Thanks to this I had to go and watch Princess Bride.

It was great.

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Adrien woke first.

Blinking sleepily as a priest prattled on screen, all the blonde caught was "Mawwige is..." and "twue wuv". Yawning, Adrien stretched on the couch, humming happily as he slumped. He started when he felt a weight shift on his stomach, warm breathe flowing through the thin fabric of his shirt. Looking down sharply, he smiled when he saw Marinette out for the count. She was curled up, her little hands fisted into paws, and clutching his shirt. Her eyes twitched with her sleep, and she nuzzled him as she dreamt.

Adrien was happy to know that he was comfy.

Sighing, he relaxed back, absently running his fingers through her loose soft hair as he watched a bit of this movie Marinette wanted to see. Princess Bride. It was such a strange movie.

He'll have to watch it completely sometime.

Maybe when she was back to her real age, and the two were better friends, and could laugh at the silliness.

...And right now would be a good chance to slip away and find his lady.

And fix this.

So they could watch this movie together!

But first, how does one remove sleeping child? Especially without waking her?

And where to put her?

Leave her on the couch?

Put her on his bed?

Bed. Can't leave a lady to sleep on the couch, no matter what age she be. Bed was always preferred.

A little nervous, Adrien braced himself for the worst as he very, very, very slowly sat up. Keeping his hands set on her so she didn't move to much, Adrien nearly sighed in relief. He successfully sat up with Marinette still snuggled up against him. And she didn't wake! Yes! He totally got this!

Now he just need to get to the bed!

Sticking his tongue out in concentration, he carefully turned off the tv before adjusting his grip on Marinette.

He slowly stood up, freezing when Marientte shifted in his hold.

She didn't wake up.

He slumped in relief.

Now to get to that bed.

It'll be easy Agreste.

Just walk to it, don't jostle her awake, yes, nice and easy, almost there...

Adrien stopped at the edge, frowning. Now for the next hard part: setting her down.

Adjusting his hold so he held her with one hand, he bent over, pulling the sheets down and slowly lowered Marinette into the mattress. Adrien stiffened when she didn't let go of his shirt, clutching tightly to the black fabric. Shit. She was kinda hanging there. Ok, stay calm. Just ease the grip away. Leaning over so that Marinette was completely on the bed, Adrien gently took her little wrists. With a few tugs, he freed his shirt. He quickly withdrew as the toddler squirmed and happily grabbed at his pillow, bringing it closer to snuggle with.

He sighed.

She didn't wake.

She didn't wake!

He did it!

He successfully put a kid to bed!

Adrien was very proud.

Taking his sheets, he pulled them up over, before stepping back. Marinette wiggled from where she lay, grabbing at the sheets and pulling them around her till she was completely cocooned and hidden from sight.

Aw, she was a sheet stealer.

He could relate. He liked being bundled up, having covers over his head. It was dark, and warm, and safe, and comfy. Just the remembrance of it had his inner cat pushing at him to join her. Wrap her up in his arms where she'd be safest, and warmest, and enjoy the cocoon she made. It would be so dark. And warm. And comfy. And he should go before he caved into temptation.

Because this was a really good chance to find his lady.

Marinette was asleep. She wouldn't notice him gone for a short while. And may even wake up back to her original age.

And he would have to ask her to make blanket cocoons for him cause her cocoon still looks mighty fine.

And he should really go.


As quiet as a cat, Adrien crept away from the bed, not daring himself to look back at that fine mess of blankets. He would not join Marinette in bed. He had a mission. He was going to finish it and fix this. First he had to get away from temptation.

"Plagg!" he whispered called, looking for the black kwami, "This is our chance, let's go!" The kwami made no reply or appearance. "Plagg!" Adrien hissed again.

Don't tell him Plagg snuck into that cocoon!

"Ugh." Looking over, the blonde finally saw him, curiously lounging on Marinette's purse.

"What are you doing?" Adrien wondered.

"I'm comfy," kwami grumbled. Shooting Adrien a lazy glare, he laments, "Do we really have to go? I'm really happy where I am right now, and you'd look happier on the bed, and maybe the solution is closer than you think-"

Rolling his eyes, Adrien ordered, "Claws out!" Cutting off the kwami as he was sucked into the ring. Sparing a quick glance to the cocoon of sheets on his bed, Chat cringed. Oh no. It was even more appealing than before! He really had to go!

