I hadn't had a normal nights sleep since the poison. All that was ever on my mind was the monsters and mayhem, though lately the dreams were becoming increasingly disturbing, and though upon waking I didn't actively recall the nightmares, they would haunt me physically, my body remembering for me.

Now the occasional twitch of my eye or muscle cramp wouldn't be so bad but what I would feel was more blatant dread and heartache, things characteristic of losing a loved one.

I'd already lost everyone when is accepted my role as a villain, but even so I've never felt this to such a degree, only in the days before my poisoning could I boast such deep feelings.

So why now? What was triggering these emotions? Not the nightmares, those have been rampant since that day, perhaps the nightmares were in response to the emotions and I was only now starting to feel its effects.

Maybe the poison was fading..

In either case I hated the situation I was in.

I woke frozen, figuratively and literally, eyes squeezed shut as if it would block out my heartache, but of course it wasn't working and I laid trembling in my fears and senses of abandonment.

"Jestro dear~" A soft and sensual purr sounded as a warm presence lifted me from the cold hard ground. "Wake up now honey, you're shouting."

Was I? I couldn't really hear anything aside from her voice, but the shock of her claim was enough to startle me conscious and I stared at her wide eyed and probably looking pretty stupid.

She chuckled charmingly, making me blush. "Good morning~"

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "W-who let you out?" I asked.

"I did, genius!" The book shouted from behind me. "And you're lucky I didn't bite you because you were getting on my nerves!"

There he went doing things without my permission again. I was the ringleader of this circus and I called the shots, though I was too distracted by Lavaria's coddling to act on my anger.

"Just ignore him honey~" She whispered in her husky tone. "He'll cool off later, for now let me take good care of you~"

I briefly bit my lip to prevent the escape of a loopy and flustered giggle, nodding in agreement. "Y-yeah okay~" I said back to her. "But only for a little while, we probably should get to work soon anyway..."

"Whatever you wish, master~"