1….2…3…. pulse




Is this what it feels like to die?

Darkness? Emptiness? Free?

Judy couldn't tell, all she can remember was seeing herself…a monster… doing everything in her power to save Nick and that's all she wanted to see before she went. Was Nick


Judy's heart crashed twice in the recovery room as they were trying to feed her the antidote from a tube, she was in a padded room where the other animals who have gone savage were being held. Judy's body was rejecting the antidote, so they kept feeding it to her until she did.

"Try again" yelled the jaguar doctor who was watching her heart monitor, "Don't let this rabbit die, do you hear me?"


Pulse…..pulse…. pulse



Nick sat in the waiting room floor, his back up against the wall, his head in his lap. The doctors wrapped and stitched his arm where Judy bite him, but he could hardly care, he just wanted to know she was alright, that she was safe.

The Chief found him in the hallway. Nick tensed as he could feel the buffalos shadow looming over him.

"Fox, I didn't catch your name"

Nick let out a low growl, this buffalo didn't like him back at the rainforest district when Judy tried to explain the evidence to him. He didn't trust him. Nick right now didn't even like himself, because Judy had thrown herself in front of him


"Nick…Nicholas P. Wilde" Nick looked up at him and was surprised to see a worried glance from the chief.

Nick shot up

"Is she alright!?"

"I'm not sure, her body is not accepting the antidote, she was the first to receive it when we gave the doctors the night howler serum…all we can do is wait"

Nick's heart sunk, Judy was the first person he truly cared about in a long time. A true friend, someone who trusted him and to make Nick feel whole again…he cared about her so much…maybe even more than a friend.

"I need to talk to you about what happened back in the museum" The Chief insisted

Nick shrugged, the day couldn't get much worse than this, "Okay"

"Once we found the case of the serum we made a run for the ZPD until we were blocked off by bellwether, Judy and I tried to make a run for it but she got hurt" Nick took a breath "We had a plan that we replaced the serum with blueberries because we guessed she would use the weapon against me if we were caught, I would fake going savage and catch her confession on a recorder we had….but the plan backfired and she found out about the blueberries in the gun, she replaced it with another serum and almost shot me with it, but Judy jumped in front of me…."

Nick's eye fell to the floor

It had to be her

Nick tensed as the Chief put his hoof on his shoulder…..he was comforting him?

"You saved her and you saved this city, we are in your debt Wilde"

When was the last time someone other than Judy thanked him?

A doctor rushed in

"Chief, a word?"

Nick couldn't help but follow them down the hallway, as they whispered about Judy.

"How is she?"

"Her body is slowly trying to accept the antidote, but there are consequences"


"She is in a lot of pain sir"

With that, Nick dashed down the corridor in hopes of finding his friend.


I'm burning…I need water

My veins…. they're on fire

I need water

Judy was trapped as her body burned without her control, her mouth was as dry as the desert as she tried to get her body to move, but she couldn't

It burns

Judy clenched her forehead as she screamed

It burns


It didn't take Nick long to sniff for Judy in the hallways, he peered from the corner to find her scent coming from one of the recovery rooms where the other savage animals were being kept. No one was suppose to be here.

A nurse left the room as the door slowly began to slide, Nick crouched low to the ground and scurried through the open doorway before it was slammed shut. He ducked down, an aromas of the other animals hitting his nose. His ears pinned up when a screech sent him aback, Mr. Otterton was strapped to his hospital bed, his body fidgeting uncontrollably.

Nick smelled the air for his carrots, a bit of her scent was left. He quickly dashed down the hallway, passing all the other rooms, until he final saw hers.


His heart was spilt in two as he saw her in the hospital bed, hooked to every wire imaginable. Her body move in the sheets, her arm tied to the bed rails. Without a second thought, Nick ran to her and hopped onto the bed.

The doctors said her body was trying to accept the antidote…..and her body was trying

First off, she was naked as sweat dripped from her face and soaking the sheets. Her eyes were closed as her body would squirm with the restraints, her breath was raspy.


Nick knew what he had to do.

He carefully untied the buckles as her body fidgeted under his grip, once she was loose she didn't escape, her body just withered as he could tell she was in so much pain.

I got you carrots

He held onto her naked body and pulled her close to his chest

"You can do this Carrots, stay with me now"

Her body squirmed as tiny whimpers escaped her throat, her face was buried under Nick's chin, staining his shirt with her sweat.

"Fight Judy, you can do it, let your body accept it now! Do you hear me? You need to come back to me dumb bunny" Nick held her tighter

Was he going to cry?

He just might

He was frightened


He needed her

He needs her


Stop the burning please!

Make it stop

Judy was curled in a fetal position; her mind was dark as her body ached with fire.

It burns

"You can do this Carrots, stay with me now"


For a slight moment, the fire stopped, and it almost sounded like Nick's voice.


Nick! Help! I'm here, help me!

Suddenly her veins felt cool, the burning began to cease


Nick rocked her body back in forth in his lap, as her body fidgeted and whimpered.

"Come on Judy, come on, I need you here"

Judy's body slowly began to relax, her whimpers faded, her paws began limp at her sides. Her once raspy breaths began to slow down.

Nick could feel her heart against him, nothing but butterfly's wings.

Nick looked down at her


Her eyes were still closed, her ears fidgeted at the sound of his voice.

How long was Nick holding her breath? He wasn't sure

He shook her a little, "Carrots? Come on Carrots! Say anything, use words!"

Judy's head went limp as Nick began to panic. He laid her down, ready to yell for help before he heard a tiny voice.


Nick held Judy's face in his paws, "What? What are you saying Carrots?"

"ooooooo" she tried to mouth

"Speak" Nick's hands began to shake

It was silent for a few moments until…

"Oooouchhhh" Judy whispered

Weight was lifted from Nick's chest as he, Nicholas P. Wilde, burst into tears.

He held her tight, feeling like if he didn't she would float away and he would never see her again. Judy couldn't move her body, so she let him just hold her for a while

Her throat burned, her body ached, but she could care less, she was back, and back with him. Nick's grip became a little too tight.

"N-nick" her voice was barely a whisper

"OH, sorry" he loosened his grip a little, but still held onto her


"Yes, Carrots?"

"I'm…I'm naked"



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