AN: This is just a little something I came up with. Another one of my 'what if things didn't go so smoothly' fics. Kili whump and Fili angst as usual. The story takes place during the extended scene during BOFA where Fili, Kili, Dwalin, and Balin are riding the chariot on the frozen river. The first part of the story goes through what happened during that scene but the second part takes a different turn. Hop everyone enjoys this!

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"Hop on lads!" Fili and Kili disperse of the Orc they are fighting and turn towards the voice. Balin is steering a chariot with Dwalin controlling a crossbow in the middle of it. As the chariot stops next to them, the two heir jump atop it. Fili is on the right side and Kili on the left, just in front of the wheels. They hang on as Balin urges the goats on.

It isn't long before the chariot pulls up next to Thorin. The King Under the Mountain is riding on a goat. His gaze looks over at the chariots occupants. It's Balin who speaks up first.

"You know it's been awhile since I've done this," Balin says with a smirk that is returned by Thorin. Thorin turns his attention to where Azog is standing atop Ravenhill.

"To Ravenhill!" Thorin shouts before spurring his goat on.

"Hold tight lads," Balin says to Fili and Kili before flicking the reigns. The goats take off, leading the chariot after Thorin.

Fili and Kili look ahead of them to see a wall of Orcs standing before them. Fili readies himself for the coming onslaught while Kili reaches behind his self and sharpens his blade on the wheel. Thorin and his goat charge at the wall of Orcs and begins swinging his sword at them. The Orcs fall on either side of him as Thorin's sword makes contact with the creatures.

The chariot charges at the Orcs as well. Fili and Kili swing their swords and kill the Orcs on either side of the chariot. The three pronged swords that are sticking out of the chariot's wheels take out any Orc in it's way as well. Any Orc's that happen to be on the ground are ran over by the chariot. Simultaneously, Dwalin shoots the crossbow and fells a large number of Orcs on top of the chariot's and Fili and Kili's destruction.

There is a sound of horns blowing and the heirs look up to see Azog's horns sounding. There is a loud crash and Fili and Kili shift their gazes to see a mass of Trolls plow through the armies. Kili's eyes widen when a few of them rush towards the chariot.

"Watch out!" Kili shouts to Fili, Dwalin, and Balin. He feels the chariot fly through the air and he reaches a hand out, grabbing the chariot so he doesn't fall. He watches as they fly past the Trolls and the wheel swords slice off the Troll's heads. The chariot lands on the ground and bounces a couple of times. Kili's eyes widen when he notices another Troll chasing after them. Kili's grip tightens on the chariot as he feels it jerk to the side when Balin maneuvers them to dodge the oncoming Troll. Balin is successful but Kili grinds his teeth when it results in the chariot dangerously leaning onto two wheels before righting itself back up.

"Hold on!" Dwalin shouts to Fili and Kili as the chariot rushes over a hill.

As the chariot flies over the hill, Fili and Kili let out a shout. Their eyes widen when the chariot lands on the iced over river and slides to the side before righting itself. Rounding a corner, the chariot slams into the rock wall before continuing down the river. Fili cringes and Dwalin's shout for ammunition reaches his ears. He looks over to see his brother balancing his self as Kili hands Dwalin the requested ammunition. Dwalin loads the crossbow and readies his self when there is a loud growl from behind the chariot.

Kili's head whips around to look for the source of the growl and sees a Troll run and jump onto the frozen river. Kili's eyes grow big as the Troll chases after them. The ice suddenly breaks beneath the Troll and it crashes into the water. This doesn't deter it thought and it continues to run after the chariot. Kili swiftly notches an arrow into his bow and aims it at the charging Troll.

"Take it down! Shoot it!" Dwalin shouts, aiming the order at Kili.

"Where?!" Kili shouts back in frustration as he's searching the Troll for a weak spot.

"In the jambags!" Dwalin shouts an answer as he shoots at Orcs in front of them.

"It doesn't have any jambags!" Kili shouts as he looks back at Dwalin and lowers his bow, his frustration growing.

