Authors note: Well, I'm back. This chapter should finish up the Endar Spire and introduce you to Taris as well as bring in my OC in to the story. Taris will take quite a few chapters. I mean, with the realistic take on this fic I will be making the blockade take several days to a week to set up. I mean, even now with near instant communication it's near impossible to set up a complete blockade and it takes time to arrange supply lines for that kind of thing. Plus, bombarding a whole planet? How many ship captains do you think they had to "persuade" or get rid of to make that happen? So, they will be spending a month or two on Taris working on their escape. Now, without further ado, presented to you… The Unknown Revanchist.

Location: Taris orbit, aboard the Endar Spire.

Mission: Make it to the escape pods and escape from the Endar Spire.

Status: Small injuries, minor exhaustion.

Squad members: Republic Commando Aria Marshall, Jedi Knight Alexis Foster, Republic Ensign Trask Ulgo.

"Alright, I don't like to go into combat with people whose names I don't know." Aria said. "That being said, what's your name Jedi?"

The Jedi knight, being much more attuned to common decency and the manners of society bowed and said. "Jedi Knight Alexis Foster at your service. And the two of you are? "

"Commando Aria Marshall and Ensign Trask Ulgo." Aria thumbed her chest and pointed at Trask.

"Come in. **** Capt**** Carth ******." A voice full of static spiked through the comms.

"Captain, Commando Aria Marshall here, repeat previous transmission. I'll do my best to clean up any static on our end."

"This is Captain Carth Onasi, sorry for the rush but I have to be blunt here, the Endar Spire is on it's last legs and there's only one escape pod left. There are only a few corridors left until you reach me but those corridors are filled with Sith patrols. I need you to get in and kill them and get here immediately. "

"Acknowledged Captain. " She turned her head towards the other two members of her current team and raised an eyebrow. Silently affirming that they heard and were ready to go into combat. Trask still looked like he was a little terrified of the crazy commando but he looked confident at taking on the Sith. The Jedi just looked cool and collected as she most likely always did. "Plan?" Trask asked.

Aria shrugged and pointed at Alexis. "She's in charge technically, I'm not even an officer."

Alexis pointedly looked at the Republic Commando and with a little bit of sarcasm stated. "Well, you've done a fantastic job so far, you can take charge until we meet with Captain Onasi."

Aria started walking towards the next entrance to the corridor. "Trask, keep them suppressed. Alexis; crowd control, I'll take out the squad leaders. Ready?" She had reached the door. The other two nodded. "Alright, let's go."

The door opened quickly, and Aria tossed a concussion grenade into the corridor and sealed the door again. Two seconds later the door opened and she had prepared to take out the patrol leaders. Two pulls of the trigger later and the leaders were down and Trask had kept the majority of the soldiers pinned behind walls while Alexis rushed forward with her lightsaber active and eliminated a whole squad while Aria sniped the remaining two of them. Moving forward into the next corridor, they noticed that the room was empty of everything but a security panel and a droid. Checking the supply bins and the footlockers nearby, Aria had Trask hack into the cameras in the next room while she repaired the security droid. This took them all of a minute or so. Trask had warned them of the full squad in the next room and when the droid was activated, they ducked down behind the workbench and watched as the droid exterminated the squad of Sith troopers. Moving forward, they saw that the leader of the squad was still alive, having superior armour than the rest of his squad. Grabbing him, Aria injected him with some Kolto and a powerful sleeping agent before grabbing her plasticuffs and tightening them around his wrists. . "To interrogate later." She said to her two companions. Banging on the door, she then shouted. "Open up Captain, its Commando Marshall. "

"I'm reading your comm signals, opening the door now." The door slid open, revealing a man who looked haggard like he hadn't slept in a week his brunette hair was messed up and there were several burn marks on his body armour.

"Captain, Sergeant Major Aria Marshall and Ensign Trask Ulgo Reporting for duty!" The two Republic soldiers snapped to attention and saluted, dropping the captured Sith on the ground unceremoniously with a distinct thud.

"At ease to both of you." They both relaxed slightly and re-gripped their weapons for combat. "Good job making it here. I see you have someone here for us to interrogate. We'll get to that down on the surface but we should enter the escape pod now."

"Yes sir." The two military personnel responded as they dropped into the pod and got into the appropriate seats as learned from their basic training, moving with an efficiency that spoke of experience in this from several years of drills and possible real life application.

"Military, " Alexis scoffed. "Always following protocol, even when about to die." As she slid into the first seat possible and strapped herself in.

"Ma'am, with all due respect protocol is all that we have in situations like this. " Carth responded as he strapped in and hit the button that jettisoned the pod. " We are trained in that way so that we don't panic in situations like the one we were just in. " The pod then hit the upper atmosphere, cutting off all further communication until they hit the ground.

Unfortunately, the pod didn't hit the ground first, they instead impacted a speeder on their way down which threw them sideways into a section of the upper city instead of the lower city where they had been headed. While most of the pods occupants were fine, Aria's straps came a little loose and her body lurched upwards and her head hit the top of the ceiling hard enough to send her into unconsciousness.

"Quickly, " Carth shouted "Trask, grab the Sith, Alexis; grab Aria. I'll grab the emergency supplies and meet you outside of the pod." Grabbing the supplies pack, he jumped out of the escape pod and landed, absorbing the impact with his knees before tucking into a roll that save his knees and back before standing up and turning towards his companions. Seeing a new figure on the ground he stopped.

"You think the pod hit him?" Trask asked Alexis. "No, he'd have been pulverized."

"Well, what about this armour of his?" It looks like it's taken a real beating. Alexis glanced down once more. "Indeed, it appears he fought in a great battle. Also, the armour has no recognizable features from our point in time."

They were still avidly engaging in the conversation when Carth jumped out of the pod and rolled to a stop in front of them. "Friend of yours?" he snarked.

"Nah, we just met." Trask responded sardonically. "Well, let's pic him up anyway, it might be our fault that he's in this condition. The two nodded and they ran off to the nearest building before the authorities showed up. Moving through the series of alleyways and buildings until they came upon a building that was run-down and dilapidated. Realizing that no one had followed them and that there were no sirens in their immediate area, they entered the building and began to set up their base of operations for the immediate time.

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