Nature's Gift

Heya everyone! So… new idea here, I need some input on whether it's interesting and if I should do it?

So, I recently watched an anime called "Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?" and this idea has been floating around in my head ever since. I really loved the main characters of the show and so, here's what came of that!

I wanted a story where Naruto's abilities were based around Kasukabe You, and so that's what I've done. Ah, and to the majority of you that have likely not seen the anime, her ability "Genome Tree" allows her to communicate with animals and copy qualities of animals she's come into contact with.

Hm… as for his personality, I'll let you guys figure that out by yourself.

So, let's begin!

Chapter I: Snake in the Grass

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It's so dark… where am I? The thought dominated his mind. He was having trouble remembering anything right now… it was strange. Light suddenly flooded his vision though, and he recoiled, covering his eyes protectively as he tried to allow himself to adjust from the pitch darkness he had been forced to endure before. Blinking, he finally found himself able to scope out the surroundings.

Standing before him was a man with skin that looked like it hadn't seen the light of day in at least several years, slick black hair and amber eyes that reminded the boy of a snake for some reason. The man wore the Konohagakure Jounin uniform, which put the boy at ease as he felt he could trust him. The Jounin of the village were there to protect the citizens after all. As the man approached, he knelt in front of the boy, reflecting his blue eyes and blonde spikes of hair in the metal plate of his hitai-ite.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. Do you know who I am?" The boy shook his head, not having even the slightest idea of who this man was. "My name is Hebi Orochimaru. I have been tasked with looking after you after your accident." Naruto tilted his head, unsure what the man was talking about. "Ah, I was expecting you not to remember. You had a particularly bad head trauma after you fell out the second floor of the Academy. You see, while I am no medic-ninja, I am a very accomplished scientist of the Research and Development Department of Konoha with much of my studies revolving around biology and anatomy. The medics wanted to heal your physical injuries, but you had none of those. The Hokage and the orphanage however have given me permission to perform some… tests on you. With the ease that your body healed after the accident, I think it would allow me to find ways to help other people."

"Wait… are you saying I have some sort of… kekkai genkai?" Naruto asked curiously. When the man nodded his head, Naruto couldn't help but grin. He had a bloodline! That would really help him find out who his parents were! "What sort of tests, Orochimaru-sensei?" Naruto asked curiously. The man smiled.

"Oh, nothing too serious. I just want to find out why you healed so quickly and how you gained this ability." Naruto nodded, understanding. "You would be fine with participating in this then?"

The blonde thought about it. "What about my classes?" Orochimaru waved the concerns off.

"Do not worry, you will be given excused absences while we do this and all of your assignments will be delivered here by one of the other students. In addition, I will walk you through the lessons myself, but I would ask that you remain here for the tests so that I can monitor you throughout the various experiments I will be performing." Naruto nodded, showing his agreement.

"Sure, I'll help you then, Orochimaru-sensei!" Naruto grinned. Orochimaru matched the smile with one of his own, his eyes not quite matching. The pale man then stood and turned away from the blonde, licking his lips as his amber eyes glinted dangerously.

"Good… good. I will have someone come along shortly to bring you some food. For now, I ask that you remain in this room unless someone comes for you. The building we are in houses some very dangerous objects and I would hate for something to happen to you. There are plenty of scrolls here to read, a radio if you'd like some music to drown out the silence, a desk with paper and utensils for writing or drawing and even some toys to play with if you'd like. If you find there is anything specific you'd like to have delivered, tell the aide who brings your food and I will see if it can be brought. There is a bathroom for you through the door there and a closet with changes of clothing just next to it, so please feel free to do as you wish until the tests begin."

With that, Orochimaru left the room, leaving Naruto alone. After he did, Naruto had a curious look on his face. "He lied to you." He heard the familiar voice and looked down in his lap where a grey-furred cat sat, looking up at him with curious eyes. "I know you could hear his pulse, smell the change in his sweat and detect the scent of snake on him. Why did you fake as if you believed what he said?"

"Oh, you worry too much, Kaijin. I mean, I don't have to go to school if I do this and it's not like the Hokage will let me be hurt. Even if that guy didn't get his permission to do this, then that just means that he'll send out search parties and eventually he'll find me. I get a break from everything like this." Laying on his back, the seven year old placed his hands behind him head and shut his eyes. "I mean, it's just so boring going to school every day."

"I understand your reluctance to attend classes, they are certainly dull. However, it does make me worry that this man who smells of snakes tried to convince you that you fell from the second story and received a head trauma that may have caused slight memory loss. You have jumped from the second floor before and always land fine… why would he think something like that would work?"

"Eh, oh well. Where are we anyways? You followed them and slipped in here when he left just now, right? You must know have an idea of where he's keeping me." He opened one eye, looking at the cat that stood on his chest. The feline gave him a look that was almost certainly meant to reprimand him for his carefree attitude. "Come on, Kaijin, at least humor me."

