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It was a sunny Monday morning at Harwood City, Robo Knight walked through the park, standing in the shadow of the trees.

On the playground, Robo Knight observed a small girl running, before tripping over her own feet. As she landed on the ground, tears begin to swell in her eyes.

Fortunately her mother hurries over, picking her up. "Oh honey, did you trip?", she asked and hugs her daughter, "There, there, mommy's got you."

"Interesting...", Robo Knight said, before taking his leave.

Later over at Harwood High School, Mr. Burley is walking down the hall, distracted by the package in his arms. It was then that he passed Robo Knight, who was walking in the opposite direction.

"Good morning.", Mr. Burley greeted.

"Good morning to you, sir.", Robo Knight said, passing around the corner to head to the gym.

Mr. Burley suddenly stops and takes a backwards glance to registers what he saw, but only found an empty hallway. Shrugging his shoulder, Mr. Burley continues on his way.

Troy had finished his morning training exercise and had just stepped out of the school showers, a white towel around his lower body. He walked over to his locker to get his clothes, he just just unlocked it when he head a voice next to him.

"What are tears?"

Troy was startled, looking around his his locker door, he saw that it was Robo Knight.

"Robo... What are you doing here?", Troy asked.

"I want to know why humans cry.", Rob Knight explained.

"Uhm... Because we do?", Troy said, looking around to see if there are any other students around.

"Why?", Robo Knight asked, tilting his head.

"You should ask Emma...", Troy suggested, "She is more in touch with her emotions than I am."

"Right.", Robo Knight said, turning around.

"Wait, has anyone seen you?", Troy asked, "And how did you know I was here? Have you been stalking me?"

"I only came across that teacher who Emma calls 'not nearly as hot as Marc'.", Robo Knight explained, "You always exercise in the gym on Monday and of course." and he exited the door.

Over at the backfield of the school, Emma was squatted down near the patch of flowers, using her camera to take pictures of them as a butterfly landed on them.

"Pink Ranger."

Emma slightly jumped when she heard those words, but let out a sigh of relieve when she glances behind her to see it was just Robo Knight, "Why does a mother hug her child?", the robotic Ranger asked.

"What?", Emma asked confused.

"A human child falls and cries out.", Robo Knight began, "The human mother hugs the child. Why?"

"Because she loves him.", she explained.

"Love?", Robo Knight pondered.

He turns away to ponder what she said but Emma is unaware of this as she continues, "She wants her child to know how much she cares about him. That's how a mother...", Emma turns around and notices Robo Knight is gone, "He just left? That's rude."

On the roof of Harwood County High, Sky was sitting on it, a contend smile on his face as he looked up at the cloudless skies above, thinking about the events of the past few months, moving to a new place again, meeting the people he would call friends, becoming a Ranger, traveling to another World, meeting even more people who would become friends.

"It's been a few crazy months.", he muttered, laying down on his back, "The World might be different, but they share one sky... Right, Jason?", he then feel that he began to fall asleep.

It only felt for a few seconds, before he woke up, seeing it was still light outside. He let out a yawn and prepared to continue to sleep, but was startled when he saw a red visor looking down at him.

Letting out a yelp, sitting back up, "Robo Knight! What are you doing?" he asked, "Where you looking at me while I slept?"

"Yes, I did.", he said.

"That's not creepy at all.", he mumbled.

"What are you doing up here?", Robo Knight asked.

"Oh, just thinking you know.", Sky explained, "Whenever someone needs to think in this town, they either sit on a roof or walk around... Pretty limited options really."

"Really? I notice that Gia talks with Emma about her problems a lot, or with you, just like Troy tends to do.", Robo Knight told him, "Or she just give a few punches to that punching bag hanging in her room."

"Poor punching bag.", Sky said, "Wait, how do you know that? Are you stalking us?"

"I am Robo Knight.", the robotic Ranger told him, "Of course, I stalk everyone."

"Okay then...", he responded, making a mental note to turn on the blinds when he was at home, "Why are you here anyway?"

"What is love?", Robo Knight asked.

"You want to talk about that song by Haddaway.", Sky asked him, "But I guess that's not what your asking about?"

"It is not.". Robo Knight said as he began to explain what had happened earlier, "I was in the park where I saw a human child falls and cries out. The human mother hugs the child. Emma said it's because of love. And I thought you must know a lot about it, seeing as you have two mates."

