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Judge of Character : Preview


His time had finally come. He was given the right to join society once again. A clean bill of health had provided him the best way to get out of there. He hated that place. No one really ever likes it. He wonders why there are even people working there. His mind quickly snaps back to attention. He realizes that he doesn't care. He's leaving and he hopes that he never goes back.

Still, it was very odd. Even nature had agreed with the doctors. Gotham City, usually known for its criminals, was also known by it's atmosphere. The skies were never clear. It was either hazy, raining, or whatever. But today nature had smiled upon him. The skies were totally clear. The usually, ugly reddish sun was shining a bright yellow. It was as if it was saying this is a brand new start for him.

He looked back once more at the life he once had, at the place where he spent the most dismal years of his life. That asylum always looked better standing from the outside rather than peering from the inside. He smiled to himself, knowing full well that he would never dare to return.

Yes, the day was as odd as he was, but he didn't mind. He took his top hat in his hand and bowed towards the asylum, giving it a fond farewell. He replaced the hat on his head, turned around and headed for his new life in Gotham City.