So, seeing a few fics where Adrien gets turned into a kid and Mari usually winds up taking care of him, I decided to write one where she gets turned into a kid, and Adrien taking care of her.

Be prepared for cuteness and fluff and some giggles.

I don't plan for this to be too long a fic, and I'll update it when I can.


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This was all wrong.

Chat should've had control over the situation, Ladybug should've come, and Marinette shouldn't have been there. She should have been long gone, following everyone else when the child akuma appeared. She shouldn't have been there.

But she was.

And Ladybug hadn't come yet.

And he was not in control like he should have been.

When that kid, Terrible Two, caught him unprepared and fired a ray at him with his stick, Chat was expecting another day of Ladybug handling this on her own (how much help could a little two year old be in a fight?). He could only hope that she may find him to be adorable. And maybe take care of him, it was an appealing idea being held and coddled by his lady. But for sure, she'd fix everything quickly, turn him to his right age and size.

He wasn't too worried when he saw the ray coming.

There were worse things than being turned into a toddler.

But nothing scared him so much than feeling a smaller, softer body ram into his, shoving him back, and taking the hit before they completely toppled over.

When they hit the ground, he knew that she was much lighter than she should be. And the body on him was so much smaller than it should be.

It clicked then.

Oh God Marientte got hit.

Marinette got hit.

Immediately sitting up to assess the damage, he found a very, very little Marinette laid over his chest, sliding down the smooth leather with his movement and settling in his lap. She blinked dazedly at his dark suit, like she was still processing what happened. Or why Chat was suddenly so much bigger. Why the world was so much bigger. And what exactly happened? Why was Chat panicking above her?

That's right.

Marinette got hit.

"Marinette!" he exclaimed worried, gently lifting her up a little, mindful of his claws. She was so small in his hands, and so soft, and he was freaking out because it felt like just a single squeeze and she'd break and oh god she got hit.

Her teal eyes zeroed on him, blinking in shared bafflement. She actually didn't look too upset. More surprised if anything. Like she didn't expect this. Like she expected that she wasn't going to get hit saving Chat like that. That they'd both make it out ok.

She didn't even feel it when it hit.

But it did.

It was clear with his larger hands holding her up like a doll, his grip shaking slightly from where he held her under her arms. Licking her lips at the situation, she squeaked, "Oops."

Gaping at her, Chat echoed, "Oops?"

The situation was really starting to click in his head. Oops. Marinette took the bullet for him. Oops. Marinette was a child in his claws. Oops. She, a civilian, pushed him out of the way and was turned into a little kid instead. And all she had to say was "Oops".

"Oops?!" Chat snapped, his wrists jerked to shake her, only to stop in fear of hurting her. But that didn't stop the scolding that came ripping out of him. "Marinrtte! What were you thinking?!" he cried, "You do not take blows for heroes!"

"Sowwy," she uttered, looking guiltily down, biting her lip with a big pout. As a civilian she really shouldn't have. And it's not like Chat was in any real danger by being turned into a toddler. He could get away, and she could have arrived as Ladybug and fix this all in a few minutes. But no, she had to be a worried idiot, take the blast for him and now this.

Though he did do the same thing for her. Countless times.

Why couldn't she return the favor?

She had a right to jump in and protect him too!

Did she even need to start listing how many scares he gave her every time he took a bullet for her?!

Suddenly angry that he was scolding her for something he did all the time, she snapped at him, her eyes watering in frustrated tears. "You do it all the time!" she cried, jerking in his hold, waving her little fists. If she wasn't sitting in his lap she would have stamped her foot. "You stupid cat!" He had no right to dish this out on her!

"I'm a hero!" he reminds her, "It's my job! And I can take those hits!" And thanks to Ladybug's Lucky Charm, it always worked out in the end.

"You died once!" Marinette cried furiously. The Timebreaker fight. She still remembered it so visibly. The warmth of his body wrapped around her, feeling stiff in her arms, the feeling of the warmth gradually fading into nothing but a warm patch of air.

It was better now, he was here, she managed to save him.

But it still made her want to cry.

