They're looking for supplies when a walker suddenly jumps out at Elyza. By now Alicia is used to it and watches Elyza struggle with the flesh eating creature as she stands by ready to help the moment Elyza needs it. Elyza generally never needs help though, which is a good thing because although Alicia can use the bat in her hands and bring any walkers life to an end, she still doesn't like to do it.

"Aw, fuck me" Elyza grumbles half under her breathe as she grabs for her knife on her belt and somehow manages to grab it by the blade instead of the handle. Alicia had warned her that would happen if she just randomly attached blades to her belt. but did she listen? Of course she didn't.

Alicia wonders for a moment why Elyza didn't just go straight for the pistol strapped to her leg but then remembers the group of walkers they had to sneak past to get in here. Her attention flickers to the door to make sure they've not been attracted simply by the noise of this creature's grunts, but the doorway is clear and they're safe for now. Alicia looks back just in time to see Elyza bearing her teeth as she shoves the knife through the walker's forehead. It stops it's movements and Elyza pulls the knife out and stabs it back in again just for good measure, and with that the mangled creature falls to the floor with a soft thud.

"Fuckin' zombie" Elyza grumbles staring down at the being that once used to be a man "can you believe this asshole?"

Alicia just smiles in response, about to point out the fact she called it a zombie again instead of a walker, but she doesn't. Everyone calls them walkers, everyone but Elyza that is. She likes to be different, and being different sure does suit the blonde girl.

It's only when Elyza holds up her hand and Alicia see's something dripping down her wrist that she remembers how Elyza gripped the blade of her knife and cut herself.

"Elyza, your hand-" she begins to say as if you draw the older girl's attention to it, but that's when she see's that what's dripping from Elyza's hand isn't red. She's confused at first, wondering if she's perhaps suddenly gone colour blind or the lack of sleep is finally starting to get to her. But she blinks and sure enough now Elyza is looking at her own hand and Alicia feels as though she aught to scream from the shock.

Her blood isn't red, it's black.

Elyza see's Alicia's expression and suddenly a look of panic takes over her face. She quickly shoves both her hands behind her back in some sort of attempt to hide the black oozing from the wound and making it's way down her hand. But she knows by the look Alicia is giving her that she definitely saw it, and now definitely knows.

"Alicia" Elyza begins, her voice soft and sincere, it sounding like nothing Alicia has ever heard her use before "let me explain-"

"What the fuck" Alicia interrupts her without even meaning to. Her thoughts are racing at about a thousand miles a second and it hits her that that is definitely not normal at all. "What the fuck is that?"

Alicia hates that Elyza looks generally upset with her for asking but at the moment her brain isn't functioning well enough to care. She's scared, no terrified actually because her friend is bleeding fucking black blood right in front of her.

"Blood" Elyza states simply, reaching into her back pocket with her right hand to retrieve a bandage. She starts to wrap the cut in silence and Alicia just continues to stare.

"Blood is red, not- not black" she finally says, stumbling over her words and Elyza looks up from her now bandaged hand to Alicia, looking actually scared for the first time ever. She studies Alicia's face, trying to gage her reaction before she sighs softly.

"Don't freak out, princess"

Alicia is about snap back that of course she's freaking out, how can she not be. That is until she realises that Elyza is shrugging off her leather jacket and reaching for the side of her shirt. Alicia's breath hitches in her throat, first at the sight of Elyza pretty much stripping off in front of her, but then she see's it. A fear that makes her stomach drop takes over her as she see's the bite mark on Elyza's side.

Her eyes snap back up to Elyza's, and she's aware she's actually panicking now "When did that happen?" she asks as fast as she can her eyes darting from Elyza's face to the bite mark and back. She's suddenly flooded with images of Matt and she forgets how to breath. That can't happen to Elyza. She won't let it happen, she can't lose anyone else.

She seems to space out for a few seconds and when she comes back to it, Elyza's arms are gripping hers and she looks so incredibly guilty. "Alicia, you need to calm down"

And she does calm down amazingly, taking a few deep breaths as she grounds herself by holding onto Elyza's arms. Elyza's skin is warm under her hands, but not too warm. She doesn't feel or look like Matt did. She feels and looks fine and Alicia is back to being more confused than scared now. She opens her mouth to speak but Elyza beats her to it.

"Few months back when this all kicked off, this one asshole bit me" she states, waiting a few seconds for Alicia to take it what she's said. "I thought I was gonna turn obviously, so I locked myself away waiting for it to happen. But as you can see by the fact my fine ass is still here, it didn't"

Alicia just stares in shock "Then that's why-"

"I'm a cocky shit who's not afraid to get close to them? Yeah sorta" she smirks "And that fact I'm as massive badass"

Alicia rolls her eyes, sort of glad that at least Elyza can joke in this situation. It comforts her somehow.

"Let me tell you though, their bites fucking hurt. So wouldn't recommend it"

Alicia actually laughs then, finding herself feeling a strange calm coming over her as she see's Elyza revert back to her usual confident self with her shit eating grins and stupid little smirks. It's as she slowly reaches out and pushes up Elyza's shirt to start tracing the bite mark, almost as if she's in a trance, that what Elyza has just said starts to make sense in her brain.

"You said bites…has it happened more than once?"

Elyza shrugs "Yeah, but the other bite marks are in places you have to buy me dinner first to see, cutie" She says with a wink. Alicia simply prods her side and removes her hand from the blonde's warm skin. She finds herself thinking about how she now wants to run her hands over Elyza's hips, and maybe some other places too. She then quickly tells herself to stop being so fucking gay.

"So yeah, turns out if you don't turn into a zombie, your blood turns black. Pretty cool party trick right? It freaks people the fuck out" Elyza says with a grin, and for once Alicia is way too distracted by her own thoughts to think of a comeback. So she does what any person who's just been thinking about doing unspeakable things to her friend does, she smiles guiltily. If Elyza see's the guilt in her smile she doesn't say anything, she just looks at Alicia for a few seconds before looking away and back to where she was before the walker attacked her.

"Lets finish up here, princess" She says, walking back to the shelf she was searching before. She looks at Alicia from where she now stands as that shit eating grin Alicia absolutely hates (that's a lie, she loves it) covers her face "You can't buy me dinner, sweetie. But if you make it for me I'll count it as the same thing"

Alicia feels a blush spread across her cheeks and desire start to stir in the pit of her stomach. Elyza is playing a very dangerous game and Alicia has to keep reminding herself she's apparently straight and does in fact not want to slam her friend against the nearest wall and kiss her until she forgets how to breathe.

Elyza turns her back to Alicia and begins to actually gather supplies again, where as Alicia is still standing staring wide eyed at the older girl as she tries to get her composure back.

Alicia decides she's a little bit scared of Elyza now. Not because of the whole black blood thing, but because if she keeps flirting with her the way she is, Alicia simply can't be held accountable for her actions.