A New Day

Sunrise had already left, rising higher to greet a new day. A blending rainbow of yellow,

orange, and purple still remained in the sky. White clouds on the distant horizon set off this

morning picture. Of course, two certain people were completely unaware of nature's

spectacular beauty. Their interest were more to each other, despite everything that had

happened in the past. Kagome looked up at him, trying to see his expression. His kiss had left

her weak in the knees and yet, a touch wondering.

"Do you mean it?"

"Mean what?"

She touched his lip with a finger.

"Yes." he said, kissing the finger on his lips.

That was all she needed but there were still a plethora of questions on her mind.

"So what now? I'll be going to Tokyo University after visiting the shrine...and...."

"I'm going to Tokyo University too."

Her eyes brightened, the azure blue instantly changing into a lighter tone.

"You are?"


Kagome looked almost shyly down at her feet.

"So what now? What's going to happen to us?"

His hand went into his pocket and pulled out something that glittered from the sun's rays. It

was her mother's necklace. Though previously broken from Kikyo, it was now fixed and

shining from the sun's light.


"When you left, this caught my eye. I don't know why but I took it to my jeweler and had him

fix it."

Kagome's hand reached upon it's own accord and took the necklace back. She just stared at it

for a few seconds, something moist making her eyes shine bright.

"How can I thank you? This...this means so much to me. I thought I had lost it

before...but....thank you."

Those last two words held so much warmth and love that it made Sesshoumaru almost swell

with happiness at such a simple act. She quickly clasped it around her neck and touched it

lovingly. He grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

"I am unaccustomed to expressing love", he said slowly. " And I don't know what will happen

now or in the future, but will you be in it?"

Kagome gave a smile.

"Of course."


Dear Sango,

Thank you for replying back to my letter! But there are a lot of questions I must ask.

How is the case against my aunt going? I know your father is the best lawyer in the city, but

will he really be able to win? My aunt is far likely to fight in court for ages rather than give up

money to me. In other circumstances I would never consider of sueing my aunt, but I have

no funds for college. Sesshoumaru keeps telling me he would pay, but I want to pave my own

way into this world. And how are you and Miroku doing? I hear that Europe is a very

beautiful country to visit! And the education there is impeccable as well. I wish you a lot of

luck in keeping Miroku in check, I hear the women there are quite pretty. Summer is almost

over and fall is already beginning to show in Tokyo. I try to take as many walks as possible

before schools starts. And of course, Sesshoumaru is always with me. He and I have a few

classes together and might even share an apartment. Inuyasha has decided to study in the

United States. I think he would have preferred to stay in Japan but left because of me. He

always had it in mind that we would be together in the end. But like I said before to him, my

trust is not easy to gain if you break it. I wish we could have still remained friends, though

Sesshoumaru doesn't think so. He still calls his little brother an idiot, though more

affectionatly now. And I visited Souta for the first time in a year! He is living well with our

uncle and is being treated like part of the family. I stayed two weeks with him and it was a

great reunion. I think the funniest part about our visit was that Sesshoumaru actually came

along. Souta thought he was a girl at first! Well, to wrap this letter up, I might have some big

news in the future. A hint, it includes the word engagement. Of course, nothing permanent.

Just something to think about after college. Till then, write back soon!

Kagome Higurashi


Dear Kagome-chan,

I received word from my father that the case was very successful. I think it was

because dad was so ambitious to bring your aunt down. Surprisingly, your aunt didn't give

much a fight. I think the fact that Kikyo didn't graduate from high school and that her social

status went down drastically was a small factor. After you left, some well placed rumours

went around about your aunt. And when word got out about how she treated you...let's just

say she isn't very welcome these days. Alright, I admit it, I had my mom spread the rumours.

But it was great seeing so many people giving her the cold shoulder. Apparently, she isn't as

popular as she appears to be. Anyways, my dad won a little over a hundred thousand dollars

for you! Isn't it great! You have plenty for college, your apartment, tons of clothes, and so

forth. Dad was actually pushing for a hundred and fifty thousand, but the judge said a

hundred thousand. And yes, Europe was wonderful. And I didn't have that much of a hard

time keeping Miroku in check. He hates cold weather and ended up trying to keep warm the

whole time. We will both be coming back to Japan before school starts. Our next stop is the

United States and we hope to be able to meet Inuyasha. The "idiot" isn't replying to our

letters. He probably threw them away. But Miroku wants to hunt him down and surprise him.

I wasn't very surprised by you and Sesshoumaru getting together. For some reason, I had a

feeling that you would end up with one of the brothers (not Inuyasha of course). Well, I must

go, I'm visiting some more ancient castles. They are so cold and drafty! And the architecture

is so strange! I think I prefer Japanese palaces to English castles. Ja ne!

Sango Taijiya

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kagome grinned at the letter in her hand and tucked it into her pocket. Sesshoumaru grasped

Kagome's hand into his and started to pull her towards the park.

"What did it say?"

"Nothing much, they'll be coming back to Japan soon. After visiting Inuyasha in the United


"That baka?"


"Fine fine, that idiot?"

Kagome gave an exasperated sigh and looked up to the heavens for help. Sesshoumaru gave a

smile and tightened his grip on her hand.

~HUGE sigh....I dunno about this last chapter. I hope it's ok because I really struggled to tell what happened to them in the end. And yes, I know Kikyo and her mom didn't get anything bloody or poison either. One thing I stress on fanfics is that you should always try to keep the character in place. Kagome dislikes her relatives for what she has done but she isn't a vindictive person. In the anime she is a very forgiving person (short of serial murderers slaughtering people) and will still remain so even if the person hates her back. Well, this story is now done and I can breath a sigh of relief. Now...off to the rest of my stories!!!!! And of course...push that button down there that says review on it, there ya go! Now write a looong detailed review of what you thought of Remember Me in the Stars. I'm crossing my fingers for very little negative feedback!