Greetings one and all, and welcome to the first chapter of Power Ranger: Legacy. I have been wanting to write a PR story for a while now (hey I grew up with the show). For this particular fic, I chose to adapt Megaforce and Super Megaforce, not because their my favorite season (That would be Zeo or RPM), but because of the lack of story I can put in my own theories I had.

Anyways I hope you enjoy it, and as always I do not own anything except the OC's.

In the back of a yellow school bus sat a handsome tall young man about 17 years old, with pale skin, short bowl-shaped black hair with blue eyes. He was dressed in a white open jacket with popped color over a green shirt. On his lower body he was dressed in black jeans.

He was staring out of the window, he soon saw the school he was transferring to, Harwood High. When the bus came to the stop at its destination, the students began to fill out of the bus. Being one of the last one, he noticed a sleeping student, with dark brown hair, dressed in a black jacked, over a red shirt and dark blue jeans, sitting by the window. "Hey, it's time to wake up.", he said, slightly shaking him and the fellow student slowly wakes up, "We need to get off the bus or we're going to be late on the first day of school."

"Don't want that.", the other young man said as he slides off the bus seat and slings his backpack on as they walk down the aisle of the bus. "Thanks.", the young man said as they get off the bus and started to walk towards the school building. "No problem. I am Sky by the way.", the young man said, extending his hand. "Troy.", the young man now named Troy said, giving him a firm handshake.

"Have you been going to this school long?", Sky asked, but Troy told him he was a transfer students as well. "Oh, that's great. At least I won't be the only new kid.", the black haired guy said, before he began to look around, "Hey, where are we going?"

"I don't know. I have been following you.", Troy said.

"What? I have been following you the whole time.", Sky responded, "You think there might be a directory? Maybe a food court? Some kind of recognizable landmark? Is, uh... Is that a 'no'?", he continued as the two looked around, not sure where to go.

After much difficulty the duo managed to find their classroom, which was being teach by an elderly teacher named Mr. Burley. As the teacher place his book bag on his desk and walks to the front of the class. "Alright, class, first things first, I'd like you to introduce you to this year new transfer students, Troy and Sky. Go ahead and introduce yourself.", Mr. Burley said with a kind voice, as Troy simply told his name before taking a seat in the back of the class.

Sky took a step forward, "Very well where shall I begin?", he started as he addressed class, "My name is Sky, I just moved here from Angel Grove. My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year-old French prostitute named Chloe, with webbed feet. My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring, we'd make meat helmets. When I was insolent, I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds. Pretty standard really..."

Sky stopped, taking in the face's of his classmates and his teacher, before bursting out in laughter. Seeing as he was joking, the rest of the class soon joined him.

"Excuse me! Is it okay if Sky sits here?", a blonde girl, dressed in a black leather jacked over a yellow shirt and dark jean, on the first row asked. Mr. Burley nodded as he gestured for him to sit down. As sitting down, their teacher started the lesson. The girl next to him leaned in close, "I like you, new kid. I think you and I are gonna be great friends.". Sky nodded at this while thinking, "And so my new Life at school begins. Will I able to fit in? Challenge accepted!"

"Okay class, let's start the year with a science brain teaser. What species will outlast all others on Earth?", Mr. Burley asked and a girl next on the left of the girl Sky was sitting on, hand quickly shot up into the air. Mr. Burley gestured to her, "Emma?"

The girl now named Emma, answered, "Insects. They'll survive all the bad stuff we're doing to the environment. Some of them have lots of legs. They'll be the last ones standing."

Behind him, Sky noticed a young man in a blue jacked and glasses, hand shooting up in the air, as another guy behind the bespectacled guy, dressed in a black hoody, leaned forward in his seat. "Dude, calm down. You're going to hurt yourself."

"She's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.", the young man in blue said, before Mr. Burley, gestured to him, "Yes Noah. You have a different answer."

"Robots. Robots powered by perpetual motion engines.", Noah answered but the girl next to Sky had her own opinion of that. "Robots are machines, so technically they're not a species."

"Troy, what do you think is the answer?", Troy sits up in his desk, simply responding, "Us humans. If we work together, we can overcome anything, like we have done in the past." Mr. Burley finds the answer interesting and certainly hopes that Troy is right.

Meanwhile a spaceship hovers over Earth. An insect like creature, named Admiral Malkor is on board the ship and contacts his lieutenant Creepox, who is already down on Earth, standing in some woods. "What do you make of this planet, Earth?", Malkor asked.

"Humans can't match our strength. We'll swarm this planet and destroy them all!", Creepox said quickly and eagerly.

"Don't be so sure of yourself, Creepox. Humanity has successfully fought off multiple invasions before.", Malkor corrected his lieutenant.

