Authors Note: Well ladies and Gentlemen, it is I… The great and illustrious MarkWarrior back from the dead… (Really, I just got a new laptop and don't have to try writing stories from my ipad. (Which I left on top of my then girlfriend's car as she drove away.) Now I'm married, and I have enough free time to work on the crossover portion of the fic that I started several years ago. While 'The Unknown Soldier' is abandoned, the rest of it (the crossover portion that is) will be finished. I felt like I was just rehashing the work of another author.

Location: Taris Orbit

Mission: Escape from Endar Spire

Status: Currently in deep REM cycle.

Squad Members: Aria Marshall Republic Commando, Trask Ulgo Republic ensign.

Explosions have a way of making them known in a very violent way. Even when sleeping, hearing a sound like thunder or a gunshot can send someone who is a light sleeper into wakefulness at a moments glance. This was the case for Republic Commando Aria Marshall. When the 'Endar Spire' was first hit by turbolaser fire, she jolted out of her bunk and into her plastoid armour; sheathing various knives and grenades all over her armour before picking up her blaster pistol and sliding it down to rest in it's holster at her hip. Aria then glanced down at her locker to see if she had forgotten anything, running through a mental inventory all the while. So, when the door slid open behind her, she was prepared and slid behind the metal tabled flipped it over almost opened fire until she saw the republic uniform.

"Ensign report." She ordered, noticing the insignia on his collar. As she stepped out from her cover to show her plastoid armour he snapped to attention and saluted.

"Ma'am, I was ordered to ensure that any remaining personnel are evacuated to the remaining escape pods. "

"Alright then ensign, let's get to the escape pods and out of here before this ship blows."

They worked their way down the corridor before they came to a locked door. "I'll hack the door controls Ensign "

"Ulgo, Trask Ulgo."

"Alright then Trask, ready?" He nodded and she opened the door. Peering around the corner, they saw a squad of Sith soldiers that had just killed a coupe of Republic soldiers. Raising her blaster rifle, Aria peered down her ACOG sight and eased a breath out before squeezing the trigger sending the first of her shots right into the head of the lead trooper. Quickly re-aiming, she fired and dropped another Sith soldier before having to drop back into cover. "There's four of them left. " Trask nodded and grabbed a concussion grenade from his grenade pouch before tossing it around the corner and walking out just after the explosion stunned them firing his blaster pistols rapidly into the rest of the troopers; dropping two of them as the two Republic officers focused fire on the remaining two.

"Nice!" Aria shouted, an adrenaline-fueled grin on her face. " Now let's keep moving."

They made their way through the rest of the ship, headed to the bridge where they would hopefully make contact with Captain Onasi and receive further orders. They had picked up some more equipment along the way and now had some Vibroblades and some more grenades to add to their collection of weapons.

"Stop, I hear lightsabers on the other side of this door." Aria whispered, while Trask just looked worried. "We open the door in three and fire on whichever one is the enemy."

"Are you sure this is our fight?" Trask whispered back. " We are just soldiers after all."

"Jedi, Sith, Mandalorian, they all can be killed by snipers. And they are just regular beings without the force. Now lets go."

Opening the door, they quickly saw a red lightsaber and unleashed fire onto the Dark Jedi that was holding said lightsaber. Unable to deflect both the blaster fire and the Jedi's lightsaber, said Dark Jedi quickly fell. The Jedi stepped over the corpse of her dead enemy, and closed his eyes in one last moment of respect before grabbing his lightsaber and turning to the Republic soldiers.

"Thanks for the assist." The Jedi said. "That would have gone on for much longer if you hadn't intervened." They both just nodded. " Now let's move on and see if we can get to that last escape pod that Captain Onasi has for us."

Opening the next door, they saw a group of Sith soldiers holding the bridge crew hostage before a power panel exploded, killing the entire bridge crew and most of the soldiers. The remaining soldiers were weakened enough that Trask and Aria both policed them off with precise blaster bolts that didn't prolong their suffering. Grabbing some spare power packs, they were ready to move on to the next room.

Stopping in the corridor that led to the starboard section of the ship and the escape pods, the Jedi looked at her two soldiers. "There is a dark presence on the other side of this door."

"Well, if it is a Dark Jedi Ma'am then I have the solution." Aria spoke up as she reached towards her grenade pouch.

"And pray tell, what might that solution be?" The Jedi asked.

"Can a Jedi stop a plasma grenade?" Aria asked as she brought out several grenades and began to juggle them. Trask started to edge away from the crazy as he deemed her woman. "Not particularly well no." Alright then, Trask open the door partway."

The ensign nodded, still looking fearfully at the grenades being juggled. He made his way to the panel and hit an override that would open the door approximately six inches in the center. Moving away from the panel at a speed that surprised even the Jedi, Trask was standing by the other corridor, looking ready to bolt if the woman who was priming six grenades were to throw them anywhere in his general vicinity. Fortunately for Trask, the grenades sailed through the small hole before detonating in a quick succession of explosions. Peering through the hole, yet far enough away that a lightsaber couldn't strike at her, she saw the dead Dark Jedi on the other side of the door. Waving the door open, she walked inside and shot the Jedi once in the head for good measure before taking his double bladed lightsaber and the 2,500 credits that he had on him. Whistling sweetly as she walked back in, she look at Trask, winked and said. " I love the smell of explosions in the morning. It just brightens up my whole day." As she was whistling her little tune, they entered the starboard section.

Authors Note pt 2: As you can see, I'm going to be channeling a little bit of Harley Quinn in the portrayal of Revan. Not the truly insane part, just enough that it'll be really funny when she bluffs in that way and makes a prisoner just break or something. I'm also going for the more realistic take on the Star Wars universe. It's always bugged me that such advanced people haven't mastered the use of cover or of overwhelming force to take out a superpower like a Jedi. I mean, c'mon if in Republic commando, they can take on Magnaguards and give Grevious a hard time then you should be able to take out a Jedi or a Sith with a well placed sniper round. Or with some grenades in an enclosed space with no time to escape. So therefore, the first of changes. Darth Bandon is dead. He doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things anyway. Now, our Resident SST (Strong Silent Type will make an appearance next chapter until then my fellow Sci-fi Fans.