"Love is a very complicated... Two mates?", he asked.

"Its obvious you and Gia are in what Jake called 'a relationship'. Especially seeing as you two have done the human mating ritual.", Robo Knight explained, "I know that because..."

"I don't want to know how you know that!", Sky interrupted him.

"Okay then. But Jake's description of a 'relationship' could also apply to you and Troy.", the robotic Ranger continued.

"...I am not going to comment on that.", Sky said, shaking his head, "But for what love is...Well love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure."

"Ancient Greek philosophers identified four forms of love: familial love, friendly love, romantic love, and divine love. Modern authors have distinguished further varieties of love: infatuated love, self-love, and courtly love."

"I see... So what I feel for Penny is different from what I feel for you and the other Rangers?", Robo Knight said.

"I guess so... Wait you and Penny?...", he answered, just as their Morpher's went off, "Go for Sky."

"Ranger's! Admiral Malkor is leading an attack on the city!", Gosei's voice told them.

"We are on it.", the voice of Troy said from the other side of the morpher as in a swirl of energy, they were teleported to the battlefield.

Landing on their feet, they saw the Admiral blasting the surrounding buildings with a yellow stream from his mouth, pulverizing them.

"Hey, alien!", Troy shouted, getting his attention.

"Well, if it isn't the little Ranger's.", Malkor snarled, "I knew if I caused enough trouble, you seven would come running."

"We are ending this right here, Malkor.", Troy declared.

"Indeed Red Ranger. This will be the end for all of you!", Malkor told them, drawing his weapon, as the Ranger's Morphed, "No matter who wins, you are all soon to be deceased.", he called forth his Loogies and the two forces engaged.

Malkor promptly charged at the Red Ranger and attacked, but he quickly deflected the Admiral's initial attack and his subsequent strike.

Red Ranger slashed at Malkor's legs, but as he flourished his massive axe, not only blocking the attack but also driving the Red Ranger back.

The Red Ranger attacked again but Malkor was capable to breakthrough his assault with his very offensive and brutal style.

With a heavy upwards swing, which the Red Ranger managed to intercept he was launched backwards, making him land heavy on his back and sliding across the ground.

Malkor was about to stalk towards the Red Ranger when he was forced to turn around and intercept two successive shots from the Pink Ranger's Phoenix Shot.

Turning his attention to her, as he stalked towards her, the Pink Ranger kept her distance as she continued to take shot at him. While Malkor managed to keep deflecting the shots into the ground for a some time, one managed to slip through and his his knee.

He let out an angry growl, furious that he had been hit, "Get over here!", Malkor snarled, reaching out with his hand shooting out a chain made out of yellow energy.

The chain connected to the Pink Ranger, before it was janked back by Malkor, it disappeared as Malkor grabs her pink helmet and slams her into the ground, he then throws her in the air as he's intend to slice her falling body with his weapon.

"Emma!", the Red Ranger yelled out.

But what seemed to be a stream of yellow energy drags the Pink Ranger out of harms way.

It was the Yellow Ranger who had come to the rescue, holding the Pink Ranger bridal style, who gently placing her down before taking her fighting stance.

"You did not just try to kill my friend!", the Yellow Ranger shouted, charging forward and began to unleash a a heavy strikes from her Tiger Claw while evading Malkor's heavy, broad strikes.

The Red Ranger joined in, activating his own Semblance as his Dragon Sword clash with Malkor's battleaxe.

Using his free fist to backhand the Yellow Ranger to the side, as he gained the upper hand on the Red Ranger, sending him to the ground.

The Yellow Ranger saw caught by someone, to prevent her from crashing into the ground. She looked up that indeed it was the Green Ranger who caught her.

"Don't worry, I got you.", he said, placing her back on her feet.

"You always have.", the Yellow Ranger said.

"You know it, Bae.", Green Ranger said as they were interrupted by the Red Ranger who was blade-locking with Malkor.

"Sky! Stop flirting and come help me!", the Red Ranger shouted, before broke his guard and kicked him backwards.

They were about help him, but were surrounded by more Loogies. "Go help him.", she told him, giving him a light pat on the butt, "I got these fuckers."

Having copied his girlfriends Semblance, increasing his speed and strength he activated his Cross-Guard Saber, he darted around Malkor's axe and clashed with it, pushing the Admiral back.

