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Prologue: |Once Upon a Time! Darkness Awakens!|

Once Upon A Time…

There was a world known as Fanciful Kingdom. The world of dreams, imagination, and magic!

The cute and small fairies that lived in the kingdom brought smiles to everyone through their sweet dreams. This made Fanciful Kingdom a place full of peace and hope.

In this world was a great wizard known as Kuroizado who was famed throughout the land for his skills in white magic. Light magic used for good and selfless intentions.

With his power, Kuroizado gave his kingdom and all the fairies within it more strength and natural magic than ever before!

But, Kuroizado desired to do more; he wanted to challenge the limits of white magic to its fullest potential. He spent many days in solitude; practicing the art.

Then one day, the Wizard would discover a new form of magic! A magic that opposed white magic in every way and what is stood to achieve. A darker magic used for wicked and self-centered goals.

Black magic!

However, the Wizard was too ecstatic to see the evil power he had twisted. He, in his mind, believed that he had created new magic to better his kingdom. He was too blinded by his success to see that his ambitions had formed an unwished darkness that would befall his world.

The following day, Kuroizado excitedly tried out his newfound power on the fairies' sweet dreams.

But, instead of feeling amazed, the fairies could only look on in horror as the tiniest drop of black magic transformed their innocent and pure dreams into nightmares!

In dismay, the King and Queen of Fanciful Kingdom banished Kuroizado to rid their world of his tainted magic; fearing it would only bring despair and misfortune.

Outraged, Kuroizado left the kingdom; feeling betrayed by the fairies. The ones that once respected and relied on his abilities had turned their back on him because they were fearful of the unknown limits of his new magic.

The Wizard would make them all see the possibilities and capabilities of black magic.

And he knew exactly how.

Kuroizado ended up wandering to the edge of his world in search of a dark being that an old story spoke of whose matchless skill in magic was imprisoned by legendary warriors a long time ago.

The Wizard preformed a powerful spell, which only a master could cast, in hopes of unleashing the creature of darkness who would share with him all the secrets of black magic.

Reluctantly, Kuroizado managed to set free the wicked being and, as gratitude, the creature used its power to give the Wizard his very own kingdom made of pure black magic known as Desolate Castle with an army under his control to take over Fanciful Kingdom along with other worlds.

Soon, they would all bow down before Kuroizado's dark power.

The start of the story has been set before you. The evil threat publicized.

Now all we need are the heroines.

To stop Kuroizado and his black magic; the heroes will step into the story and give it its happy ending.

There will be more than a few twists and turns before we will reach our "happy ever after".

Now, without further ado; it's time for the legendary warriors to make their debut.

Or, better known as...Pretty Cure!