!" Tony was saying. She realized that she hadn't been listening to him and mentally berated herself. "It was a fluke!" he continued, "I got separated from you guys and got lost! It's not like it hasn't happened before, right?"

"I really don't think that's the point." Sara replied.

"Yeah, well, he still didn't have to yell at us like we were a couple'a kids."

"But we are a couple of kids."

"I'm twelve! I'm not a kid!"

"Merlock is sixteen. To him, we are kids."

"That's another thing! Why is he so bent on liking you when you're so much younger then him anyway?"

"Liking me?" Sara shrugged. "You know I never gave it much thought. I know he's to old for me." Yet, in the back of her mind she couldn't' get over the look in his eyes. The anger she saw there. Or, better yet, the fear induced anger. Maybe, just maybe….