Grabbing his bag that held the butterfly, he hurried out the window, closing it behind him just in case; and took off to the Parisian roofs, seeking out his lady. He was starting to get a little worried now, she has yet to try and contact him, and he's certainly hasn't seen any word of her on the news or Ladyblog.

He hoped she was ok.

Marinette groaned loudly when she felt light pokes on her cheek.

She wiggled away, settling comfortably before those pokes resumed, a soft giggling chiming in her ears. "Marinette," Tikki bid softly in her ear. Marinette tried to swat her away, and rebelliously grabbed the pillow, tugging it closer and over her head. Yes. This would keep the kwami away.

The little god simply giggled, patting her chosen's cheek once more. "Come on," she bid, "we have an opportunity here."

"Whaaaaa," Marinette whined.

"Adrien's gone!" Tikki chimed.

Marinette frowned.

Why would Adrien be gone?

Why would he even be in her room in the first place?

She... she was not in her room.

Marinette jumped up, blinking wide eyed at the room around her and covers rested over her.

That's right. Adrien took her home.

They were watching Princess Bride.

And she fell asleep on him!

"Oh my god," she uttered, hands slapping her cheeks.

And he must have put her in his bed.

She was in Adrien Agreste's bed!

"Oh my god!" she repeated.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Tikki bid, rushing in front of her and waving her little arms about, drawing her attention to her. "It's ok, this is an opportunity Marinette!"

It was?

That's right, it was.

Adrien wasn't here right now.

"Where did he go?" Marinette asked.

Tikki shrugged. "I don't know," the kwami confessed. "But I do know that this is a good chance to be Ladybug!" It was. With Adrien gone and no longer hovering, this was a perfect time to go hero. But just in case...

With great reluctance, Marinette crawled out of the bed and sped towards the bathroom and closing the door behind her. Looking back she gaped at the huge shower he had.

Of course he had one of those fancy showers.

No focus! She had to focus!

"Tikki spots on!" she cried, sucking the little red got into the earrings. Little Ladybug stood proudly in Adrien's bathroom. Making sure her back was to the white door, she called Chat, grinning when he answered quickly.

"My Lady! It's so nice to finally hear from you-is your hair down?!"

Chat seemed to press his face close to the tiny, show Ladybug one big green eye. Subconsciously, she felt her hair, wincing. Yes, it was. When did it get undone? Clearing her throat, she said, "Yeah, it, uh, sorry Chat! Stuff came up!"

Chat blinked at her from the screen, tilting his head curious as he peered back at her. She watched as his eyes grew wide, a slow, sly, amused smile gracing his lips.

"Chat," she warned.

"Did my Lady get hit by Terrible Two today?" he purred, snickering.

Saving you yes. She simply sighed and nodded. "I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. And couldn't get away from my friend, who was insistent to watch over me. It was sweet, but, ugh." Made her job harder.

"Aw, that's very sweet of her."


"Him?! A boy is watching My Lady?!"

Rolling her eyes at his hissy fit, she eased, "He's a friend Chaton. A very good friend." And she should bring him some cookies or something because she did give him a bit of heart attack with that rock wall incident. "Anyway, we should meet up so we can fix this! And he won't have to watch me anymore!"

Nodding eagerly, Chat agreed. "How about by the Eiffel Tower?"

That was perfect!

"I'ww see you in a few minutes Chaton!"

"That was absolutely adorable My Lady," Chat cooed, his tail jerking about behind him.

Ladybug ended the call with a roll of her eyes. Better to just let him get it out of his system. Going to the window, Ladybug grimaced when she saw how high it was. And no frame for her to jump and balance on... How was she going to get to it?

Ok. She wasn't getting out through bathroom window.

She had to go back out...

Hopefully Adrien would still be gone.

Nervously, she peeked out into the room, relieved to see that it was still empty. Good. This was good. She hurried to his bedroom windows, frowning when she came across a similar problem.

There were no frames for her to balance on. And she discovered that the bottom windows wouldn't open at all.

Well shit.

Ladybug started to panic as she gazed up at the barred windows. How was she going to get out and get to Chat?

She looked down at her yo yo as it started to vibrate, alerting her of an incoming call from Chat. There was only one solution she could think of.

Well, it was a good thing Chat knew that she was familiar with Adrien, they could pass off as friends! And he would never know that it was Marinette that Adrien took care of-


Chat sent Adrien to Marinette.

She was about to call him, tell him that she was stuck in Adrien's house.



