Title: I'm just a girl
Rating: General
Pairings: RuHana, SenHana, MitHana [ehehehe…. So far but you never know! ^.~]
Status: 14/?

Author: Hagane ^^\/

A/N: ne…. I'm getting bored out of my mind these days so I've lots of time to think up plots for my fics while the professor(s)'s yammering on. LoL. I've already got the next few chapters done…. But I'm gonna take my time to load. Haha. So sue me. XP

Disclaimer: Am I even entitled to one? O.o

And here's what happened next-

            "Ohaio gozaimasu Sakuragi-chan," beamed the nurse as she entered, "you're finally awake!"

            "How long was I out?" was the first thing I said. Not very polite but hell. It hurts to talk so I'm not going to bother with courtesy for the moment.

            "About a day or so," she smiled as she took my temperature and checked my pulse.

            "Oh." Well, it wasn't as bad I'd expected. Still….an entire day out cold…… damn, I could have been out looking for a job!

            "You're very fortunate Sakuragi-chan," the lady commented.

            "Why?" I winced. Itai…. My throat hurts. My head hurts too.

            "Careful! Don't move around too much!" she warned, then, resuming her former tone, "you've got very good friends. This young man here has been watching over you like a hawk since last night. Before that, there was another young man who was worrying himself sick over you. I'd be awfully lucky if I were you." She winked at me.

            I blinked.

            "That's nice." I turned to 'Sendoh', "Thanks for caring."

            He nodded and looked away.

            I felt a little offended. From what I remembered of Sendoh, he wasn't the type who'd look away first. Oh well, perhaps I look really awful. Well, worse than usual anyhow.

            "Can I have a bath?" I ask, feeling extremely conscious all of a sudden.

            The old woman smiled and nodded as she removed the numerous tubes attached to my body.

            "Was I hurt THAT bad? It was just….." I hesitated, and frowned, "actually, I don't quite remember what happened.

            "No, it wasn't THAT bad but it was bad enough. You cracked your skull a bit."

            My eyes widened. Shit. A crack in the skull would mean that air would be able to enter, and if enters then my brain's neurons might get affected, and thus my brain's activity might suffer as a consequence…..so that means…..

            "ARGGGGHHHHH! I'm stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

            Both 'Sendoh' and the nurse stared at me like I'd just lost my mind. Well I will if nothing is done and soon! I feel dumb already! Quick Hanami, what's 2+2?

            "Are you all right dear?" asked the kindly old nurse, concerned. I pushed her hand away in agitation as she brought it to my forehead.

            "I don't have a fever!"

            "I'm just checking dear."

            What's the point? The damage is internal! It's not like I'll develop a fever because my IQ plummeted all the way down! And I'm not all right! I'm stupid! How can I be all right?!!!

            I didn't answer her, choosing instead to lapse into a thoughtful, angry silence.

            After reminding me to press the red button in case I wanted anything, the nurse left and I sulked at her departing back.


            I glanced up. 'Sendoh' was staring at me. "What?"

            "What're you sulking for?"

            "Well, you would too if you were stupid!"

            "Maybe. But you should know better."

            Then the meaning of his words sank in.


            The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. I started to smile at him. Somehow, 'Sendoh' wasn't exactly as how I'd remembered him to be, but I suppose my memory's hazy. After all, I'm stupid now.

            She didn't even flinch at my insult. Maybe she's gotten used to it already.

            "I'm getting breakfast," I mumbled, "What do you want?"

            She thought for a while before answering, "I think I'll pass. Thanks anyway."

            I nodded and left. D'aho.

            He came back with two packages. I watched as he placed them on the side table and opened them- two steaming bowls of porridge came into sight. Smells yummy.

            I glanced at him, surprised when he placed a bowl in front of me.

            "D'aho. Just eat."


            "Just eat. If you don't I will."

            Flushing, I mumbled an embarrassed thanks before tucking happily into the food. Yum!

            'aho. Does she really think I expect her to pay for herself?

            The doctor came in while we were eating and did a quick check-up. He said that she should be able to go home in a week- as soon as that crack heals.

            A week? In hospital? Correction, a private hospital. Kami-sama, be merciful. Otousaan, okasaan, I'll be joining you soon.


            When the d'aho went for another routine x-ray check-up, I looked the doctor up and told him to charge the bill to my account. Oh, and to tell him to make sure the d'aho gets first-class treatment. Or else.

"Ne, can we go for a walk?" she asks, slipping her hand into mine and smiling up at me.


            Odd. I remembered Sendoh Akira as a chatterbox. Funny, he doesn't seem so chatty now.

            "Ano… daijoubu desuka?" I ask.

            He looks quite amused by my question so I'll take it that he's fine.

            "Why aren't you talking? You're being really quiet," I ask again, still suspicious.

            He glances at me, then straight ahead. Annoyed at being ignored, I tug at his arm, hard. Drastic times call for drastic measures. And so I did the most drastic thing I'd ever done in my life.

