Broken Time by nRiched

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Harry Potter series. All rights to the series belong to their respective owners.

Summary: Time is not something to be meddled with. One wrong move can change the outcome of anything, even a war. Now, Harry and Hermione have to stop the Dark Lord. But with 15 years of their life gone and an unfinished education at Hogwarts, the odds are against them.

"Wait Hermione, we are doing what?" Harry questioned as Hermione was fumbling around with something around her neck. It was a golden chain, and featured an hour glass pendent.

"It's a Time-Turner," Hermione said. "It is how I have been getting to all of my classes. Professor McGonagall gave it to me the night we arrived at Hogwarts," she explained. "Over here, quickly!"

She then put the chain around him too. It was just long enough to fit around both Hermione and Harry comfortably. But it was definately awkward.

"What are we doing?" Harry asked confused.

"There is no time to explain, we just need to go back a couple hours.. Three turns.." She recited what Dumbledore told her minutes ago.

Ron was just as confused as Harry was, and was watching jealous that he wasn't going.. wherever they were going. "Hermione, why can't I come?"

"Sorry Ron, but the truth is you can't walk" Hermione replied apologetically. Harry turned around to find Ron stuck in the Hospital Wing bed, with a bandage on his leg wrapped up from his calf and around his knee. He wasn't getting up anytime soon.

With that, she spun the hour glass over three times.

Everything started moving quickly, people moving in and out of the hospital wing, the clock was spinning backwards, and it sounded like people were speaking a different language.

It all stopped.

Then it started again. Faster, faster then before. Everything became a blur. Soon enough, it all slowly became black.

"Harry! Wake up! Harry wake up!"

Harry woke up to Hermione staring down at him.

"Get up! We can't be seen" Hermione said.

Can't be seen? Harry was even more confused. When he finally got up, he realized tha they were still in the Hospital Wing. Ron was not on any of the beds. The only occupied bed had its curtains closed with cards and a vase full of flowers next to it.

"Hermione where are we?" Harry asked.

"I.. I don't know. We are in the Hospital Wing, but when?" She said.

"What do you mean when. It's almost midnight."

"Not the time, but the date. Harry, it was the sixth of June.. 1994. Try to find a calender, or something with a date on it" Hermione said. "And be quiet, don't wake anyone up" she added.

So they went to work. Hermione looked through the drawers and cabinets, and Harry looked through the "Get Well!" letters by the patient's bed for any sort of clue as too what the date was.

Most were a simple "Get well soon!" With chocolates and candies. There was one with a more personal "With Love..." note from someone named "Amelia Davies". But then Harry finally found what he was looking for.

"Hemione! Hermione over here, I found something!" Harry said with a bit of a jump.

It was a new copy of the Daily Prophet titled "Dumbledore- The Lies Revealed" By Rita Skeeter.

"Wait, but Hermione, I don't remember this article. When did-"

"Oh let me see" Hermione said as she ripped it out of Harry's hands. "Sorry-" she added once she realised what she did.

"It's fine, really Hermione" Harry said.

"No it is not fine!" she said holding the paper out for Harry to see. "Its the sixth of June.. 2007. We went 15 years into the future".