After the the school bell rings, the students were gathering their supplies and books from their lockers, ready to go home. Just as Sky was placing his backpack on and locking up his locker, he heard a voice say, "'Sup, dude?"

Turning around, he saw that it was the student who sat behind Noah. "Haha, you look like a deer in headlights.", he said holding a soccer ball under his arm, "I am Jake by the way. Nice to meet you.", the young man now named Jake said, "I know how tough it can be being the new kid. So I thought I'd check up on you, make sure you weren't freaking out on your first day.", Jake said before being interrupted by the blonde girl who had sat next to Sky as she walked by.

"At it again, huh? Did you ever think you might be bothering someone?", the girl asked, but Jake protested that he was just being friendly, "Oh, nearly forgot! I'm Gia. You know I sit next to you."

"You do?", Sky asked surprised.

"I was sitting right next to you! I even talked to you!", Gia said, slightly offended. "You did?", the transfer student asked surprised.

"Anyways, I have to meet someone at the Juice Bar. See you around new guy.", Gia said before continuing her walk.

Sky and Jake watches her walk off. "What is she, your nanny?... Seriously though, if you ever have a problem, you can tell your ol' pal Jake about it!"

"Thanks.", Sky said with a genuine smile, at that moment Noah came walking up to them as he is packing up.

Jake introduce his friend to Sky, and the two shake hands. "Noah, Gia is heading to Ernie's Brain Freeze!", Jake said excitedly, but his friend told told him Jake didn't stand a chance with the hottest girl in school. But Jake doesn't let that faze him and he dragged Sky and Noah out of the school. Looking around Sky couldn't see Troy anywhere.

Meanwhile on the shores of Hardwood County, a building sits by itself. All is quiet inside, until Suddenly one of the consoles lights up with a yellow light, by black, pink, blue, red and finally green. "Tensou.", a voice called, making a small robot wake up.

"How long have we been snoozing?", the robot called Tensou asked.

The voice responded, "Years... An Armada scout ship has landed on Earth. It's time to assemble a new team of heroes. The most energetic and unstoppable group, that exemplifies the enduring human spirit.", the voice continues as Tensou considers those words.

"Energetic and unstoppable... Don't say..."

"Teenagers.", the voice continued.

"Have you actually met any teenagers, Gosei?", Tensou asked, but the voice belonging to Gosei pointed out that neither had the robot.

"Get me six kids with talent and attitude and get them now."

Meanwhile over at the local mall, Sky, Noah and Jake enter and head start over to Ernie's Brain Freeze. Gia is already there, sitting at a table, doing her homework. Jakes glances at Gia as they walk past her table as they head up to the counter and sit down. "What can I get for you?", the man named Ernie asked, with Noah replying the usual.

"Make that four, one for each of us and for the very pretty girl in the corner.", Jake adds and Ernie gives a big grin, walking away to make the ice cream cones.

"So Sky, where did you live before coming here?", Noah asked as the new guy scratched behind his head.

"I am originally from Angel Grove, then I moved to Mariner Bay, before moving again to Silver Hills, for a time I lived with my uncle and cousin in Reefside then moved to live in Briarwood for a while, then I moved back to Angel Grove before moving here. It's all thanks to my parents and their job.", Sky explained much to Noah and Jake's surprise.

"Whoa, you really lived all over the place.", Jake said just as Ernie brings over the four ice cream cones, "Yours is on me too, its to welcome you to town.", Ernie hands Sky and Noah one, while he hands two to Jake.

Noah gets up and walks over to the tables that is set up with napkins and utensils as Jake hands Ernie a twenty dollar bill. He holds it up to the light, confirming it's good and walks to his register. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Gia suddenly vanish in a yellow swirl of energy. "The fu...", Sky said as he himself disappears in a swirl of green energy.

The air was knocked out of Sky as he landed on the floor of a dark room. Sitting up, he noticed that Troy, Gia, Noah, and Jake where in the same room. "Everyone okay?", Sky asked as the five slowly stood up.

They all muttered that they were alright. "Are you okay Sky?", Noah asked.

"No, this is my spirit.", Sky responded while they looked around.

"What just happened?", Jake asked, but none of them where sure.

"But it is scientifically impossible... And awesome!", Noah said, they all look around, although it is hard to see anything in the dark.

The group was startled when they heard a voice speak up, "It worked! It worked!", as something small rolls past them

"What is that?", Troy wants to know as he grabs a hold of the robot's back.

Noah let out a low whistle as he looked at the small robot, "An old school robot. Like in the movies!", Noah said impressed.

