Harry was so angry! He'd died yet again and was now back in his baby form. He sighed to himself. He was tired of this! This had was the 10000000th time ! His life was just going in a complete loop! Every time he died he would just wake up screaming in Lily Potter's arms. No matter what changes he made in his last life this always happened.

He had decided to take the Prodigy approach yet again only this time he would be in Slytherin. Last time he had taken the Prodigy approach he'd made the hat put him in Ravenclaw. He'd tried all four houses and millions of ways of doing things from fulfilling the damn Prophecy to doing nothing to siding with Voldemort to killing himself and more.

So he talked early and walked at nine months old forgoing crawling. He excelled at everything. He had finally managed to get Lily and Remus to begin teaching him reading and writing early and had used James' owl to send a letter to Voldemort with enough information to tease him. It had arrived back when James was at work. Lily had taken the book it carried.

"Here, Harry." she smiled, "It looks like Albus sent you a workbook to practice your writing. It even has a beginner quill."

"Tank chu." Harry said taking it. He was in his high chair having just finished his lunch. He opened it and saw it for what it was. It was a journal he could use to communicate with Voldemort. "YAY!"

Lily chuckled, "Do you want a reading lesson?"

"No." Harry said, patting the book. "Dis."

"Okay, dear." Lily kissed his head. " You do that while mommy cleans a bit. "

"Good idea, Tom.'

'Don't call me that!'

'It's your name.' Harry wrote. 'Now I know this is going to be hard to swallow and you're not going to want to but the Prophecy Severus Snape brought you? '

'He has brought it why?'

'Dumbledore has an interpretation of it. He thinks one of us kids has to kill you but since I know the whole prophecy I can help you.'

'How do you know it?"

'I told you.'

'I find it hard to believe your life is an endless loop.' came Voldemort's reply. 'but I will admit I'm interested. '

Harry smirked to himself this was going according to plan so he began his latest plan. He had seen that his mother and father had never had a loving relationship like people thought. In almost all of his lives his dad had hit his mom and abused her. He told Tom this and told him the Prophecy. He pointed out it didn't say which year the child would be born. He then pointed out that it pointed to more than just him and Neville Longbottom. He hadn't really wanted to point that out and have someone else get left without parents but he really didn't care this time around so what did it really matter? He then pointed out the issue with the Horocruxes and suggested that he reabsorb them because it would go far in getting his sanity back and that could only aid him.

Tom was asking questions left and right and Harry giving vague answers daring the man to figure it out.

'I have to go.' Harry finally wrote. 'Mom says I need changed and a nap.'

'That's gross.'

'I'm a baby!'

'Get potty trained!'

'I'm not even two yet!'

'Write back when you wake.'

Harry and Tom wrote back and forth until Harry had had enough of his mom being abused and asked for help. He was 15 months old. The same age he had been when he'd gotten the Horocrux last time.

'I'll send Severus. You are out from under the Fidilus right?'

'Yes, Dad got fed up with it and demanded that it be removed so they did. He's going back to work tomorrow.'


"okay, champ." Remus picked Harry up and in to his lap. "You've been writing so much lets hear you sing your ABC's."

Harry was annoyed, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, Minerva, Dumbledore, and Peter were sitting all around. Someone knocked at the door and Lily returned with Severus. Who was holding some lilies. Lily put them in a vase and gushed about how smart Harry was as James demanded the man leave. Lily sat Severus down and gave him tea.

"Okay, Harry." Remus encouraged.

"A , B, C, D, E, F, G," Harry sang boardly, "H, I , J, K , L, M, N, O , P, Q, R, S , T , U, V, W, X, Y, Z."

He got claps for his being so smart. He noted Severus seemed shocked.

"Great job, Pup." Sirius boomed, rubbing his hand into Harry's head gently . "Uncle Padfoot, bought you a book today." He handed it to Harry. "I know you can read but I thought this book would be better for you."

Harry opened it.

A is for Asphadale, Asphadale is found ...

Severus almost choked on his tea and Harry cheered, Got down and was soon on his stomach in front of the fire with the book telling him about different plants if he touched them. It gave him the whole history of the plant.

"You got him a Potions book?!" James raged, "Why would you do that?!"

"Because, Harry likes to learn." Sirius said, "Now come on, we have to get to work. Nice seeing you again, Snivillus."


"I have to go too." Remus stood, "Come on, Peter." He smiled at Severus, " Good day, Severus. "

"Lupin, Pettigrew."

Dumbledore and Minerva left next.

"Why do you have a black eye, " Severus asked, though his eyes were on Harry. He finally looked at her. "You have a black eye and you look like shit."

"I need help." Lily confessed, "I need to get Harry and I out of here. I already have everything packed and duplicated so James didn't notice. I went to Gringotts and emptied all the Potter vaults leaving him only a Knut. He left me in charge all of it because I was better at then him. I have divorce papers ready to arrive and Madam Bones on my side. I just need somewhere to stay."

Severus cocked his eyebrow.

"No problem." He said, "Get the kid and we'll leave."

Lily hugged him and asked him to try and get Harry to let him pick him up. Then explained that Harry didn't like being touched by people he didn't know. She ran off to grab the bag she had everything in. Severus didn't give Harry a chance to refuse just picked him. Harry hugged his book to him and glared at Severus who glared right back. That's what Lily walked in on. The two of them having a glaring contest.

She smiled fondly then cleared her throat.

"We should leave now."

Both males looked at her. They went outside past the wards. Severus pulled Lily close and Apperated. They appeared outside his childhood home just inside the wards. Once inside Severus called his elf to light a fire in the living room and child proof the house. He then set Harry and his book in front of the fire. Harry liked that.

"Mama, wite."

"Of course dear." She got Harry his writing book. The book he used to write to Tom in. She gave it to him. "Thank you, Severus. Does anyone know about this place?"

"No and no one can get in." Severus assured her. "We can use my old room for Harry's room. " He lead her upstairs. His elf was already making the room larger and cleaning it. Lily thanked the elf who beamed at her and took the bag from her. Soon a Nursery was set up with all of Harry 's things. Lily described how Harry liked his room and explained she thought he was a little OCD because everything had to be in it's proper place or he got upset. Severus asked if he was autistic. Lily gave him a considering look before saying that she should really have thought about that and have him tested.

'Severus took us away.' Harry wrote. 'We are at his place now and he says no one knows where it is. I noticed he has a Tracking Charm on him but the Wards wont let anyone actually find him. He also has another spell on him. It's a Compulsion Charm and a Anger Charm and ...well he's under a lot of spells on him. Do you think you could remove them subtly?"

'So Severus is being controlled by the goat by spells?'

'Yes. I don't want the Goat finding us. He was over today. I have to find away to make them check me and mom from spells. '

'Through a fit and make yourself sick.'

'I hate that! She fusses!'

'It's means to an end.'

Harry huffed and began wailing. Working himself up so that he had a fever and making himself ill. Sure enough Lily and Severus came running and Lily began casting charms on him to see what was wrong.

"Someone cast spells on my baby!" she yelled, she cast a few more spells, "It was Albus! We need to take him to St. Mungo's now!"

Severus grabbed Harry's book before following through the floo. He was not amused.