Harry walked into the History of Magic class and sat in the front.

Tom's eyes lingered on Harry for awhile. Finally, he looked away.

"Order." He said and everyone fell silent."Today we will go over some rules. For every chapter you read you are expected to turn in a summery. I will collect your notes at the end of each week that is when I will take the summery s. Both will be a big part of your grades."

"That's just stupid!" Ron raged, "That's way too much work."

"Silence and 5 points from Hufflepuff." Serpentins stated.

With that class began and everyone was enthralled and scribbling notes.

Harry did his best to take notes he really did but couldn't help that his gaze was often drawn to Tom. He cursed himself. He still had urges even if his body wasn't ready for what he wanted. He sighed to himself another reason he hated being reborn so much. He wondered absently when he was going to start puberty this time around. In his first life he'd been too busy trying not to die and being dosed with love potion to care about that and even when he did have a family it hadn't felt right. It was in his tenth life that he'd discovered that he was fighting against himself for like men. Not boys like him but men older men. After awhile gender quit mattering to him but he always favored men over girls and women.

"Mr. Potter , stay after class." Serpentins said, after the bell rang.

Jamie left and Harry stayed. When the room was empty except for Harry Serpentins walked over to him.

"Are you feeling okay?" Tom asked,

"I'm sorry I couldn't focus on class." Harry sighed, "Can I...May I..."

"It's okay ask." Serpentins told the blushing boy.


Serpentins hugged Harry to him. The boy took in his scent and clung to him. He cocked his eyebrow. He would have never considered himself a pedophile but Harry was pushing all the right buttons to get to him right now. He rubbed Harry's back and could have sworn he heard a moan.

"Harry, you are 11..."

"I know." Harry sighed, "Just a little longer."

Serpentins couldn't refuse him. He found himself running fingers through Harry's hair. They stayed like that until they couldn't anymore.

"You have to get to class." Serpentins said, "Run along."

"Thank you." Harry said grabbing his bag and running from the room. He was wheezing by the time he got to Transfigurations. He quickly used his inhaler and sat next to Jamie. "I'm fine. " He told his Godmother and brother. "Really I am. "

"Why did you run?" Minerva asked sternly. " you know your condition..."

"I'm sorry , Minnie , I was talking to Serpentins after class and we lost track of time and I was going to be late if I didn't run." Harry gave her pleading eyes. " Please don't tell my dad."

Minerva pressed her lips together. Then began class.

Severus was not in a good mood when Harry entered his class. Harry walked to his dad.

"Dad, what's wrong?"

"You ran to class with your breathing problem?!" Severus stated , sternly, "then that incompetent Defense Teacher had you up and dodging things on an obstacle course knowing of your problem! Then in Herbology you are sprayed with Skensa aroma that sends you to the Hospital Wing! Why did I agree to let you come to school! That's it you're not attending classes! You can still make friends and eat in the hall but you are being homeschooled! Report to your mother right now!"

"DAD!" Harry cried, he began coughing. He leaned against the desk. "Dad , I want ...to...to..." he was wheezing again. Jamie was there in a flash with Severus. Jamie forced Harry's inhaler in his mouth. Harry thanked him when he could breath again."I want to stay in class."

"Absolutely not!" Severus flicked his wand and sent a patronus. Lily arrived moments later. "go with your mother this instant!"

"Dad , please!"

"Come, Harry, you know better than to argue with your dad." she pulled Harry. "Oh, congratulations, Jamie dear."

"Thank you." Jamie said, blushing crimson.

"You must stop over after class for tea." She told him. "We'll see you then."

She lead Harry to their living quarters.

His brothers and sister all looked at him. Harry was taken to his room and tucked in to bed with a lot of fussing. Harry slid to sleep. He was so exhausted.

Dad says I can't come to classes anymore. I think Dumbledore had something to do with defense class.

Oh, I know he did. I'm coming to see you right now apparently you've been asleep since before lunch.

I'm glad.

Serpentins came into the room moments later. harry beamed brightly. He was really glad to see the man.

"Tom." he sighed, then looked away blushing. He felt the man sit on his bed. Throwing caution to the wind he clung to Tom taking in his scent and relaxing. "Thank you for coming. " Tom smiled and hugged the young boy back. "I wanted to come because I wanted to get to know Jamie but dad..."

"We knew this could happen." Tom told the young boy in his arms. "Dumbledore is working against you we have to be careful. You being in class is just inviting him to manipulate classes to hurt you."

"If I could just cure what I have..." He suddenly sat up seeing a shocked Jamie and his parents. "I remember! A potion that was invented to cure Asthma. " Harry summoned quill , ink and parchment and began writing. "I can't believe it took me this long ! I'm so stupid! "

"Harry dear, " Lily giggled, "It is normal for you to not have..."

"no it's not! " Harry argued, "how many times have I almost died from an attack?!"

"Harry, I don't think anyone has invented a cure for Asthma." Jamie pipped up. "I've looked."

"Then I'm going to invent it first."

"But how do you know how?" Jamie asked,

"It's a long story." Harry said, "Dad , brew this." he handed the parchment to Severus. "I'll need to take it three times a day for a month then I'll be cured. "

"I'm on it."