mario & phoenix wright turnabout in time

phoenix wright was in his office playing mario and luigi because he had just finished the first one. however when stuffwell came to teach him how to jump he said


"wtf that was random" said phoenix but then a time hole appeared and he was sucked in.

phoenix woke up in a dark forest. he got up and a talking suitcase jumped out of his body!

"hello phoenix." said phoenix

"stuffwell where did you come from?" said phoenix

"doesnt matter i need you to defend baby mario." said stuffwell. "because he was accused of stealing a cobalt star shard from baby bowser."

"woah spoilers!" shouted phoenix.

"sorry" said stuffwell

"never mind lets go to the investigation" said phonix and they went to bowsers castle where a shroob was waiting."

"oh no its a fucking shroob!" shouted pheonix.

"hi defence ashitney im the detective and you can suck a cows ass." said detective shroob.

"OBJECTION no i don't!" shouted phoenics

"watever you say lawyer" said shroob

"wheres the evidence said phoenix"

"lol m8 im not helping the defense attorney" said shroob.

"fuck you" said phoenick so he left and found baby bowser.

"hey spiky" he said.

"yeah?" said phoenix

"youll never prove mario innocent" said bowser and he ran into his castle.


udgey pounded his gavel and the trial started.

"court is in session for the trile of baby mario."

"i am ready your honor" said phoenix

"i am also ready" said DETECTIVE SHROOB?! PLOT TWIST!

"wtf i thought you were a detective!" shouting phoenix.

"i was but i became a porsecutor to DESTROY YOU IN COURT!" he said.

"wtf man what did i do to you?"

"your job pissed me off!"

"ok ok just make your opening statement." said udgy

"baby mario stole a gem from baby bowser and i will prove it with evidence." said shroob and he presented the treasure chest with baby marios fingerprints. "i call the detective to the stand oh fuck that's me."


"baby mario broke into the princes tresure room and stole the gem. the fingerprints prove it. he should go to jail for 100 years for teft and treesen."

"OBJECTION!" shouts phoenix "adult mario is next to me which means he wasnt convicted which means he's innocent!"

"hahahaha now ive got you bitch." said skrub.

"wat do you mean"

"if baby marios guilty then that means hes going to ESCAPE so they should both get 200 years in prison!"


"nice job fuckhead" said stuffwell and mario would have hammered him but he lost it on the plane.


"now i call my witness baby bowser the victim to the stand."

baby bowser came to the stand.

"evryone knows me so ill just start testifying now." said bowser.


"mario came to my castle and took my shit." said bowser.

"HOLD IT! what was your shit?" asked nix

"it looked blue and triangle." said bowser.

"i have it here we got it back when we arrested mario." said shroob and presented the cobalt star shard.

"OBJECTION!" shouted phonic "that isnt even bewers!"

"OH NO!" screamed bowser "i mean no you cant prove it!"

"yes i can TAKE THAT!" phoenix presented a photo of egadd holding the cobalt star. "as you can see this us part of professor e gadds time machine and it was brought to this time when MARIO AND LUIGI CAME HERE!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK YOU PHOENICKS!" screamed bowser and baby mario jump on him 5 times.

"this court finds the defendant baby Mario not guilty" said udgey

"fuck you defenshit" said shrube.


baby mario said dumb shit which meant thank you phoenix.

"good your not stupid but you almost fucked up both marios so NO MONEY FOR YOU!" said stuffwell and luigi jumped on phoenics sending him through the floor and back home.