The Need To Be


The blonde girl sat quietly. She was going to prove herself as a leader. She had to. She was seventeen and Chaos had been defeated a year before. If she was to be a good leader, she had to be strong in both mind and body. At the same time, she couldn't have the other girls teach her because she had to be the best. She sighed in frustration. She was about to do something incredibly bold, and maybe even a little stupid. She took a deep breath.

"As Princess of Venus and a fellow senshi, I request a boon of the Guardian of the Time Lines," She cried loudly in the middle of her room. A dark mist swirled around her and she was suddenly standing in front of a tall gate with symbols all over it. A tall woman with long dark green hair that was half up in a bun came forward.

"Hello Venus," She said with a slight bow of the head.

"Hello Pluto," Minako answered.

"It has been a long while since I last heard a formal request to be in my presence," Pluto said, looking at her curiously.

"As the guardian of the gates, you probably already know what I want," Minako said with a grin.

"As of right now, I know that there are three possible questions that you will ask," Pluto started with a mysterious smile, "I admit that it is very slight that you will ask one of them,"

"Well than I'll just ask. Will you please send me to the best school you can think of so that I may become a better leader?" She asked. She thought a moment, "And please make it so that I'm not way ahead of the time," She said with a shrug.

"I must admit, that this is the one that had the smallest odds," Pluto told her. Minako looked at the woman in surprise.

"Was it a bad question? Will it have horrible results?" Minako asked worriedly.

"No and yes my dear," Setsuna said sadly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Minako cried.

"You have a chance for either the best possible outcome, or the worst. It depends on how you choose your course," Setsuna said with a nod.

"Sometimes I want to wring that overly mysterious, oh-so-suave, all-knowing, smug look from your very neck," Minako said with a frown.

"You are no longer going to see the girls until your training is over, or another emergency occurs. For now I am going to teach you the ways of the far distant future. A future in which Crystal Tokyo doesn't exist. It is torn with wars, and pain. You will be training with the elite. A few years before the time that I am sending you, There was a rather large war. Five young men were trained to fight in it with special units called gundums," Pluto told the girl. There was a screen with pictures flying across it. Pluto gave the history of the gundum pilots and the colonies.

"So now the wars are over, right?" Minako asked.

"Yes, now pay attention. It is four years after the wars have ended. The boys are teaching an elite school for the gifted. There are very few females excepted, and those that are generally quit within a few weeks. The boys teach at this school and rule over it with iron fists. You will have courses with each of them, and a few other people. One of these people will be Relena Peacecraft," Pluto told her.

"She's the one that believed that peace through words and not guns is the only way, isn't she?" Minako asked.

"That is correct," Pluto said with a nod.

"It's a nice thought, but unfortunately the human mind does not work that way. At least she's probably a very nice and docile person," Minako said with a smile.

"Do not judge a book by it's cover," Setsuna said drily, "And that is the correct person. You will be a transfer student to Gundum Academy from Moon Hallow. I do know that you have basic understanding of fighting and planning, I am going to stretch those abilities quickly by using a few of your past selves," Pluto pointed her time key at the blonde. Minako flew back and was suspended in mid-fall by invisible winds that whipped her hair around her body, but held everything else motionless. twenty seconds later it was over and Minako was standing in front of Setsuna.

"It was probably a good thing that I don't really like violence," Minako groaned.

"More than likely. I am putting you on a freighter, you will have everything you need in one of four bags," Pluto said with a nod.

"My wardrobe fits in four bags?" Minako said, horrified.

"Minako, you are going to an elite military school where very few girls go, and those that do are all masculine," The woman told the girl.

"Then these guys are in for a rude awakening. I had better have distinctly female clothes, even if they are made for rough and tumble things, and they had better be bright," she said with a frown.

"You are leaving now. A word to the wise. Do not fall back on complete shock if a boy does something you don't like. Think of Rei and Haruka, then do as they would," Setsuna said with a smile.

"Alright," Minako said, a little confused. She shrugged as the floor disappeared from beneath her.