            "You know," I blushed, "I kind of like you."

            He gaped at me, mouth the slightest bit ajar.

            "You know……"She blushed, "I kind of like you."

            I stared at her. Is this for real or is the 'aho just pulling my leg? The accident must have messed her up more than I thought.

            "Hey……say something," she insisted, looking up at me in that hopelessly adorable way she has.

            Like what? I know I'm not very talkative but I'm totally speechless now.

            I almost faint as she cuddles up to me.

            "Ne?" she says, burying her face in my chest, "say something!"

            "Who are you?" I ask, holding her at arm's length.

            "Sakuragi Hanami?" she answers, confusion written all over her face.

            "Where do you live?"


            "Your parents?" I know I'm being insensitive here but I need to know if this is really the d'aho.


            I stared at her hard. Her perfect face was creased into a frown as she wondered where I was heading with this.

            "Ha…Hana?" I venture.

            A tiny smile and a slight nod.

            Shit. I think I'm really going to faint.


            What's the matter with him? He's behaving very queerly today. Why is he asking such silly questions? Does he think I've lost my memory or something? And yes, I'm stupid now, but not daft.

            I reach out a hand to touch his face.

            "Daijoubu desuka?" I ask for the second time that day.

            He blushes a little at my touch and nods.

            Smiling, I hug him tightly and, after a slight hesitation, felt his arms surround me as he closes what remaining gap there was between us.

            Aha, so he likes me too. Wait till the kitsune finds out.


            "And if you mix the carbonic acid with the solution, you will see……."

            I tuned sensei's voice out and sighed pointedly. I wonder how Hanami's doing. She's one hot cutie I can't get out of my head.


            We rushed to the hospital as soon as school let out-with Haruko-san and her friends in tow. Guess who we met on out way there?
            "Oi! Mitchy!!!" Okusu yelled at the older boy.

            "Don't call me Mitchy!" he shouted.

            "Where're you going Mitchy?" asked Takamiya.

            "The hospital…..AND DON'T CALL ME MITCHY!"

            "So, how was Hana yesterday?" I asked. We walked a little apart from the others.

            "She didn't stir at all….but the doctors said not to worry too much," he replied, a frown creasing his brow, "but that's what they always say."


            We lapsed into silence- each preoccupied with our own thoughts.

            "Oi Yohei!" Takamiya's voice rang out, "Look who just walked out of the hospital!"

            I looked to the hospital entrance, as did Mitsui.

            And who did we see?

            "Rukawa?" asked Mitsui, startled to see him there.

            The said boy walked past us without so much as a glance except to acknowledge Mitsui.

            "Sempai." Was all he said as he passed.

            "Oi Rukawa!" Okusu called after the tall boy, "Were you here to see Hana?"

            The boy walked on coolly as if the question hadn't been directed to him. Typical.

            "Maybe not. If he did, he should be pretty bruised," muttered Okusu, "imagine Hana waking up to find HIM in the same room as her."

            I basked in my secret knowledge of the supposed 'enemies'/

            'You're so wrong you're right Okusu,' I thought, amused.


            "Hana-chan!" I burst into the room only to find her lying peacefully on the bed. As least, I hoped she was asleep.

            Haruko tip-toed cautiously over and peered into Hana's face. And shrieked.

            "She's dead! Sakuragi-chan's dead! Oh! Oh!!!!!!" she burst into tears and flung herself into Matsui's arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Fujii trembled and had to lean against the wall for support.

            "She's not dead," snapped Mitsui, who had gone over to check, "she's just asleep. And stop screaming. It's enough to wake the dead."

            At this, Haruko burst into another massive outpouring of tears.

            "Stupid girl," muttered Mitsui, apparently annoyed.

            "I never knew Mitchy was so smart," I commented, "he knows how to check for the pulse!"

            "Baka!" his eyes flashed in annoyance, "I'm not stupid!"

            "And we thought you were!" Noma gasped, instigating him further.



            They're making such a racket. If Hana was really dead before, then she should be very much alive now. A nurse popped in to tell us to hush up or get lost.

            "Tone it down guys," I warned, "we're in a hospital if you haven't noticed."

            Mitsui wisely stopped arguing and contented himself with tucking Hana in properly.

            The others….. weren't as wise.

            "I'll see you later," I told them before they were ordered out, Haruko as well.

            "Well Hanami, how are you feeling today?" I asked to the sleeping figure.

            "She's out of her comatose state so she should be fine," observed Mitsui.

            "How do you know?" I asked, curiosity taking over. Never had I thought Mitsui Hisashi vaguely intelligent!

            "I just know all right? Don't ask!" he grumbled.

            "Okay, okay," I backed down, "so she's fine right? She'll be all right?"

            "……. Yeah."

            We both stared at the redhead on the bed.

"She's so quiet," noted Mitsui after a while.

            "She's asleep," I reminded him of what he'd said earlier.