With a frustrated sound caught between a cry and groan, Ladybug stamped her foot, utterly stressed.

She could not believe this.

But it had to be done.

With great wariness, she answered her yo yo, ready for the storm.

When he didn't see Ladybug heading his way, Chat was a little concerned again. She was always good at being punctual and being where she needed to be. But after five minutes there was still no sight of her.

He shouldn't be worried, even if she was hit by Terrible Two's power, the akuma was contained and there was no immediate danger.

But she was still a toddler.

And was probably swinging from her yo yo at very high heights...

Chat winced, gripping his bag a little tightly.

That's why she was a little late. She was a little toddler swinging from roof to roof-ok stop thinking about that, that was just freaking him out.

She was held up because her friend caught her sneaking away. And was being a good friend and watching over her and maybe discovered she was Ladybug-


Casting a twitchy glance at his house, he hoped Marinette was still sleeping. He thought about checking in while he waited, but he didn't want to miss his lady. He also thought about asking where she was and rushing to her and save them both the trouble of the trip but what if something happened? What if Ladybug was far away and there was a fire close to his house and-

Ok. He, he should just call Ladybug and see what's up. Maybe she was closer now.

Sliding out his baton, he pressed the call button, smiling to hide his unease as Ladybug answered. "You close My Lady?" he asked, sparing a quick glance at his house. He hoped Marinette hasn't awakened yet. He knows there's nothing scarier than waking up and finding someone gone.

Ladybug cutely pouted, and winced.

Chat wanted to reach through the screen and pluck her up, pepper her in little kisses till her pout went away.

"I am close," she reassured carefully, looking away from him, her free hair swaying on her red covered shoulders. Chat narrowed his eyes at the screen, looking past her at the different room she was in. It looked familiar...

"But I'm kinda, am stuck here. I can't get past the windows, and I'm too short for the door and... I'm going to need you to come here Chat."

He flashed her a bright smile. "Don't worry My Lady! I'll be right over! Where are you? Whose home are you in?"

"I'm at the one you left me with," she uttered awkward, nervously tugging at her hair.

...The one he left her with? What? Chat didn't leave Ladybug with anyone, he hadn't even encountered her-

There was only one he encountered and "passed" off a kid to someone.

To Adrien.

He "passed" a kid off to Adrien.

And that kid... that kid was...


His eyes grew wide as he stared into the small screen, taking in the wincing tiny heroine and comparing her to the child he watched over this afternoon.

The same teal eyes.

The same freckles dusted over her nose.

The same dark hair that fell loosely over her shoulders-

He was an idiot.

He was an absolute idiot.

"Marinette?" he gaped.

She gave him a weak, sheepish smile. "Hey Chat."

Well, this was definitely not what he had in mind when they learned their identities.

And she's been under his nose this whole time.

He was such an idiot!

"I'll be right over!" Snapping his baton closed, he raced back home, heart pounding as the facts rolled over in his head.

Marinette is Ladybug.

Marinette is Ladybug.

And he's a freaking idiot.

Ladybug felt like screaming.

It was done.

Cat was out of the bag, and he was rushing here for confirmation.

Chat knew.

Chat knew.

And they were going to fix this, then she was going to go hide, maybe go move to China and live with her Great Uncle.

Chat knew.

Squealing to herself as she shuffled on her feet, feeling dread fill her entire being; Marinette felt like fleeing. Hide away so she wouldn't get caught. So she wouldn't face this outcome.

Chat knew.

Her eyes flew around the room, her heart pounding as the reality started to press on her.

He was going to be disappointed.

He wouldn't want to be her partner anymore.

He would have her fix this, then tell Adrien, and then he would kick her out, and then he would tell everyone else and everyone else would be so disappointed and what it spread world wide and she couldn't go to China and she would have to live as a hermit, making rags on some lonely mountain and oh god she needed to hide.

The worst was coming!

Her eyes flew to the bed, and she almost jumped to it to pull the covers over her, or slide under it so he wouldn't find her and she wouldn't face that disappointment.

But no, that was too obvious.

Everyone knew about beds!

No, she needed a different hiding spot.

Maybe the bathroom?

Or maybe the closest?


Her eyes caught the rock wall.

It was high. A very high place. She would not be easily reached.

All rational thought gone as her inner ladybug and child chimed for her to hide, Ladybug raced up the rock wall, and slid as far back at the top of it as she could. Just as Chat leapt into the room, looking around frantically.

