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Remember Me in the Stars

Last Goodbye

It seemed nothing would be the same again. And it wouldn't. Though the day was bright and

warm, it did not reflect upon the mood of the Higurashi household. Kagome stood outside,

sitting by the God tree. Her head was bowed and her body was tense, as if she was anticipating


"Kagome! Your mother wants to talk to you. You should hurry, I don't think she is going to

last long." said the doctor.

She jerked her head up then nodded her head and quickly ran inside her house.

"Mama? Are you ok?" she asked, kneeling by her mother's bed.

Her mother's pale face smiled up at her with glittering eyes. Under the covers, Kagome could

see her mother was shaking from trying to stay alive.

"I-I don't have a lot of time. But I want to say I'm sorry. I won't always be there, but I'll be in

your heart! You will always be in my heart, and I in yours. So don't grieve, be happy, and live

life to the fullest. Even if the world can be cruel, be kind and happy. If you don't think you can

do it, then do it for me, and Souta. Remember!"

Her mother's face spasmed with pain and Kagome clenched her fists. But her lip trembled

while tears ran down her face.

"Mama! No! Wait! Don't go!"

"Remember me in the stars..."

With those last words, her mother laid still. Her eyes closed with a smile still on her face.

*Five Days Later*

It was empty inside and out. The house's belongings were sold, except what was Kagome's

and Souta's, and a few of their mother's things. Kagome's aunt and uncle would come over

today to take their nephews home. Her uncle was from her father's side and was a kind man.

He had decided in taking in Souta and had promised to look after him. Her aunt was her

mother's older sister and had agreed to take Kagome home with her. The siblings would be

seperated for years since her aunt and uncle lived far apart. The day was shared between the

two in silence. With their mother's death striking a hard blow, now they were to be seperated.

It seemed life would not get any better. When the aunt and uncle came, Kagome and Souta

spent a few minutes just hugging each other tightly. With teary eyes and promises of letters,

the two gave their last goodbye to the house and each other.