"Look!" Fili shouts as his eyes grow when he sees the Troll practically on top of them now.

Kili quickly turns back around and lifts his bow once again. Not wasting any time, he lets the arrow loose. The arrow finds it mark but the Troll still runs after them, the ice breaking underneath it as the Troll does.

"Hold on lads, I'm coming!" Bofur's voice shouts from the bank. Fili looks over to see Bofur riding a Troll and using makeshift reigns to control it. Bofur steers his Troll to attack the one chasing the chariot. Fili cheers along with the other Dwarves in the chariot as they watch Bofur use his Troll to fight the other.

"Bofur, you beauty!" Fili cheers and pumps his hand into the air. The chariot races away from the fight and down the river to catch up to Thorin. It turns another corner and smacks into the rock wall causing Fili to quickly grab on to the chariot to steady himself. Fili looks ahead of them and sees another Troll. This one is holding a large plank above it's head. On top of the plank is a slew of Orcs.

"Dwalin!" Balin shouts having seen the same thing Fili had. Dwalin instantly begins shooting and killing the Orcs on the plank. A number of the arrows hit the Troll as well. Balin looks on either side of him and sees both Fili and Kili arming bows with arrows. The heirs hastily begin shooting at the Troll hoping to take it down before they get to it. Balin shouts at the Troll and Orcs in anger and can hear his brother, Fili, and Kili do the same. This ride to Ravenhill seemed never ending.

Kili knocks another arrow back and let's it soar. He watches as it hits the Troll in the neck, causing it to fall dead to the ground. The chariot rides over the downed Troll as if it was a bridge while the Dwarves cheer at their victory. It doesn't last long as suddenly, a pack of Wargs appear from around a corner up ahead.

"Wargs!" Kili shouts with determination set on his face. He glances behind them and sees another pack of Wargs appear an start chasing them. Kili's eyes widen as he realizes they are trapped between the two packs. With a look back at the Wargs in front of them, Kili notices a Warg leap at them. The Warg latches onto the lead left goat and rips it off the rope and to the side. It doesn't take long for two more Wargs to follow it's lead. One of the Wargs pounces on the lead right goat while the other jumps on the new lead left goat. Both goats are ripped off the lines and killed. Kili's heart rate picks up when he looks to the bank and sees Wargs and their riders jump onto the river. They begin their pursuit of the Dwarves from the back and front as well. Kili glances at his older brother and he notices Fili readying his self for a fight. Kili takes a deep breath and does the same.

"Hold tight lads!" Balin warns the heirs as the chariot propels over a small, frozen waterfall. One of the Orcs on top a Warg catches up to them as they land and slide slightly. It begins swinging it's sword at Kili who fight back. Eventually slicing the Orc in the stomach, Kili causes the Orc to fall to the ground, taking the Warg with him.

On the other side of the chariot, another Warg and it's rider attacks Fili. Fili fights them, clocking a couple of attacks before slicing them. The Warg and Orc also fall to the ground, dead.

On Kili's side, yet another Warg catches up to them. This one does not have a rider but the threat is still there. The chariot rounds a corner and it slides into a rock. It squishes the Warg between and tears it into half with its wheel swords before the chariot rushes ahead.

As the chariot crashed into the rock and tore the Warg in half, the chariot shook and bounced, jerking around. Kili reaches out to grab the chariot but misses, his hand grasping air. The chariot jerks as it pulls away from the Warg and Kili loses his balance. Kili lets out a shout as he falls to the ice. In order to minimize the damage, Kili rolls but crashes into the rocks nonetheless.

There is a shout that sounds like Dwalin and Kili looks up. Brown eyes widening, Kili watches as another pack of Wargs jump onto the frozen river and begin chase. Fili's shout of his name reaches Kili's ears and he shoves his self to his feet with a groan. Unsheathing his sword, Kili forces himself to run towards the chariot, the Wart's growls and howls sounding behind him.

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