            A flicker of annoyance crossed his face, then he sighed in exasperation. "I know, but that's not what I meant."

            "What then?"

            "Never mind."
            The door opened and we both looked up.

            It was Sendoh.


            "Mitsui-san," I smiled, "and you must be Hana-chan's friend."

            The other boy nodded. "Mito Yohei."

            "What are you doing here?" asked Mitsui.

            "What? I'm not allowed to visit her?" I asked, wounded.

            Mitsui mumbled something unintelligible then, "That captain of yours really did crack her skull."

            I winced. "Sorry."

            "Not your fault."

            All three of us fell silent. The atmosphere was so somber, so morose that I felt compelled to lighten the mood.

            "Hana-chan's a good player," I began, "when she's not knocking someone down of course."

            Mitsui shot me a reproving look but the Mito guy smiled.

            "She is isn't she?" he said, eyes trained on her.

            "Aa. I had some trouble with her the other day."

            "Thought you might," Mitsui spoke up, "she's a fast learner."

            We lapsed into another round of silence. Then,

            "When can she go home?" I asked, making conversation.

            "Don't know. No one's said anything."

            "You haven't been with her all the time?" I asked Mitsui, surprised.

            "I had to attend some mandatory session called school," he said dryly, and flinched at the disbelieving look I gave him, "look, I'm not THAT bad okay?"

            "If you say so," I consented grudgingly.

            "Rukawa was here though," remarked Mito, "he left when we came."

            "You mean he skipped school?"


            "If I did that I'd be expelled in a flash," mused Mitsui aloud.

            "Yeah. You're already black-listed in school," agreed Mito.

            Mitusi shot him a death glare to which the other boy responded to with an innocent shrug of the shoulders.

            "Tell me," I ask, eager to avert any hostility, "what's Rukawa's relationship with Hanami anyway?"

            "Mortal enemies," said Mitsui immediately.

            "Really?" I frowned as I recalled the previous day's match, "they don't show it then."

            "What do you mean?" asked Mito, leaning forward in interest.

            'Well I get this feeling there's something more……" I questioned him, "you sure they're just that?"

            "If you're thinking of hitting on her then forget it. The babe's mine," said Mitsui possessively.

            "Hookay…….." but I can't quite shake this feeling that there's something going on between those two…… oh well, it doesn't matter actually, the chick's gonna be mine, whatever Mitsui-san says.


            Sendoh's right- he's really a lot more perceptive than he looks.

            Mitusi and Sendoh left around seven- Hanami still hadn't woken up, but just as I was about to leave, thinking she wouldn't be opening her eyes anytime today, she stirred.

            "Hana," I grinned.

            "Yohei?" she yawned and stretched herself, "you should have woken me up. To think you've been here all along and there I was sleeping like a pig."

            "Didn't want to disturb your beauty sleep. And pigs still look ugly Hana, no matter how much they sleep."

            A smile crossed her features. "You're leaving?" she asked as I made for the door.

            "Have to. I promised okasaan I'd be back for supper."

            "Sou……." She looked a little disappointed, "will you come tomorrow then?"

            "You needn't ask."

            She brightened visibly. "Sendoh's coming over later."

            "Sendoh?" I repeated, surprised. Didn't he just leave less than a half hour ago?

            She nodded, "he was here the whole day, and the night before that."

            That's odd. I remember him saying he'd come by after school again tomorrow…..but when did he promise her to come now?

            "Are you sure it's Sendoh you're talking about?"

            Hanami nodded her head vigorously.

            "Ookay then….. we'll catch up tomorrow. Have fun with, erm, Sendoh."

            She smiled. "Of course I will!"

            Somehow……. A certain rookie comes to mind instead.


            The d'aho was staring out the window when I came in. So caught up in her thoughts was she that it was only when my arms encircled her from behind that she realized she was no longer alone.

            "D'aho. What are you thinking about?" I asked, nuzzling her neck.

            "Iie….betsuni," she whispered, half-turning so she could catch my lips with hers.

            The room was silent except for our breathing and occasional moaning as we lost ourselves in the kiss. The d'aho was so much more willing now- she even had the initiative to coax my lips open for her to enter. But then…. Something felt wrong….

            She broke the kiss and stared up at me. "Yohei came today."


            "I miss school."

            "… … … …" I reached down to tilt her head up and kissed her again.


            This kiss….. seems familiar……

            He seems familiar…..but……..

            I miss the kitsune. I can't remember how he's like already.


            She's still weak. When we were kissing…… she went limp in my arms and I had to hold her up.

            Maybe when she's stronger………


            I'd thought so. Hanami said Sendoh was coming, but when I called him, he said he was just about to go to sleep. An early sleeper apparently.

            So it's not Sendoh who's visiting. Why would Hana lie to me?


            *yawn* I'm flattered. She's thinking of me and hallucinating.


            K'so! I can't sleep! I won that bet and I want my reward! Hana had better wake up so I can claim it. Or her. Whatever. She's mine by right! K'so!