Because that was scary, and her blood felt so cold in her body at the realization that he took the hit, he was disappearing, and it was all her fault and...

Chat cringed as he watched her face wrinkle up, big, heavy tears starting to pool up. Instantly he brought her closer, cuddling her up in his chest as he shushed her, one claw nervously running through her hair. "It's ok," he shushed, "I'm ok, we're ok. It's ok. Please don't cry, I don't know what to do if kids cry." What did his mom do when he was upset?

Kissed his tears away.

He had a feeling Marinette wouldn't appreciate that.


Looking down at the sniffing girl curled up in his chest, wiping her frustrated tears away, he asked, "How did you know that?"

Marinette blinked at him.

Chat frowned down at her.

Not even he entirely remembered dying. It was a ghosting memory in his mind, one he sometimes doubted even happened. Only Ladybug confirmed it's happening, only Ladybug remembered the day he "died".

How does Marientte know?

Blinking her teal eyes, she looked up at him, her freckles more defined and darker on her nose. Her eyes widened at her slip up. "Um," she squeaked.

Before she could continue, Terrible Two found them.

"HAA!" Terrible Two cried, shooting another beam at him.

Pressing Marinette close, Chat leapt into the air, escaping the beam. They landed a little ways and Marinette gasped when she caught sight of her little purse.


Tikki was still there!

She should still be able to transform, able to fix this!

She just needed to get to her bag!

With a great wiggle and a burst of strength, she jumped out of Chat's arms and raced towards her bag, ignoring Chat's scared shouts behind her.

She was cut off by the akuma, smirking down at her. "Whose bigger now!" the boy sneered, holding up his stick dangerously.

Before either could move, Marinette grunted as she was roughly grabbed from behind and spirited away, her cheek pressed against a warm leather suit once more. "No!" she cried, leaning out, seeing her purse left on the ground. She could just see Tikki staring out, her own blue eyes wide. But Chat wasn't letting her escape this time. He raced to the door, slamming it closed to deter the akuma and raced to the courtyard, where students and teachers were gathering up the handful of toddlers.

"Chat!" Marinette cried, smacking his arm.

They needed to go back!

She needed to become Ladybug!

But the hero wasn't listening. Setting her down in a rush, making her fall on her rear; he shot her a stern glare as he ordered, "Stay!" Then he turned, racing back to deal with the akuma, wondering where his lady was.

"Chat!" Marientte cried, moving to get up and chase after him. He whipped around, pointing a stern finger that froze her on the spot. "Stay there!" he repeated in a tone that meant business, "You're grounded missy!"And disappeared into the building.

Marinette gaped after him. Did he just...

Growling, she stomped her foot, shouting, "Nooooooo!"

He was not the boss of her!

She was going to get in there, grab her kwami, become Ladybug, and whoop his ass for this!

But before she could chase after him, Mme Bustier grabbed her wrist and dragged her closer to the group of toddlers. "Oh no young lady," she scolded as Marinette gaped up at her, "you're staying here where it's safe."

Damn that stupid cat.

Breaking the stick that held the akuma, and trapping the mischievous butterfly in a jar from one of the science labs, Chat was concerned when his lady still didn't show. Or answer his call when he tried to reach her. Where was she?

There's an akuma to purify and kids to fix!

His mind started to fly with possibilities. Did she get turned into a kid and couldn't reach him? Was she in trouble? Was she simply held up? Maybe he should hang around for a little while, see if she drops by.

And of course brag about his success.

A rare victory without Ladybug!

He'd be enjoying this more if he knew she was on the way. And was ok.

But he had no way of knowing, leaving him hanging on what to do.

First things first, he reasoned, he had to take care of the little butterfly. Walking back to the classroom and grabbing his bag, he slipped it in before slipping his bag on. Now to wait for his lady.

Taking the confused kid's hand and leading him out, Chat froze at what he saw.

Marinette was still there.

All the other toddlers were gone, but she was still there, pouting as Mme Bustier held her in place, going through her phone with a frown.

Unease bubbled in Chat's chest.

Why was Marinette still here?