The robot seemed to take offense to this remark and shocks Noah's hand, before it rolls away from them. Suddenly the sides of the walls are lit up, highlighting the figures on small pedestals, followed by the ceiling lights coming on. "What's happening?", Noah said as the group notices a face on the end of the wall, Jake refers to it as freaky tiki.

Cautiously the five teens walk forward. "Whoa.", Sky said as he noticed the figures on the wall, "Those are teams of Power Rangers. This is amazing.", he seemed to be deeply impressed, but he and the rest where startled once more when another voice spoke up, "Welcome humans."

The group looks around only to find that the voice came from the giant tiki head. "My name is Gosei, and your lives are about to change forever. My mentor, Zordon, placed me here to be guardian of this planet. I am of the guardian of the Morphing grid and embodied it's great and mystical powers. This a precarious time for mankind. The Earth needs you."

"What are you talking about?", Gia asked.

"The Scouts of the Armada has already landed and you have been chosen to protect it.", Gosei answers. Suddenly Emma is dropped onto the floor in a swirl of pink energy unnoticed.

"You mean this is happening again?", Sky asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

"You actually believe the giant talking tiki?", Jake asked.

"We have been under alien attack before, I learned it when from the Power Rangers Museum in Angel Grove.", Sky explained. They were surprise as Emma started to talk, telling them that they just saw a alien, showing a picture of it on her camera.

"This can't be real.", Gia replied, still not entirely sure if this all was real.

"Your skepticism is healthy but this is all too real.", Gosei replies, "You have been carefully selected to form a team in the long tradition of the Power Rangers.", the small robot activates a screen.

Emma looks at the screen closest to her and it lights up pink before it shows images of her riding through the woods. "You are not only a great BMX cyclist, but you also truly care about the environment. You go to great lengths to take care of it. You shall soar up from the flames of the phoenix and be the Pink Ranger." Gosei tells her.

"Pink is my favorite color, but what's this Ranger deal?", Emma comments.

"Noah, your thirst for knowledge is unequaled.", Gosei continues as Noah's screen turns blue and shows images of Noah, "Our future depends on the works of great scientists minds likes yours. As the Blue Ranger, your attacks will bite with the force of a shark."

The next screen shows Jake playing soccer, "There is nobody with the boundless athleticism and enthusiasm to match you. I'm making you the Black Ranger. You will fight with the stealth of a snake.", Gosei tells Jake, who seems pleased and twirls his soccer ball in his hands.

Gosei continues, "Then there is Gia, you are calm under pressure and pursue excellent with the ferocity of a tiger. You will be the Yellow Ranger."

A screen lights up in green and shows Sky helping people out, "Sky, you value the bonds of friendship, and are highly concerned about those you call friends, you go to great lengths in order to help others. You will be the Green Ranger and speed to your team mates and those in need with the speed of an ostrich.", Gosei explained.

At the mention of the ostrich, Sky dropped his head, "...Better then a frog...", he muttered as another screen turns red and then shows Troy in a karate class.

"For you Troy, your purity of spirit and strength are the result of incredible discipline, you shall be the Red Ranger and like the dragon, you will serve as the team's leader.", Gosei said.

"Wait, there must be a mistake here. I'm new in town.", Troy said but Gosei simply told him there is no mistake.

"Lining the room you can see the Rangers who came before you. Now you shall form a new team. Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers that will help you protect the Earth. Those are your morphers.", Gosei continued to explain as Morphers appear in front of the teens, who each take one, "With them you will morph into Mega Rangers. You will wield Power Cards that will unlock special weapons, abilities, and you shall command mighty machines called Megazords."

Noah is overwhelm, "Morphers, Power Cards, Megazords? All this tech, how do we use it?", Gosei answers that all will be revealed in time.

"If the Earth is under attack, and if you think we are the ones to protect it, then count me in.", Sky said gripping his Morpher. The others gave a similar statement, agreeing with what he said.

"The city is currently under attack by Loogies. Megaforce, your mission starts now.", Gosei said just before the teens are teleported out of the Command Center.

Troy, Sky, Noah, Gia, Jake and Emma land in a heap in the city. "We need to get used to this...", Sky groans as they slowly get up, they all hear screaming. Its seems a group of green monsters are attacking the citizens.

"Fascinating!", Noah said.

"Forget that, they're bad news.", Troy replies just before Jake draws the Loogies attention. The newest Black Ranger glances at Gia and grins, sure that he has impressed her.

"I'm guessing the aliens don't come in peace.", Sky comments as the Loogies charge towards the six teens.

During the fight, Noah gets distracted by a fallen alien. He bends down to take a closer look. Suddenly another alien approaches him from behind, but Noah quickly fights it off.

