Chapter Summary: Most of the time, Marinette's problems are because of her own two feet.

Chapter Pairings: One-sided Adrinette, One-sided Chloe/Adrien, Anti-Chloe/Marinette, Alya&Mari friendship, One-sided Nathanael/Marinette, Alya/Nino, MariChat (brief mention)

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"and two and three and…"

Marinette followed along with the rest of the dancers as they moved between first and second position. This was beginning of the customary warm up for her ballet class, and the dancer was fairly certain she could do the entire thing in her sleep at this point. She mimicked her classmates in the ballet version of lip-service and let her mind wander.

Alya had mentioned going to a club tonight. Marinette was hoping it wouldn't be like last time, or the time before that. Alya always wanted to go out clubbing when they had a free night from the Academy, and Marinette always wanted to stay home. Clubs just weren't her scene; all the noise and flashing lights gave her migraines, not to mention how all the people dancing so close made her claustrophobic.

"This club is different," Alya had said. "Or so I hear."

"You haven't actually been?" Marinette asked suspiciously.

"Well, no, its super exclusive, from what I hear…"

"-nette, Marinette!" Alya's voice trailed off in Marinette's memory as she was jolted back into reality by the instructor, Mme. Bustier. "I'm glad you are excited to practice your warm ups, but, if you wouldn't mind, the rest of us would like to begin," Mme. Bustier teased.

Marinette felt her entire face go red. She had let her mind wander a little too far and had continued the warm ups after her classmates had finished. "Uh- pardon moi, Mme. Bustier, I- I was- uh…"

Marinette heard Chloe Bourgeois whisper something to her friend, Sabrina and they both laughed. Marinette blushed even redder and hung her head. Mme. Bustier took pity on Marinette and began the lesson without the end of the girl's sentence.

Though the rest of the class went without a hitch, Marinette could not live down her shame from the beginning. After class was over, she was sure her face was still red. As she packed up her duffle bag and started to make a hasty exit, she ran headlong into one of her peers.

"Ohh!" he gasped as the wind was knocked out of him, he hunched over and held his stomach.

"Oh my gosh, I'm-" Marinette began and then her tongue froze when she realized who she had run into. "S- s-sorryohmygoshI'msosorry," she breathed into one word.

Adrien Agreste lifted his head after take a few breaths and brushed off the front of his shirt. "No broken bones, I'm fine Marinette." Marinette knew that, even if this moment was somehow magically erased from history, she would never live down her shame.

"Adrihoney!" Chloe said as she thrust herself in between the two of them, and Marinette scowled at her. "You promised me you would take me to the movies tonight! That new-"

Marinette managed to slip away as Adrien was trying to calmly pry his arm away from Chloe.

Marinette met with Alya on the steps of L'Académie d'Art Paris after classes were over for the day. The latter girl was typing frenziedly on the keys of her laptop with a determined sneer on her face. Marinette popped a squat next to her, lounging against the steps, and unwrapped some gum for herself.

"Hey, gimme some," said Alya, not bothering to look up from her work.

Marinette sighed and held over a stick of gum for Alya.

"Can you unwrap it for me and stick it in my mouth?" Alia asked,

"What?! No!" said Marinette. "I'm not your slave."

"Please, Marinette, this is due in- fuck, you know I can't type and talk at the same time!"

Marinette sighed and began unwrapping the gum. She held it close enough for Alyato take the stick in between her teeth, but Marinette refused to feed her best friend. Alya had been desperately trying to find a place to publish her new article: "Correlations between Oil Paints and Absentmindedness." An exposé on how the fumes from oil paints actually caused artists to be (quote, unquote) "absentminded." Marinette knew how hard Alya worked with so little recognition, and simply kept her company on the steps of their mutual school.

Marinette laid her head back to bask in the late afternoon sun. She could take a nap right here before Alya undoubtedly dragged her to this new club.

"…And try to pick something more flattering than turquoise next time, Sabrina…" Marinette curled her lip as she heard the pretentious voice of Chloe Bourgeois, but did not open her eyes.

Her blue eyes snapped open as she felt like something pass in front of the sun. She realized that Chloe was actually stepping over Marinette in order to get to her limo.

"Hey, you can go around, there's plenty of room!" snapped Marinette as she pushed Chloe's leg away from her face. Chloe stumbled a bit before slapping the top of Alay's computer down and off her lap.

"Hey!" Alya shrieked as she dived, too late, to save the device. It hit the concrete with a smash.

"What the hell is wrong with you Chloe?!" Marinette stood up, almost nose to nose with the blonde girl.

"Well, if you and your little friend stayed out of my way-"

"There is literally twenty-feet at least of steps around us, you didn't have to literally step over us!"

"What's going on here?" asked a new voice and the two girls turned to the newcomer.

