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Judy curled into a ball, darkness fading over her. All she could remember was Nick screaming her name, crying, shaking her body. All she could remember was fading away, becoming something hot and dark. Judy opened her eyes, where am I?

It was dark, there was nothing but silence. She turned to see a bright glow that made her wince. She looked closer, in the glow was an image, the image was of Nick looking down at her, tears, anger, and fear. He was desperately trying to hold onto her, but failed as she flew out of his grasp with a dark look in her eyes.


The real Judy was trapped in her subconscious, the Judy that she was watching was a monster, who was savage. Judy curled back into a ball, knowing what she did was only to save Nick.

"Please, don't hurt him" she whispered. Tears streaming down her face, Judy was trapped in a body that wasn't her own.

Nick, please save me.

Nick held onto Judy's body with all of his might as she struggled to get free from him. Hissing rumbled from her chest, her ears pinned back, her tiny dual claws digging into Nick's arm. Nick's heart was in his throat; how did this happen? She saved me!

"Judy, please fight it!" he yelled. Her pink fleece shirt was soaked with her sweat and possibly his own. The back of her shirt collar was stained blue, the shards of glass still poking into Judy's neck. Judy's eyes snapped open, the gentle violet eyes were now a dark black and her pupils dilated. She lunged forward, sinking her rabbit buck teeth into Nicks right shoulder. Nick yelped in pain as out of instinct shoved her off of him. She flew head first into the ground, her head snapping back up, she was on all fours with her back arched, her tiny paws digging into the dirt. Nick grasped his shoulder with his left paw, he was bleeding a little but not too badly. He needed a plan

Nick looked at his environment around him, until he final saw what he needed. The Carrot Pen, was sticking out of Judy's back pocket, he needed it, he still needed to get that sheep's confession. He did this to her.

"Well, this is an interesting turn of events" Bellwether laughed. Pacing in a circle above him, "This will definitely put a bump in my plan".

"Your insane" Nick glared up at her.

"Pretty much" she sneered, "Who would have thought a fox would get killed by a rabbit"

Judy lunged forward with her back hind legs. Nick reached for her body, catching her and pinning her to the ground, he quickly took the carrot pen from her pocket, pinning Judy with his knees.

"So what? prey fears predator and you stay in power?" Nick glared, as Judy hissed underneath him.

"Nothing gets by you foxy, if I had it my way, you would have killed her and her death would have been the last nail in the coffin for my plan".

"It won't work"

"Fear always works, and I will dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way"

Judy wiggled vigorously, that made Nick slip his wrist near her face. Judy latched onto his wrist and sank her buck teeth deep into his sink. Nick cried out in pain, as she wrapped her paws around his wrist, making an indication that she wasn't going to let go anytime soon.

I need help, I need to get the cops here.

Bellwether was enjoying the view from above, that a prey was attacking a predator. Nick knew exactly what he had to do. Nick started to growl, a deep rumble starting in his chest, his head pinning close to Judy's face as he bared his teeth. Judy hissed back, still not letting go of his wrist. Nick grabbed her waist with his paw, pinning her to the ground, growling and snapping his teeth at her. Judy released his wrist, to hiss at him back.

"What do we have here?" smiled Bellwether. She quickly picked up her phone and dialed the ZPD. "Yes police, there is a savage fox in the history museum and he is attacking Judy, please hurry".

Yes, this is exactly what I needed. Don't worry Judy, keep holding on, I know your still in there.

He needed to continue his act, he needed the police here now. He was on all fours, flashing his teeth at the crazy rabbit. He let out a snarl that was so loud it set Bellwether aback, his snarl echoed off the walls, and he could have sworn he saw Judy's body flinch.

"Mayor Bellwether, what's going on?" It was Chief Bogo; he had arrived with half of the ZPD.

Thank God, he is here.

"That fox is savage, he is attacking Judy, see!?" she pointed down towards the fighting duo.

"Get the tranquilizer gun ready" said Bogo as he motioned towards his Polar Bear Officer.

That's my cue.

Nick sat up, smiling as he was sitting on Judy's withering body. "Actually Chief, Judy has gone savage. Why you may ask? because of her" he pointed at Bellwether. "She has been making a serum and darting predators and making them go savage, she aimed the serum at me, but Judy stepped in and saved me, that is why she is like this sir" he pointed down to the bunny he was sitting on, as she hissed at him uncontrollably.

"He is lying; why would you believe him! He is a fox" snapped Bellwether.

"He isn't savage" said Bogo as he glared down at the tiny sheep.


"Oh and I have this piece of proof too" Nick took out the carrot pen from his back pocket, he pressed the button. The sound was Bellwethers voice. "I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way".

Bellwethers legs began to shake as the glares from at least 50 police officers stared down at her.

Nick glared up at her, "It's called a hustle sweetheart".

"Book her" snapped Bogo.

Nick sat up, Judy still wiggling and hissing at him. Nick held onto her body close, I got you Carrots. Officers were lowered into the pit to help Nick with Judy. Judy slipped out of Nick's hands as she made a run for it, a hippo grabbed onto her tiny body as she squirmed, the hippo pulled out a muzzle as Nick watched in horror.

"What do you think you're doing!? You idiots take that off her!" Nick ran forward, his arm was grabbed by a tiger officer. Nick growled up him, the tiger seemed unfazed. The muzzle was latched tight onto Judy's tiny face, her hissing turned into tiny whimpers as the hippo slipped her under his arm.

"Take that off" Nick snarled, snapping free from the tiger's grip. Judy wiggled free from the hippo's stronghold and ran towards the wall of the pit, digging her face into the dirt to try and pry the muzzle off. Nick wrapped his body around her, his tail blocking her from view.

"You bastards, she didn't deserve that" he hissed.

"Don't muzzle Officer Hopps, that was unnecessary" said Bogo as he hopped down into the pit, holding something in his hand. Nick curled tighter around Judy's body, refusing anyone to get near her again.

"Easy Fox" he threw the needle at the ground near Nick, "This will sedate her, we need to get her to a hospital".

Nick eyed the needle and picked it up, he looked down at the rabbit who was still trying to pry the muzzle off. He undid the loops of the muzzle, as the savage bunny actually looked up at him in fear, her black eyes turning a light gray.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you" Nick assured her, he quickly jabbed the needle into Judy's neck, her body quickly going limp, her head landing into Nicks lap. He scooped her up into his arms as he walked with Chief Bogo.

"I got you Carrots" he whispered.

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