Author's Note: I've had this idea since I first saw season one of Bitten. Some ideas are harder to just ignore and this is one of them. My muse has spawn a whole universe. There will be a four part premiere that I will post. Kinda like a tv show pilot in hopes that it will catch on and readers will like it. I put a lot of work into this for the last six months so I hope you guys will like it. Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Title to the story is subject to change if I decide on something better. I love shifters so I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I do. Also at the end of some chapters, I will add some story info to know that I think you should know ahead of time.

I dedicate this to my friend, Bethie, who unexpectedly passed away on 2/14. She would have loved it. She enjoys my shape shifters.

And let the premiere begin. Enjoy.

Rated R: Characters death, slightly tiny graphic. You have been warned.

Let's mark this with an AU timeline with mix plots of season one at this time.


Chapter One

The attack was fierce and brutal, hitting them from all sides taking them all out one by one. Fights between humans and beasts broke out before the panthera race realized they weren't going to stand a chance against the wolves that invaded their home.

They were caught off their guard, the day before the full moon; the red moon: it hindered them the ability to shift, preventing them from over powering their attackers.

So much death. Everywhere her eyes looked there was someone she knew, their lifeless bodies mangled; torn to shreds. The air was heavy, thick with carnage. An eerie still of quietness except for her own bare footsteps.

There was no whimpers or cries for help. There was no movement she saw that would indicate someone...anyone made it out alive.


They were all dead.

Childhood friends. Gone. Slaughtered.

She stumbled forward. Dazed. Lost.

She didn't know what to do. There was no one to help help them. She lost everyone that she ever knew or loved. Her whole entire race...dead.

She stopped in her tracks, frozen as her blood shot eyes fell upon the bodies. She gasped loudly, covering her mouth with a shaky hand.

Her mother. Her sister. Their life essence dissipated, leaving only an empty shell. Open eyes stared back at her as she dropped to her knees.

Pools of blood soaked the floor, clinging to her exposed skin. "Mama..." Tears fell from her eyes, mixing with the dirt and grime that covered her face leaving streaks behind. How could this have happened? Her entire family wiped off the map. Nobody was left. They were all gone.

The realization hit her hard, overcoming with such unbearable pain. It slammed into her sucking the life from her tattered soul. Heart wrenching sobs erupted from within, shaking so hard it hurt. She fell forward into her mother's body as she cried, shielding herself from all the death that will forever scar her. Leaving an everlasting imprint on her heart...her soul.

"I'm so...sorry...Mama..." She cried out, her hands gripping her shirt, tightening them as her knuckles became white. She heard the fabric tare from her strength.

This can't be happening.

She reached for her sister, lifting her up into her arms. She buried her face into the crock of her neck. "Sarah..." She mourned deeply. Her world shattered around her. Guilt ridden her, creeping up on her. They had argued only mere minutes before the attack started. It was a ridiculous argument to say the least. Sarah came to her with color options for her dress: she was going to be a bridesmaid in her sisters wedding and Kiera didn't like any of them and refused to wear such colors.

It was stupid and pointless, allowing it to happen in the first place. She would have gladly wore any color Sarah picked out for her, but Kiera wasn't in the mood to discuss dresses or colors or even flowers for that matter. And when Sarah had asked her why she was being such a 'bitch', Kiera admitted she was jealous.

And that was the end of the conversation when screams erupted their compound...their home.

Kiera gently laid her sister next to their mother, closing both sets of eyes and kissed their foreheads goodbye. Wiping the tears from her face she got to her feet and continued on. She needed to find her father. He would know what to do. If anyone that could survive he could...he's the Panthera's Alpha.


Story Info To Know:

Who are the Panthera's?

Black Leopards shape shifters. They are born with the gene and has the ability to shift into their feline counter part. They are a very discreet and private 'pack' though their young do have the right to visit the neighboring towns.