She made a nervous squeak at the sight of him, and he easily heard it.

Green eyes met teal.

Ladybug skittishly hid in her arms. The rational part of her chided her, that she had a job to do. She shouldn't hide away. Not till it was taken care of.

But Ladybug didn't care.

Chat knew, and this was a big change, and it was scary, and it was too much.

She wanted to hide away. Curl up, sit stiffly, and maybe she wouldn't be noticed.

"My Lady?" Chat's soft voice reached out, making her jump slightly. She peeked past her arm, to see him staring at her in wonder. She quickly hid away again.

"Marinette?" he tried this time.

She she let out a whine.

A warm claw came to lightly rest on her shoulders, gently pulling her closer. "It's ok," he eased, sounding a little unsure himself. Ladybug wanted to argue against it, say it wasn't, that nothing about this was ok. But she did nothing, letting him drag her closer till she was wrapped up in his arms, nestled to his chest. Jumping to the ground below, he had one hand secured below her, the other rubbed her back up and down soothingly.

"You're Ladybug," he uttered in wonder.

She nodded weakly against him, nervously flicking his bell.

"I'm glad it's you," he said honestly.

Ladybug paused. She peeked up at him, frowning.

Chat flashed her a huge smile and wrapped her in a tight hug, a loud purr rumbling out of him. His tail flew about, unable to contain itself. "My Little Lady," he purred, "My Little Princess! All in one!"

"Chaton!" she whined, red faced.

He just purred happily, nuzzling her head fondly. His inner cat bid that he should lavish her little head in kisses, but that could wait till later. When she wasn't so overwhelmed. But he let his giddiness spill out in his nuzzles.

She's been close.

She's always been close!

She tapped his shoulder a few times, huffing, "Chaton, the akuma."


Demon butterfly.

"Right," he echoed, sighing as he drew her a way and set her down. She was just so tiny and so cute. He wanted to scoop her up again, jump into bed, and just curl around her. She was just so tiny. Tiny cuties should be cuddles. And the akuma could always wait a little longer.

But as she stared up at him pointedly, Chat knew he couldn't drag it out too much.

"Ready My Little Lady?"

"Rewease the akuma Chat!" Ladybug ordered, making a face when the lisp slipped out.

Chat couldn't stop the very vocal, "Aw" that slipped out.

"Chat!" Ladybug snapped.

"Ok, ok! I'm reweasing the akuma."


Chat freed the evil butterfly and Ladybug snagged it, releasing it with a friendly farewell. Then throwing her yo yo into the air, she cutely cried, "Miracuwous Wadybug!"

Swarms of ladybugs flew out, they wrapped around Ladybug, leaving her at her right age and height, before sweeping through the city, fixing everyone to their right ages and shape.

Ladybug had just a moment to enjoy being back to her old self before Chat encased her in a happy hug, purring, "Marinette!"

Ladybug cringed in his arms, flushing. "Ch-Chat," she uttered. He purred in response. "You, you really don't mind?"

Releasing his transformation, he drew away slightly, letting Adrien smile down at the shocked Ladybug. "Are you kidding?" he exclaimed, "I'm so happy it's you!"

Ladybug gaped up at him, her mind short circuiting.

Chat was Adrien.

Adrien was Chat.

He's been Chat the whole time.

Oh my god it's been Adrien the whole time.

She made some sort of squeal, her face going red once again. She hid her face in his chest, but shyly returned his hug, listening as he laughed happily above her, nuzzling her head. She felt his smile grew as she awkwardly confessed, "I'm, I'm glad it's you too..."

He hummed happily, hugging her a little tighter.

Tikki willed her transformation to drop, darting away to hover close to Plagg, beaming and squealing as she watched the blushing teens hold each other. "They're just so cute!" the little kwami gushed.

Plagg hummed absently, sitting on Marinette's purse as he nibbled on cheese.

At least he was going to end up getting some cheese bread out of this, but would it be worth it with all the gushy stuff he'll have to put up with? Ugh, he'll never get used it.

Which reminded him.

"Hey!" he called sharply, catching the two teens attention. "For future information, I'm not going to babysit your kittens if you're short a sitter." The huge thing of camembert did not make it worth when he was grabbed and chased around. And dressed up. Just the memories of all he had to put up could make him hiss.

The two teens, in turn exploded when new shades of red.



by zoe-oneesama on tumblr!