"You are hopeless, Naruto. Alright, well, we are in Konoha still, though this is actually an underground complex beneath Training Ground 34. Since this particular training ground is meant to simulate Rai no Kuni, it is pretty large with many rocky structures. The entrance to this place was hidden within the side of one of the larger rocks and the lab itself seems to stretch out very far, probably half the size of that Training Ground 44 you are so fond of visiting."

"Hey, the animals there are pretty cool. They actually let me do things, unlike a certain cat I know who is always telling me what to do." Naruto responded without opening his eyes. "I'm sure that everything will turn out just fine. Even if that guy kidnapped me, he's sure keeping up an act to try and convince me that I'm in no danger, so why not take advantage of the hospitality while I can? It's a great opportunity."

"I really wish you would take this more seriously, Naruto." Kaijin complained. "However, you are correct on one account." The confession surprised Naruto and he opened his eyes to look at the cat. "This man is, if I remember correctly, Orochimaru of the Sannin. If he is going to go over your lessons personally, it presents an interesting opportunity to learn from a powerful ninja like him. With the one-on-one treatment, there's no way you can get bored either. This may be just the thing you need to pay more attention to your studies."

The boy sighed. Yeah… should've seen that. Of course that's what Kaijin thinks is the positive part of this little… vacation. Oh well, no big deal, I guess. "Alright, sure, I'll pay attention." Naruto watched as the cat leapt from his chest to the floor and sat up, watching as the ash-grey cat walked around the room. "So, can you smell anything?"

"There are no rodents in this base, perhaps some insects may make their way in however. I believe that I saw a spider or two in the hall as I came here. I doubt that they belong to species you haven't met before though."

Naruto waved that off. "Don't worry about that, making new friends is always fun to do. Doesn't matter if I already know animals like them, meeting new ones is the best part of my ability." Kaijin shook his head in exasperation. "Hey, just cause your totally anti-social doesn't mean all of us have to be."

Kaijin turned his nose up, his back to Naruto. "Everything has its use. I thought you would understand that by now. Too many acquaintances could not be helpful. You stretch yourself far too thin." Naruto chuckled at the cat's philosophy and stood, looking around his new room for the first time. There were three doors, the one to the hallway, one to the bathroom and one to a closet. The room itself was pretty large, probably almost the same size as the classroom back at the Academy.

On one wall there were three scroll cases filled to the brim with different documents that Naruto would eventually go through. The opposite wall had his bed and desk, right next to each other. Then there was also the two chests that were next to the closet door, probably filled with the "toys" that Orochimaru talked about. "Well, it could be worse. This is a vast improvement over what I have in the orphanage, for sure." Naruto said with a grin as he crossed his arms. "So, Kaijin, do you got any idea on just what this dude is up to?"

"If I did I would already have told you, you moron." Naruto glared at the cat but ignored him otherwise, walking over to the scroll case and picking a random one up before opening it. "What's that?" Kaijin asked, climbing up the scroll case before jumping and landing on Naruto's right shoulder, reading the text.

"Hm… I honestly have no idea at all. These words are way too big for me. It might be something medical, Orochimaru said he was some sort of biologist." Kaijin nodded as Naruto shut the scroll.

"It is true that scientific and medical texts are just about the only thing you can't read yet. Put it away and we can always come back to it later. I do wonder why he would put that in a room that you are occupying though. Does he expect you to understand it?"

"Hm… might be that he got ahold of the Academy records or something." Naruto pointed out as he walked over to the two trunks and opened one. Grinning, he pulled a yo-yo out of it and placed it on his finger. "Yeah, after those jerks at the orphanage broke my last one, I didn't think I could get another one of these." He watched as the end was sent down and then came back at his command."

"Is this really a time to be playing with toys?" Kaijin asked.

"What? Maybe it'll come in handy someday." Naruto defended. At a look from the cat, he sighed. "Fine, whatever." He conceded and put the yo-yo in his pocket as he rifled through the chest some more, pulling out a Rubik's cube. "Is this better, you uptight bastard?"

"Your language could use some improvement, but yes, it is much better." Naruto stood and walked over to the desk, leaning back in the chair as he began to mix up the colored tiles, his feet on the desk. "You are insufferable…" Kaijin mumbled.

"Meh, that's your opinion." Naruto replied as he began to try and solve the puzzle cube. "Anyways, what sort of tests do you think I'll have to do?"

"I expect the man to begin with blood tests. After that, he will probably test your healing against several types of potential injuries, diseases and poisons. Can you still act lightly with that possibility in mind?" Naruto waved off the cat as he focused on the toy in his hand.

"Nothing could compare to those villagers and the animals in the Forest. Between that attempted accidents since I was kicked out of the orphanage by the citizens and the training those sadistic creatures in 44 I'm pretty much completely confident I can take whatever the Snake has for me." Kaijin couldn't help but sigh at the nonchalant attitude Naruto had about the whole situation.

"I can see that there is no way to get you to understand what may happen, so I will let you find out yourself. Just don't come to me apologizing when you see how correct I am." Naruto grinned suddenly and sat up, showing the completed puzzle to his furry friend. "You're absolutely hopeless…"

And that's it!

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