Sky dodging one of the alien's attack with a shoulder role, grabbing a lead pipe as she stood up, "This would have to do.", he muttered as he lunged at the group. He uses it to deflect the Loogies attack and roll to the side, readying himself for their next move. Sky speeds towards the oncoming Loogies, slamming the pipe straight against their heads. One managed to intercept the attack, before tossing him to the side as he struggles to break free.

While fighting another group, Emma comes up with the idea to use her camera as a weapon and it works great against the Loogies, while Jake kicks his soccer ball to knock a alien off the hood of a car, the soccer ball bounces right back into his hands. Troy uses a car door as he fights off his batch of Loogies. Despite their best efforts, Emma, Jake, and Noah are surrounded by the Loogies.

Sky notices the Loogies are holding up their weapons, ready to fire. He and Troy scrambles across the cars to get away from the line of fire, as they runs along, Sky grabs Gia out of harm's way, just before Noah, Emma, and Jake go flying and hit the pavement from the blast, they are soon followed by Troy, Sky and Gia.

The teens slowly get back up, "They're closing in on us.", Gia noted as indeed the Loogies are surrounding them.

"Gosei told us the Morphers would give us power. Let's use them!", Troy tells them.

The teens pull out their morphers as Troy declares, "It's morphin time!", they insert the Power Cards into the morphers and shouted collective, "Go Go Megaforce!"

Troy, Sky, Gia, Noah, Jake and Emma morph into Megaforce Power Rangers form. "It's time for our new weapons.", Gia declares as she pulls out a Power Card and inserts into her morpher as the rest of the Rangers follow. The group leap into the air and strike the Loogies with their weapons.

Sky wieled a standard-sized rapier. The hilt possesses four prongs that encase the revolver-like chamber around the ricasso instead of a bow type hand-guard that is common among most rapiers. "This is a cool looking rapier!", Sky exclaims, rolling out of the way just in time to avoid getting trampled, he unleashed a rapid series of attacks against the Loogies, and was driving them back in a steady offensive march.

"Nice one Sky.", Gia complimented, just as she and Jake strike the pavement with their weapons, causing the pavement to crack open and several Loogies fall inside.

Joining his allies, Sky, Jake and Gia continue to fight more Loogies with their weapons, when a group of Loogies are destroyed by Noah using his Shark Bowgun. Several Loogies have lined up to fire their weapons at them, when Emma flies through the air and fires her Phoenix Shot at the Loogies.

Soon they are surrounded by another batch of Loogies, but in a red blur, Troy arrives, knocking down several Loogies as he joins the rest of the Rangers. "These powers are amazing!", Sky comments as he spotted a alien rolling towards them on top of a huge boulder. Citizens run away in terror.

"Leave those folks alone!", Jake shouted with Troy adding, "You can scare them, but we're not afraid!".

The alien, Scaraba simply states, "So much for rock and roll.", then he summoned a batch of Loogies and commands them to attack. "We'll protect the Earth, no matter what it takes.", Sky said pointing at Scaraba just as their Morpher's go off.

"Ranger's it's time to use your Mega Blasters.", the voice of Gosei advice them.

Troy, Sky, Noah, Gia, Jake and Emma pull out their morphers and insert their Power Cards. The Rangers activate their Mega Blasters, the Loogies charge towards the Rangers. The Rangers leap towards the Loogies.

The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters the group of Loogies and the boulder is destroyed in one massive combined attack, knocking Scaraba to the ground. An angry Scaraba gets up in the middle of his stomach is a grinder, he grinds up several rocks and shoots them out at the Rangers.

The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster. They insert Power Cards into the Megaforce Blaster, and with a combined continues energy stream they manage to destroy Scaraba. "Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!", Troy tells them.

"What.", Sky said, having to hold back a chuckle.

The Rangers are teleported back to the Command Center, this time they managed to land on their feet. They are in high spirits over their victory. "I think we we're just lucky this time.", Noah said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Luck had nothing to do with it, you rose to the occasion and unlocked your powers. Do not doubt yourselves.", Gosei told them, "You were chosen and for good reason. This morning you were regular kids leading normal lives, but now you must master your new powers and live extraordinary lives."

"This has to be the craziest first day of school ever.", Troy said as he looks at the team, "But I think we're prepared to do our part.", he sticks his hand out, Sky, Emma, Jake, Noah, and Gia pile their hands on top of it.

"Power Rangers!", the group declares as they throw their arms into the air.

There you go, the first chapter of Power Rangers: Legacy, hope you enjoyed. Many thanks to everyone who reads this story, you beautiful bastards. For now I wish you all a fantastic day and I will see you ladies and gents, very soon.