Chloe brightened considerably and pushed Marinette to the ground. "Adrikins!" she exclaimed and wrapped her arms around Adrien Agreste's broad shoulders. "Now, forget the movies, lets go to this cool new club-…"

Marinette was about to wrestle Chloe to the ground before Alya steered her away by the shoulders.

"C'mon, she's not worth it, and you don't want to fight her in front of Adrien," Alya whispered in her ear. Marinetti's face turned red as she and Alya walked away.

"Bye Alya, bye Marinette," Adrien called after them. Alya waved back for the both of them, knowing Marinette didn't have the courage built up yet. "Chloe, I have plans tonight, I can't just…"

His voice faded as Marinette and Alya made their way down the street.

"How's your computer?" asked Marinette

Alya patted her computer bag. "Its fine, a few scratches on the cover, but it's not that bad. And I had submitted my article just before Chloe came along."

"I shouldn't have pushed her, it only provoked her."

Alya shrugged. "If you ask me, she should get pushed a little more than she does, then maybe she'd actually start being decent someday."

"Now that would never happen." The two girls shared a giggle and entered the coffee shop they frequented after school. They both got their usual (low-fat vanilla latte for Alya, whole caramel mocha for Marinette).

Nathanael, the barista, blushed as he made their coffees for them. Marinette smiled gently at him. He went to the Academy too, as part of the painting and sculpting program. He fumbled a little as he drew both Alya and Marinette's faces on their cups with a flourish. He blushed deep red when his and Marinette's fingers touched when she accepted her cup. Marinette smiled, and she and Alya headed to their regular table.

"Now, I think we should head to my place and then yours before we got to the club," said Alya.

"Hey, hey, I haven't agreed to going yet," said Marinette.

"Oh why not, girl?" whined Alya. "We haven't gone out together in over two weeks."

"Yeah, it's not like we see each other literally every day or anything," Marinette said with squinted eyes.

Alya stuck her tongue out. "C'mon, it'll be fun."


"Its a…" Alya paused to take a breath for dramatic effect.

"'It's a' what?" Marinette asked impatiently.

"A breakdancing club!" Alya used gratuitous jazz hands to emphasize her point. Marinette's face fell and she groaned.

"What?" asked Alya. "I thought you loved breakdancing!"

"Yeah, for fun, in my free time, to relax. I don't go to clubs and compete or whatever they do there."

"Awe c'mon, girl. You don't have to dance, just come and watch!"

Marinette slanted her eyes at Alya and turned her face suspiciously. "Why do you want to go so badly? You don't breakdance that well."

"Gee, thanks," said Alya.

"You know what I mean! So spill!"

"Well…" Alya trailed off.


"I kinda met this guy who says he's a DJ there and he kinda said he could get us past the bouncer…"

"What's the catch?"

"No catch," Alya said flippantly, playing with her straw, not meeting Marinette's eyes.

"Alya…" Marinette was very concerned now.

"Literally, there is no catch, at least not for you."

"What does that mean?" Marinette was getting panicked now.

"Three percent sure he thinks I'm cute and is just trying to impress me, but that's it I swear."

"You swear?"

"Yeah." Alya crossed her heart in an attempt to persuade Marinette. "C'mon, just one night of watching other people breakdance. It's a really exclusive club from what I hear."

"And you really believe this guy is really a DJ there? What if he's lying?"

"Then we won't get past the bouncer, I'll owe you one, and we leave," said Alya, shrugging. "Simple as that."

Marinette huffed, but she could feel her resolve breaking. She loved watching break dancing almost as much as she loved doing it, and if they didn't get in Alya would owe her.

"C'mon, just for tonight," said Alya.

Marinette sighed. "Just for tonight."

Alya squealed with pleasure.

"Just what is this club called anyways?" Marinette asked.

"Miraculous!" Alya answered.

Marinette and Alya both stood in line to get into Miraculous several hours later. Marinette was (as Alya put it) three percent sure that it wasn't an actual thing and that she and Alya were just in line for some pervy show or something equally as horrifying. But she kept her mouth shut as she and Alya approached the bouncer, an older man with a clipboard.

"Next!" he shouted to the people in front of them, and they left the line unceremoniously. "Names," he monotonously said to Alya and Marinette.

"Alya Césaire and Marinette Dupain-Cheng," Alya said.

The Bouncer indicated the door with his arm, making both of the girls flinch. "The Bubbler is expecting you," he said. "Next!"

Marinette and Alya both went through the door as quickly as they could.

"What kind of name is 'The Bubbler'," asked Marinette.

"I don't know, but that's definitely not the name he gave me," said Alya.

"What name did he-" Marinette cut herself off as they entered the main part of the club. Techno music was playing as scores of young people were on the dance floor.

"Is that you're guy?" asked Marinette, pointing to the guy at the DJs spot across the room. He wore black and green with glasses that looked like a winged insect.