Mme Bustier beamed when she caught sight of him. "Chat Noir!" she called, "Is the akuma taken care of?"

"It is!" he reassured, nodding to the kid, "Though Ladybug hasn't arrived yet to fix the damage." He looked over at Marinette when she gave an angry huff. The glare she sent him seemed to silently scold, It's your fault. He continued easily, "But I'm sure she'll fix it soon."

"Good," Mme Bustier sighed. They both started when Marinette tried to rip away from the teacher's grasp.

Pointing to her, he asked, "Why is she still here?"

"Her parents aren't picking up," Mme Bustier sighed, dropping her hold on Marinette. Chat caught her when she made a dash towards the school, ignoring her frustrated huffs as he struggled to hold her still. Children can sure be hard to hold when they don't want to be.

"I'll get her home," he reassured the teacher, his smile growing at her relief.

"Chat!" Marinette cried, lightly smacking his arm, trying to get loose.

"Thank you Chat Noir," Mme Bustier sighed, reaching for the quiet kid that was once Terrible Two. "Come on, let's get you home." The kid went with her, looking at her with big eyes.

Leaving Chat alone with the wiggling Marinette.

Readjusting his grip on Marinette till he could see her face, he flashed her a broad smile. "Ready to head home?"

She pouted at him darkly. Blinking, he asked, "What's wrong Princess?"

"My stuff!" she stressed, pointing to the school. "I want my stuff!"

Oh. He didn't know she cared that much. He promised with a big smile, "You'll get it later. Everyone will as soon as Ladybug fixes everything."

"Chat!" she groaned, "Wadybug-" She slapped her hand over her mouth, staring up at him with wide eyes. He raised a brow down at her, waiting. "Nothing," she settled.


"I still want my stuff!"

He sighed. "How much stuff did you carry with you today?" He supposed it wouldn't hurt. He didn't remember her carrying too much beside her usual things.

"Just my purse," she reassured, wiggling in his arms again to get out so she could run inside and grab it. Chat let her down, trailing after her as she raced away. Scrambling around, Marinette quickly found her purse where she left it, glad that it was taken. "Tikki?" she whispered urgently, cracking it open. The little red kwami peeked out, smiling in relief to see her chosen.

"Thank goodness your ok," Tikki sighed.

Marinette cracked a wary smile. Just was about to ask Tikki to transform her, only for the kwami to hurriedly duck back inside. She jumped when she heard Chat ask from behind, "Did you find it?"

"Yes!" she cried, jumping up and showing him the purse. Stepping back when he was closer than she realized.

"Excellent!" Chat purred, scooping the girl up once more. "Now let's get you home!" And then find Ladybug so she could purify the akuma, and turn everyone back to normal.

And this could all be over with.

There was one issue Marinette completely forgot about.

"Hello dear customers! We're sorry to say that Dupain-Cheng Patisserie is closed for the week. We'll be open again this Monday. See you then!"

"You're parents aren't home?" Chat asked warily.

Marinette considered lying. That they had gone shopping, that they'd be back soon and it was totally ok for her to be left home alone. But as he sniffed loudly, and peeked into the bakery that looked like it hasn't been used for a few days now; she figured he knew.

"Where are they?" he pressed.

"Vacationing," Marinette answered, wrinkling her nose in slight frustration. "Annaversary."

He frowned, looking down at the child in his arms.

She shared it.

"I can't leave a child alone," he states.

She huffs at that.

"Is there anyone else I can take you too?" he asked.


"There has to be someone," he pressed.

She shook her head, humming no. She had family outside Paris, both in China and in the States. Alya's mom would have her hands full with Alya being little again, Nino's parents didn't know her; and she really couldn't think of anyone that they could go too. Maybe Manon's mom? No, she's a really busy woman. "There's nobody," she insisted, squirming to get out of his arms. "I'll be fine! I know what I'm doing!"

Besides, he couldn't learn she was Ladybug.

He go, she could transform and fix this.

"I'm not leaving you alone!" he said.

She shot him a look. Why did she have to have such a stubborn kitty?!

