Judy's ribs ached as she clutched her leg where Nick had wrapped his handkerchief around. She had sliced her leg on the tusk in the museum, it burned as the open air touched her skin. She could feel the pain shoot all the way up to her hips.

Nick carried her to safety, binding her wound. He refused to leave her, so what they needed was a plan. A plan, that's all it took, they swapped the serum out for blueberries and were ready to catch the dark sheep's confession in the act. They had a hunch that the crazy sheep would aim the dart at Nick. Nicks hands shook as her cocked the gun so the blueberries were inside. Judy laid her paws on his, "It'll be okay" she whispered.

"I don't want them to hurt you" he whispered gently

"They won't, I trust you". And then Nick wrapped his arm around her waist and made a run for it.

Now here they are, lying in an exhibit that feels like its deep underground. Nick huffed as he sat up, raising a paw and looking at her.

"Are you alright?"

Judy's ears perked up, she could hear the sheep's hooves heading towards the briefcase.

This is it… be ready

Bellwether opened it, and then there was a sound that caused Judy's body to freeze. She unloaded the gun. Judy could hear the blueberries hit in the floor, one by one.


"Hand me another serum" Bellwether whispered to the ram. Bellwether placed the blue bulb into the entry way of the dart gun and cocked it in. Locking the serum in place.


Judy's body started to shake, their plan had failed and even worse she will use that dart on Nick, and he will go savage.

No, not him

What frightened her the most was if he killed her, there would be no way for her to protect him from being quarantined and muzzled for the rest of his life, Bellwether would get away with her evil scheme, and Nicks life would be no more.

No, not him

She had to do something, she looked at the fox she loved, his emerald eyes staring at her in confusion.

I won't let them hurt you Nick, I won't let them muzzle you, not again. I wish I was there to help you all those years ago. Judy held back her tears as she heard the sheep loom over them in the pit.

"You should have stayed on the carrot farm huh? It's too bad, I did like you" said Bellwether

Be ready

"What are you going to do…I'm sorry Nick…. Kill me?"

She laughed

Be ready

Judy had her right arm propped up and her left leg ready to jump at the opportune moment.

"Of course not….He is!" and she fired.

If felt as time as stood still. Judy flew across Nicks lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, protecting his body with everything she had. And then, whack.

The blub shattered into Judy's neck, the shards cutting into her sink, she could feel the blue hot liquid running into her veins. It burned, her back arching a little as she could feel her skin on fire.

Not him

She looked up at Nick, knowing her time was drawing close that she would slip away. His eyes were wide in shock, he grabbed her around the waist, "Judy, what did you do!?" he yelled.

"No! she got in the way!" screamed Bellwether.

Nick put two and two together, realizing what was happening, that their plan had failed and the serum was meant for him, but Judy….she took it for him.

Not her

Nick grabbed Judy by the shoulders as she started hissing and gasping for imaginary air, "Judy!no, no, no! you idiot what have you done!?".

Judy eyes became clouded; she could feel herself slipping away. Her body became hot, her need to bite became strong, she tried to push away from him, but Nick kept coming closer.

"Judy fight it! it's going to be ok, I got you" Nick yelled, trying to hold Judy's body to his chest. Judy lost all feeling, but she could feel water dropping on the top of her head.

It's ok Nick, I rather it be me and not you

She had 5 seconds left, she looked up at him, his eyes watered with tears, she muttered every so softly, "I'm s-sorry Nick".

And then she was no longer Judy Hopps.

She was a bunny that went savage.

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