"No, well, I don't know with that costume," said Alya.

"You ladies talking about me?" Alya and Marinette turned to the newcomer. He wore a blue, red, and yellow costume with a red hat. His face was painted blue with black paint around the edges and a black dot below his right eye and another above his left eye.

"Uh, Nino?" asked Alya nervously.

"In the flesh, babe," he said to Alya, bowing his head reverently. "But it's 'the Bubbler' here, if you don't mind. I'm so glad you came! You must be Marinette." He turned to Marinette.

"Uh- yes, hello," said Marinette.

"Or should I say 'Princess'," said the Bubbler, indicating Marinette's pink and white shirt with the word 'Princess' printed across it

"Do we need pseudonyms too?" asked Alya.

"I don't know about those, but you guys don't have to have fake names if you were wondering."

Alya and Marinette side-glanced each other, neither of them speaking.

"So, who's DJing right now?" asked Alya, indicating the guy at the turntables.

"Oh, that's the Gamer, he really loves his techno," said the Bubbler. "Speaking of, I'd better head over for my set. It's almost time for the main event. You guys are going to want to go towards the front. And feel free to get some drinks on me." He began moving towards the raised platform for the DJ.

"Wait, will we see you after?" Alya called after him.

"Yeah, I'll come find you," said the Bubbler as he disappeared in the crowd.

"C'mon, I want a drink," said Alya, and they headed to the bar.

The bartender looked like something from a conglomeration between Dragon Ball Z and a bad anime, but it was quite show as he whipped up their drinks. He charged their drinks to the Bubbler's tab and the two girls made it over to the dance floor.

"Alright, alright, alright, ladies and gentlemen," the Bubbler crooned into the microphone as the music died down. "It's Friday night, which means…"

"DANCE OFF!" the crowd screamed as they began to form a circle in the middle of the dance floor. Marinette and Alya got as close to the front as they could. Marinette noticed that the crowd had not simply gathered around a random spot, but a small circular depression in the middle of the dance floor.

"As always, I'm your DJ, the magnificent Bubbler, and let's get this party started!" the Bubbler said as the crowd started clapping in time together, preparing for the first dance off. "Tonight are one-on-one battles winner take all. Let's see if anyone can defeat our reigning champ tonight." Several people booed at this idea. "First up we have Dark Cupid versus the crowd favorite from last week, Timebreaker!"

Marinette was having far too much fun. She cheered when her favorites won, and booed when they didn't. All the different dancers had costumes and odd names. The winner, Simonsayz, was doing a victory lap around the small area for dancing when the lights dimmed.

"Is he the 'reigning champ' then?" asked Marinette to Alya.

"I don't know," said Alya. "Maybe."

Just then the crowd started chanting "Chat Noir! Chat Noir!"

"So the audience asks, so they receive," said the Bubbler. "Give it up for reigning champ five-weeks and counting, Chat Noir!" The crowd went nuts as a hooded young man in all black with a silver staff slung over his shoulders came lumbering into the small arena. He looked up from under his hood with the wickedest grin Marinette had ever seen. The look was reflected in his bright green eyes. His hood had cat ears on it, there was black paint over his eyes as a makeshift mask, and his black shirt had a green paw on the front.

"It's paws-itively lovely seeing you again, Simon," said Chat Noir. Everyone quieted down to hear them speak.

"Same to you, Chat," said Simon as he straightened his top hat.

"Alright you two, time to start," the Bubbler said as the first notes of "Bitch Better Have My Money" started playing.

The feline themed dancer let his staff drop to the ground as he started dancing. Marinette's jaw dropped as she watched Chat Noir dance. He seemed to be in complete control of every muscle in his limbs, there was no extra movement at all.

"He's good," said Marinette.

"You're better," said Alya with a wink.

When it was Simonsayz's turn, he was good, but still a pale comparison to Chat. Everyone cheered as Chat was declared the winner.

"For the sixth week in a row, Miraculous your winner is Chat Noir!" said the Bubbler as the crowd cheered and chanted Chat's name. He scooped his staff off the ground with a shit-eating grin on his face. "If anyone wants to take a shot at challenging the champ, now's the time to do it."

The crowd dulled down to a murmur as they waited for someone to maybe volunteer. It was then that Marinette decided was a good enough time to go and get another drink. But before she could make it a step, she tripped over someone's foot and fell face-first into the small arena.

"Oh! It looks like we have a challenger, folks!" the Bubbler said as he started looking for a good song.

"Hope you're feline lucky, Princess!" said Chat as he dropped the staff and cracked his knuckles, rolling his head in the process.

By now Marinette had stood up and was now trying to escape this hell she had tripped herself into. No one was letting her out though. The lights, the people, the humiliation, the one too many tequilas were just too much for Marinette. She fainted.

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