Chapter Five


"Killing Lilith would have been the final seal to break Lucifer our of his cage in Hell"

Everyone looked at Castiel in shock.

"No way," Sam said in shock before Dean slapped his shoulder with a grin.

"Oh! Little Sammy got played."

Sam glared at his older brother and then Harry and Bobby when they snorted in laughter.

"At least tell us the sex was good," Harry said through his gasps of laughter. Sam just blushed a dark pink.

They all enjoyed a good laugh before getting back to the serious part.

"Well good thing she's not coming back," Harry said with a stiff nod.

"So we just avoided the apocalypse?" Dean asked.

"Not yet," Castiel said somberly. "The first seal was broken when 'a righteous man shed blood in Hell.'"

Every one was silent but Harry frowned.

"But Dean didn't break." This caused Castiel to jerk his head towards the wizard and also frown.

"I was ordered to rescue Dean Winchester from Hell because the first Seal had broke and Heaven needed him to fight for them."

"Well Dean isn't the righteous man that broke. He was being tortured right up until you grabbed us."

Before Castiel could say anything else the sound of ruffling wings filled the room and another angel showed up.

"That is enough talk about something above you Castiel," came a deep voice but before the new comer could grab the young angel Harry jumped forward. The wizard grabbed the strangers wrists before he could touch his friend.

"Hold up there big guy," Harry growled as he silently bound the angel from leaving. "If it's above Castiel maybe you can give us the answers we need."

"I'll say nothing to you mud-monkey," the man snapped in disgust. All three hunters behind them nearly stood up to defend their newest partner in hunting but the short man just laughed coldly.

"You think that's the worst I've been called," he whispered harshly. "If you don't want to give us answers I have a way to make you talk. I don't know if it works on your kind, but no time better than now to find out."

With that he stepped away from the snarling angel to reach into the bag on his back. He shoved his hand into the biggest opening of the backpack and everyone in the room hear some clinking before the hand was removed and revealed to be holding a stoppered bottle.

"I figured the goblins would put some in here," Harry mumbled before getting back into the angel's personal space as the rest of the people in the room watched in curiosity.

"Do you know what this is?" Without waiting for an answer he pulled out the cork and yanked the mans neck back causing him to gasp in surprise and pain. Harry reached up and poured about a third of the vial into the open mouth.

"Harry?" Dean finally asked in confusion. "What is that stuff?"

"That is truth serum, it has another name but it's really long and I never remember it. Anyway, this is how we're going to get our answers."

"How?" Sam asked with a frown.

"Easy, ask him any question." Everyone turned to the restrained angel in the room and saw his eyes had took on a glazed look.

"Alright," Dean said. "Why did Heaven want me brought out of Hell?"

"Michael ordered everything, Father left centuries ago and Michael is now bored. He has decided to start the apocalypse early by secretly suggesting everything Azazel ever did including pushing that soldier to kill you brother. He wanted you sent to Hell to break the first seal so he and his trusted angels could begin breaking the rest. He had also threatened a demon named Ruby to encourage your brother need for revenge on Lilith and after the first 65 seal were broke she was supposed to lead him to a church where Lilith's blood would open a doorway straight to Lucifer's Cage. Sam and Dean Winchester play the biggest part because they are Lucifer and Michael's vessels respectively. In the end Michael would defeat Lucifer so Paradise could reign. No matter the loss of human life." By the end of it the angel wasn't even talking to Dean anymore just reciting what sounded like his orders given to him by Michael. The others in the room couldn't help but be surprised.

"But Dean didn't break. He never tortured anyone. What will Michael do now since the first seal wasn't broke?"

"He does not think his plan was a bust. He has already given his approval to break the rest of the seals."

"But it won't lead to anything. Will he be able to successfully break the rest of the seals?"

"I do-" Before he could continue another angel showed up.

"Zachariah!" Someone boomed. "Why have you not brought me that ignorant Castiel to be punished!"

"Because he's to busy spilling his, I mean, your secrets Michael," Harry said with a snarl. Michael looked around the room to see three hunters and a wizard glaring at him, his top crony looking high, and Castiel frowning at him.

"What has he told you?"

"Nothing much, you planned everything from Azazel feeding Sam demon's blood as a baby all the way to planning on breaking all the seals because you got bored while Daddy was away," Dean said with a shrug as he continued to glare at the archangel. Michael looked unsure of this development before snarling at everyone and disappearing from the room.

"Well this ain't gonna turn out good," Bobby said with a frown. The other's nodded in agreement.

"What do we do with him," Sam asked as he gestured toward Zachariah.

"We could zap him to Antarctica," Dean suggested. Harry smiled at his best friend before shaking his head.

"Or I could wipe his memory of ever working with Michael in the first place then send him back to Heaven so Castiel has at least one ally up there."

"Let's go with Harry's plan," Sam said with a look at his brother. Dean pouted but nodded in agreement. After getting nods from everyone else, even Castiel, Harry grabbed both sides of Zachariah's head and delved into the angel's mind. He met some resistance but was soon wiping all of his memories going back a quarter of a century. Once he was finished he took a step back and released the angel to see him shake his head in confusion.

"Thank you for your help Zachariah," Harry said with a smile. The angel looked up and realized he didn't know where he was.


"Castiel was just explaining how you helped him grab me and Dean from Hell before the first seal could be broke and we're really grateful for that, right Dean?" Harry said while shooting a look at said hunter.

"Yeah man, it's pretty awesome that you did that for us. What with Michael wanting to wait so he could jumpstart the apocalypse early," Dean said understanding the look Harry gave him.

"He did that?" Zachariah asked in shock.

"Yes Zachariah, now we must leave. We have many angels to speak to about Michael's wrongdoings and we must spread the word that the first seal was not broke as Michael hoped," Castiel said, speaking for the first time since Zachariah appeared, and grabbed his brother before they both disappeared.

The humans were silent for a moment before Harry flopped down on one of the beds.

"That was emotional," the wizard said as Dean flopped down beside him.

"What do we do now?" Sam asked.

"We sleep," Dean and Harry said in unison. They would of said something about the shocked looks on Sam and Bobby's faces but they were already asleep.

"Well I'm not tired, you?" Bobby said as he turned to Sam. The younger man shook his head.

"I am hungry though."

"Then let's go find that diner at the edge of town. I could go for something fried."

With that Sam and Bobby left the motel room after leaving a note for the sleeping men. None of them knew what would happen next but they did know that they should appreciate the quiet before the storm as much as possible.

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