"I'll be fine!" she insisted, finally free of his arms. The purse swung dangerously at her side, the strap far too long for her small body. Putting her hands on her hips and puffing her chest out, she jerked her chin to Chat, peering up at him. "I got this," she promised, looking as serious as she could in this smaller body.

Chat just found it to be too adorable.

Offering her a mischievous smile, he waved to the door. "Alright, go inside then."

Beaming, she confidently reached for the door.

Only to find she was a few inches too short to reach the handle. Much less the key hole. Frowning, she turned to Chat, glaring when he simply smiled, humor glowing in his green eyes. Fishing out her key, she held it up to him. "Open door please," she instructed.

"So you can stay home alone?"


"I don't know Princess," he hums, gazing at the bakery doors. "If you can't open a simple door by yourself..."

"Chat," she growled.

"I don't know if you should really be left alone."

Marinette stamped foot, growling.

He simply smiled at her frustration. "Come on Princess," he bid, "is there anybody I can take you too?"


His smile dropped. Well, this certainly put a damper on his plans to find Ladybug. If only he could find someone who could watch Marinette for a possible few hours while he sought out his lady.

But he couldn't leave her with just anyone, and preferably with someone she knew.

And unhelpfully, Plagg decided that he had enough as his ring beeped aloud.


"I'll be fine!" Marinette repeated, having his heard his ring as well.

He sighed, repeating, "I'm not leaving you alone." Looking around, he saw a near park. Pointing to it, he instructed, "Stay there, I'll be close. I'll either find someone to care for you or come back for you."

She shot him another look.

"I'll be close," he repeated.

"I might as well be home alone," she snipped, stomping to the park, grumbling under her breathe. Running to a near alley, and making sure Marinette stayed in sight, and no one else was there to see, the transformation dropped leaving Adrien peeking out past the building while Plagg settled on his shoulder.

"Well this is quite the situation," Plagg snickered, floating out a little to stare down at the pouting girl.

Marinette was currently kicking at the dirt, her lips moving as she grumbled. Then her expression shifted and she crouched down, poking at whatever caught her attention.

"What are we going to do?" Adrien wondered with a heavy sigh. "We gotta find Ladybug." But they couldn't leave a kid alone, especially if he couldn't find Ladybug quickly. At this moment, Marinette was his responsibility.

Adrien stiffened.

And he didn't know too much about kids.

But, maybe it wouldn't be too bad? Marinette seemed aware, and herself, not entirely child-like.

But still couldn't be left alone.

"Let's just take her home," Plagg suggested.

That surprised him. "You wouldn't mind?"

"So long as she doesn't grab me. The kids I always wound up watching always had to grab me."

"...When did you wind up watching kids?"

"When Ladybugs and Chat Noirs think that kwamis make good last minute babysitters," Plagg grumbled, his face wrinkling up at the bad memories. It was debatable if the extra cheese was really worth it.

Adrien gaped, a smile slowly spreading over his face. "Ladybug and Chat do get together?!" he asked excitedly.

"Sometimes," Plagg said slowly, diving for his shirt pocket. "Now, I need to recharge before we look for Ladybug, maybe that girl can afford a nap at your place or something while we're out."

That's not too bad an idea. Mindful, she wouldn't be supervised, but the house was always watched over, and so long as she was sleeping it should be fine.

And really, at this moment, there wasn't anyone else he could think of that could watch over Marinette till Ladybug fixed this.

Straightening his shoulders and plastering a big smile on his face, he strolled up behind the toddler, watching her poke and roll some roly polies around with the most concentrated look on her face.

Biting back a giggle, he asked, "Are they fun?"

She squealed, jumping up and scattering the bugs. Looking up, she stiffened when she saw Adrien crouching beside her.

That cat didn't.

"Hey Marinette! Chat mentioned you needed a friend to watch over you?" he said, tilting his head curiously.

He did.

Overwhelmed and unbelievably flustered, Marinette did the only thing she could think of, because Adrien was seeing her as a little kid and oh god he was going to watch over her and oh my god this was happening-

She jumped up and ran away screaming, leaving a very alarmed Adrien behind.

"Wait!" he cried, racing after her, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you! Marinette come back!"