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A man passed back and forward in the maternity waiting room. He fists were balled in frustration. The door opened and a Doctor came out.

"Mr. Templite?" The man stopped pacing.

"That's me."

"Sir, I'm afraid there has been-"

"What sex is it?" The man interrupted. The Doctor looked startled.

"It's a girl." The man let out a colorful strain of curses.

"My first child and it's a girl! She will be able to have other children, won't she?"

"Well, Sir, that's what I've come here to talk to you about. You're wife's birth was very difficult. I'm sorry, sir, but she will not be able to have other children." The man's face twisted in rage.

"Has Lily named her yet?"

"No. She told me to ask you for the name."

"Jack. Name her Jack." The other people in the waiting room stared at the man.

"Jack? Are you sure, sir?"

"Name her Jack. Can I see my wife now?"

"Of course, sir." The Father stalked into the room.

"I'm sorry, Jacob, honey; we can always adopt." Lily whispered softly.

"Hush baby, it ain't your fault." Jacob shot the crying girl a glare.

"What did you name her?"


"Jack?" Lily asked looking down at her girl.



5-year-old Jack stared at herself in the mirror. She was dressed in her brother's Alex's clothes. She yanked her long hair out of its pigtails. She raised her scissors to it and cut away.

"Jack? Jack what are doing?!" Jack looked up at her Mommy and grinned. "Jack, why did you do this to your hair?!" Her mother cried dropping to her knees in front of her.

"Gonna be a boy." Her mother stared at her, then nodded.

", let me help you even it out." When her Mommy finished she looked into the mirror and nodded.

She was Jack.


Her father glared down at her.

"I want to hear nothing but good words from your baseball coaches. You here me, boy?" He said sharply. Seven-year-old Jack nodded fiercely. "And don't be late getting to the car this time. God help you if make you and your brother late for Karate class." Her father growled. Jack nodded again. Father turned towards Alex.

"Alex, my boy, have fun. I'll be routing for you." He lifted the boy into his arms and threw him up into the air.


"Kick higher, Alex. Look at Jack. Jack, do a sidekick again. You see how she is doing it? Like that. Better."

"Jack, come here." Her father called. Jack came over to him. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "What did I tell you about out doing your brother, boy?"

"I'm sorry, Daddy- Father." Jack let out a yelp as he gripped her shoulder.

"Now get back out there," he said, letting go of her. Jack trotted back out onto the floor.