Red Ranger initiated the his own Semblance, amplified by his friends own and the two classed with the Admiral, the two waving a wall of red and green leading to a momentary exchange of blows with Malkor, who manged to hold the two Ranger's off while the others held off the Loogies.

"Think you stand a chance against me?", Malkor snarled.

"I think we do.", the Red Ranger said as he is able to guard Malkor's next attack as the Green Ranger drives him back and he advanced on the Admiral.

The two engaged in a flurry of swordplay, Malkor was finally brought down when the Green Ranger twirled and slashed off his arm with a sudden undercut. As the Admiral roared out in pain, the Red Ranger slashed Malkor across the chest sending him into a building.

Although wounded and kneeling on the ground, Malkor wasn't finished yet, "You insignificant maggots! You wounded me! The great Admiral Malkor!", he roared in anger, "You will pay for this!" with a loud yell, a new arm grew from the stump, spattering green blood all over the ground.

It was right there that Malkor glowed a bright greenish light as his size seemed to increase drastically, and after a moment the light died down and a massive Malkor was towering over them.

"People of Earth. I am Admiral Malkor.", Malkor shouted, "This planet now belongs to the Armada. Soon there will be nothing left of your pathetic race that would indicated it ever existed! Your planet will crumble in the wake of my ultimate power!", he raised his hand and entire building began to crumple and float into the skies as they began to fade.

"Let's form the Megazord!", the Red Ranger said and the others agreed.

Forming the Gosei Great Megazord they noticed that Malkor was calling forth his Warship to crash the entire city.

"We have to hurry, or else there won't be any city left to safe.", Jake said as they engaged the giant Admiral.

The Giant Malkor has the upper hand, managing to use his superior size and close range combat. The Megazord retaliates with spinning blade, but Malkor deflects the attack knocking the Megazord into a wall.

Malkor attempted to pierce his sword through their chest region but the Ostrich Zord opened its mouth and blasted the charging Admiral with a continues stream of energy, sending him back.

Detaching the head of the Ostrich Zord becoming a second sword. The giant Admiral and the Megazord charged at each other their blades clashing, exchanging blows with their swords.

It goes well at first, but Malkor disarms them from their sword before slamming the Megazord into a wall. "This is the end now fall!", Malkor shouted who then unleashed a stream the same yellow energy from his mouth, hitting the Megazord head on.

"I refuse to go down.", the Yellow Ranger said.

"I am with you.", the Black Ranger said.

"Whatever it is, count me in!", the Pink Ranger declared.

"There must be something we can do.", the Blue Ranger added.

"Let's combined our powers and blast him into his ship!", the Green Ranger said.

"Let's do it.", Robo Knight said.

The Megazord began to glow, holding out its arms to as a massive stream of energy made out of the colors red, green, yellow, black, blue, pink and gold and began to struggle with Malkor's beam for dominance.

Slowly but surely, Malkor's yellow stream was pushed back, "It's working! Let's take him out!", Red Ranger said as they put all their power into the final attack, overpowering Malkor's attack and sending him into the trajectory of his own warship.

"This was not how it was suppose to end!", Malkor shouted as he connected with his ship, blasting the ship to pieces with its Admiral with it.

The Rangers erupt in cheers. "Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!", Red Ranger exclaimed.

"That sounded stupid.", Robo Knight said.

"And that is why we agreed Troy would never say it again.", Green Ranger said.

Then it happened, a surge of pain ran through the Rangers. The pain was nothing they had ever felt. It felt like every fiber of their being was set on fire, as if every pain receiver in their body was stepped with hot knives.

"W-What is happening!?", the Blue Ranger managed to scream out through the pain.

"I don't know!", the Red Ranger shouted as they could see the Megazord fading out of existence before a flash of white light enveloped them, and what followed was a eternal black abyss.

Sky let out a loud gasp, as his blue eyes shot open. His entire body felt sore, as if he had been receiving a beating. He could hear screams in the distance as he tried to sit up with a groan, he was laying among the rubble.

Looking around, he couldn't see any of his friends, so he intended to reach for his Morpher, but his eyes widen when he saw that it looked completely rusted, like a phone which had been overcharged and electrocuted.

Getting on one knee, he saw why people around him were screaming, a massive fleet of warships where decorating the skies.

"Oh shit.", he mumbled as the planet was invaded.

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