She walked down the corridor and into the elevator.

The stoical face that she had adopted in Skinner's office remained right up until the doors slid closed and gave her the solitude she craved. Leaning against the wall of the elevator Scully looked blindly to the ceiling, closed her eyes and kicked the wall with her heel so hard that it shook.

"Fuck…" she hissed, followed by another kick and an even louder, "SHIT!"

She tried to clear her head as she walked to the other side of the elevator, then realising she had failed to press a button stabbed B and waited. The same thought came to her mind that had echoed through her brain throughout the meeting. It was the first word that entered her head the moment that she realised the direction the meeting was taking…


"Shit…" she hissed again and closed her eyes. The problem with her relationship with Mulder was that it was so…undefined. He was the most important person in her life and she knew that feeling was mutual. He had told her before – she was his touchstone, his best friend, the only one he trusted, his one in five billion, she made him a whole person…

But what did any of that really mean when faced with a situation like this? Where did she stand when life totally blindsided her?

She was jarred out of her thoughts as the doors opened on their floor. Talking a breath Scully stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the office. Her mind, which was recently spinning with so many thoughts that she couldn't grasp hold of one, now slowed to a halt.